What is your good news?

Do you have some good news to share with the readers?  It is always edifying!

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  1. pinoytraddie says:

    Last Thursday,I Sent a Letter of Concern to Catholic Publishing Company over A Glaring Omission in the Missallete that I brought from their Bookstore(Ecce Agnvs Dei…) and Hopefully they will Respond within this week.


  2. VexillaRegis says:

    Yesterday Mass (NO) was sung in latin and it was beautiful!

  3. PhilipNeri says:

    Our power was restored here in Lakeview (New Orleans) on Sat. at 5.30pm. Four days without A/C in NOLA in August! OY!

    Deo gratias.

    Fr. Philip Neri, OP

  4. Kerry says:

    Courtesy of the rabbits and their droppings, my potato yields seem higher than last year. Our Red Norlands have so far given us about 5# to the plant. (Ten fist sized potatoes. And as I have 48 plants, the ‘MATH’ seems promising.) And more are on the way, both potatoes and rabbits. And the two winter squash plants in the back yard are advancing into the potato bed there. Several of the squash (butternut), are twice cantaloupe size. We will likely can them. And we picked another three quarts of pole beans since Friday. (The garden is a small, 22×31, and the potato bed in back only 12×20.)

  5. Ellen says:

    Father gave a wonderful sermon on the toxic culture of today and how we must be countercultural.
    I plan to begin the Total Consecration on Tuesday.

  6. iPadre says:

    The SQPN Catholic New Media Conference last week was a great success. Great speakers, highest attendance yet and awesome fellowship.

  7. robtbrown says:

    Fr. Philip Neri, OP,

    I have a friend who is a priest in Ama (St Mark’s). He has an STL from the Angelicum.

  8. Tim says:

    In two weeks, the 19th annual pilgrimage to Foy-Notre-Dame will take place in Belgium. Pilgrims will walk the 12km route from the Premonstratensian abbey of Leffe through the countryside to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Foy (dating from 1609) for a Pontifical Mass. We are especially grateful and deeply honoured this year to have as celebrant and preacher His Excellency Mgr André-Joseph Léonard, Archbishop of Malines-Bruxelles and Primate of Belgium.

  9. robtbrown says:

    Cardinal Carlo Martin, SJ. RIP. GR

    He was a renown dissenter on Church doctrine (but like any real liberal permitted the TLM in Milano). Someone once gave me one of his books, and his theology of the Sacraments was barely Protestant. Rahner on steroids.

    It was a laugher that in 2005 the media portrayed him as papabile. In fact, he well understood that he had almost no chance to be elected. The portrayal was a function of a few liberal Euro Cardinals, none of whom being Italian, slipping the Martini name to certain liberal journalists. The papabile myth continues in his obits.

  10. Benedict says:

    The Dominican Friars will do a Mass in the Dominican Rite on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 7:15PM in the Main Chapel of the Dominican House of Studies in Washington DC. You are invited!

    Fr. Benedict Croell OP
    Washington DC

  11. Juan says:

    My cousin left to begin his Seminar studies in Spain :)

    Please pray for him!

  12. Philangelus says:

    My novel has a cover and a preorder page!!!! It’s really coming out in September! (It totally didn’t feel real before this.)

    My agent is taking my next novel out on submission this week. Please, God, let some editor love it. :-)

  13. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    This month the MEF will be offered in three new locations in North Carolina. See nctlmmef[dot]com for details.

  14. Charivari Rob says:

    I found a disturbing gouge on the sidewall of one of my tires – so I was able to change to the spare instead of risking a high-speed blowout.

  15. Mary Jane says:

    A couple weeks ago I knocked over a glass of water on my Macbook Air…note to self, liquids and electronics in close proximity to each other: reeeeally bad idea. Well, I let it dry for 5 days without touching it, and after 5 days of air-drying I turned on. It did turn on, and it worked great – but it wouldn’t charge when plugged in. So we took it to the Genius Bar and the genius said there was a small amount of corrosion on the logic board…and that it would cost $750 (flat rate) to have it shipped out, looked at, and fixed. So…hubby opened the thing up and cleaned the corrosion off with a q-tip and a little rubbing alcohol…it took a couple tries to make sure he got it all, but he did and now it charges! God is good, and I learned my lesson!

  16. Supertradmum says:

    As of this afternoon, Supertradson is in the seminary. God bless him and please remember him in your prayers.

  17. acardnal says:

    Supertradmum: Would you be kind enough to share the name of the seminary? Do they teach the TLM/EF there?

  18. Supertradmum says:

    acardnal, he is at the only English and Welsh diocesan seminary, including the Venerabile, which has a monthly Latin Mass-Wonersh. Son already has had five years of Latin, and some of the other sems have come in with Latin already. As to teaching the EF, I honestly do not know. However, some of the priests who have been ordained from that seminary in recent years have learned the Latin Mass, which is regularly taught at Buckfast Abbey for priests. http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/catholiclife/2011/06/01/old-rite-training-at-buckfast-abbey/

  19. robtbrown says:


    If he knows Latin, he will be able to teach himself the TLM. And there are priests in England more than willing to take a few hours and teach him.

  20. majuscule says:

    We are lucky to have 30 people in attendance at a regular Sunday Mass at our mission church. Sometimes on holiday weekends we have even fewer in the pews.

    We are fortunate to have two families who alternate in supplying our music. Last Sunday there was a miscommunication and it looked like we would have no accompaniment and believe me, we are not good at acapella. Some of us were trying to think of which songs to even attempt when a group of campers started arriving, car by car. Pews were filling up. Someone got out the folding chairs to put in the back. Later someone remarked that we had more attending than on Easter Sunday.

    One of our music people arrived without his guitar (because he thought the other group was playing) and quickly ran home to retrieve it.

    Father, who is from Nigeria (he was ordained by Cardinal Arinze) arrived, bringing along a priest who was visiting from Nigeria. Father was more than pleasantly surprised by the crowd.

    We had a wonderful Mass with two priests and a deaon. The singing shook the windows. In his homilies, Father often mentions the family and passing on our faith and he did so again, obviously pleased to see so many with young children, the teens and multi generations.

    I am thankful for our church “regulars” who quietly pitched in when they saw a need in what might have been a confusing circumstance.

    PS–we usually do have campers on Labor Day weekend, but not an overflowing church!

  21. Supertradmum says:

    robtbrown. He already knows the Mass. That information was for acardnal.

  22. acardnal says:

    Supertradmum: Thank you for the info. I will keep him in my prayers.

  23. St. Louis IX says:

    The Abortion Clinic in Hartford CT is closing its doors.
    Thanks be to God
    I am told by someone very active in the prolife movement that Holy Water with Holy Salt ;Blessed in the Old Rite was the weapon, that drove the Devil out.

  24. Our Diocese is offering adult faith formation! CCD for grown ups! Sign me up!

  25. Diane at Te Deum Laudamus says:

    Archbishop Vigneron will be celebrating a special Mass at Assumption Grotto (likely a Latin Novus Ordo, ad orientem, as he did on August 15, 2009). The relics of St. Theotonius will be coming to Assumption Grotto to be venerated and the Archbishop will celebrate Mass at 9:00 on Saturday, September 15th – the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (confessions will be heard before Mass).

    See more here http://opusangelorum.org/Theotonius_Grotto.pdf

    Also, Archbishop Vigneron will be leading the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants Prayer Vigil on Detroit’s east side again, as he has each fall since he has been at the helm. It will begin with Mass at St. Joan of Arc in St. Clair Shores at 7:30 AM then all will drive a short distance to St. Veronica in East Pointe where a Rosary procession will take place two abortion clinics on 8 Mile Blvd. In the past we have had upwards of 500-700 with the archbishop leading. Please consider coming – rain or shine. Abortions happen at those mills during the vigils regardless of the weather. Afterwards, there is Benediction and a brief meeting to discuss what happened and whether any turns took place that day. They provide refreshments too. They do not permit signs or banners. The point is to pray, not protest. It is all done under one crucifix and the banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Watch my blog for details.

  26. Philangelus says:

    A friend of mine has signed up for RCIA classes and could use prayers as she continues to discern.

  27. tm091096 says:

    I could very well be transferring to a far more reverent church than the one I’m a part of now, which makes me immeasurably happy.

  28. AdTrinitatemPerMariam says:

    This coming Saturday, I will, God willing, be joining the Trinitarians of Mary. :-) Please pray for me, for my parents, and for the other girls who are entering.

  29. lizaanne says:

    We bought a house plant. It took a little while to identify what sort of plant it was, because it did not come labeled. It was identified as a Hoya.

    We have named it Oscar.

    This is good news, as the poor dear has been un-named for nearly two weeks, and we typically name things in our house sooner than that.

    On another note – a friend’s wife received positive news regarding a possible breast cancer scare. This is truly our most wonderful news. Thanks be to God.

  30. Rachel K says:

    It’s my birthday and it’s been a beautiful sunny day! I went with my family to a lovely house and garden which used to be an Abbey before the Reformation. The sense of deep peace there is touching.
    Oh and my husband’s gift was an iPad! Totally unexpected and very welcome1 Thanks God!

  31. bookworm says:

    We got 3 inches of badly needed rain this weekend (in central Illinois), courtesy of the onetime hurricane Isaac.

  32. MangiaMamma says:

    My oldest son leaves for his junior year at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts early tomorrow morning. He has spent his summer discerning religious life & goes off to college this year with our prayers. Second son is finishing second year at community college as he discerns the priesthood and where to transfer to next year (seminary or Catholic college somewhere). All this is amazing as my family only converted 1 1/2 years ago!!

  33. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Roger Pearse was just permitted to publish online an English translation, by Dr. Mark Vermes, of Secundinus the Manichaean’s letter to St. Augustine, and St. Augustine’s reply “Against Secundinus.” It’s an unusually polite exchange of views.

    The translation isn’t public domain, but you can read it for free!

  34. ladykathryn says:

    We just returned home from visiting our daughter, a cloistered Carmelite nun. She is looking well and is very happy. The summer in the Plains was very hard on the animals, but the gardens are yielding a good harvest of vegetables. They have had several “canning parties” for the peaches and pears. It is hard to believe that she entered Carmel almost three years ago. Every day I think about her and miss her. But after a visit with her, I know that Carmel is her home and that she is where God wants her to be. Deo Gratias!

  35. ajf1984 says:

    After six months of living in Wisconsin (and driving past La Crosse at least a dozen times on I-90), my family and I had the opportunity to make a mini-pilgrimage this past Saturday to the beautiful Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe there. It is a wonderful place; the Shrine church is appointed beautifully (would one expect any less of a project undertaken by then-Bishop Raymond Burke?!), and the Memorial to the Unborn was especially edifying as my wife and I have lost two little ones to miscarriage. Our three boys (3 1/2 yrs and under) loved walking/running the paths along the hill, and we will certainly be stopping there again soon!

  36. MAJ Tony says:

    Was blessed to be in the Archabbey Church of St. Vincent in Latrobe PA on Monday AM for the Feast of Pope St. Gregory The Great. Got there plenty early for Lauds (normally it’s a 6:15 AM M-F, but was 6:45 since they only had the Mass starting at 7:30, not 7 and 8) and followed directly with a Sung OF with Missa de angelis ordinary and some good traditional hymns backed by an organ.

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