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Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

We should support each other in works of mercy.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

But, registered or not, please take a moment to pray for the people about whom you read here below.

Finally, I still have two serious needs.  It seems repetitive, but… it looks like prayer may be the only way to bring help, even if it isn’t as swift as I had hoped.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. thereseb says:

    For a friend in Assissi who was burgled and to whose dog is subsequently missing, to her great distress.

  2. Kate says:

    For my husband to find employment quickly and for his good health – a medical test is scheduled for next week. Thank you.

  3. KAS says:

    My husband had a very bad reaction to an antibiotic he was given for an infection, so he had to go off the anti-biotic. The bad reaction included swelling INSIDE his joints to the point where one joint leaked fluid into a swelling, and another joint pinches a nerve if he moves too quickly, then the antibiotic had a massive attack on his intestines so he has colitis and is quite sick and we really cannot afford for him to get worse. In fact, we are three states away from home and if he ends up in the hospital we’ll be stranded without enough money to get back home. It is a bit of a tight spot but if the medicines the local doctor gave him do the job, then we’ll be fine– if not, well, worse means hospital. Anyway, we could REALLY use the prayers. A little prayer for me too, the stress is taking its toll and I am not feeling well but in my case it is nervous issues manifesting physically and will ease when hubby gets better. So pray for my nerves so I hold up– so far managing but prayers please!

  4. rachmaninov says:

    For the granting of an Imprimatur to my book. Thank you so much dear Father!

  5. smad0142 says:

    To stay close to the Lord, to be more faithful in prayer, and to be saved from certain vices. Be assured of my prayers as well Father.


  6. The Masked Chicken says:

    I hate to waste the time of people praying when there are so many urgent and heartbreaking needs, but I thought I would throw in my special intentions.

    The Chicken

  7. Andrea Mary says:

    For special intentions, especially health intentions. I will be praying for those urgent intentions noted here–and for your intentions, Father Z! Thank you for praying for us.

  8. Horatius says:

    For the safety of our son, beginning NJROTC training tomorrow.

  9. wanda says:

    Please pray for two dear gentlemen, fellow parishioners, who are enduring cancer treatments.
    Miracles needed. Please God, Amen.

  10. maryg says:

    For DM who recently had a recurrence of cancer with extensive metastasis. Father, I will remember your intentions in my Rosary this evening.

  11. UncleBlobb says:

    Please pray for my large conversion and life intentions, the men on my upcoming Men’s retreat, and for my own healing and enlightenment: that God may use me for some vocation, even at my age, and if not too late, give me a wife and children. His will be done.

  12. Flos Carmeli says:

    For a family member enduring severe postpartum depression after the birth of her 5th blessing. For her mental and spiritual healing, and for her husband and her children, all very young, who are having their normal, stable family life ripped up from around them. That the doctors and priests over-seeing her care will be inspired with wisdom and love.

    Sts. Cosmas and Damian, pray for all doctors and medical professionals.

    My Jesus, mercy.

    Mother of God, look after your children, especially Father Z and those who have named their petitions in this thread.

    Thank you for your prayers, Father Z.

  13. Janine says:

    for Michelle who has cancer and is in hospice care. Also for my husband’s healing and for my children.

  14. pawelthegreat says:

    For my father to have a fruitful post-doc at Lille in France. We won’t see him often as we live near Toronto, Ontario.
    For my recently married brother to find a stable and good job using his Philosophy undergrad degree.
    That I may choose wisely with what order to serve as a priest.
    Gratias ago tibi, Pater; fiat voluntas Dei!

  15. liz says:

    For the soul of a close relative who has entered final stages of teminal illness. Things are changing suddenly.

  16. Margaret says:

    A family member seems likely to miscarry. There was no heartbeat on her ultrasound today. We would all love a miracle, Lord, but if not, please minimize her physical and emotional difficulties.

  17. Elly says:

    That I not lose my job. It’s not looking good.

  18. CaliCatholicGuy says:

    For my wife who suffered a miscarriage last year as we try again this month. It has been hard, especially with incessant questioning by well-meaning family members. Also that we will be strengthened to follow God’s will if we will not be blessed with children regardless of our own preferences.

  19. Scarltherr says:

    For my aging parents, and guidance as their children try to help them.

  20. Lori says:

    Father, please pray for the conversion of my inlaws; for my SIL, who is single and wants to adopt; for my husband’s job situation; my son’s broken finger; my childrens faith. Thank you. I will pray for you.

  21. AnAmericanMother says:

    I will pray for everyone’s intentions here, especially Fr. Z’s.
    And thanks to everyone for prayers for my husband in the past. His chronic lymphatic leukemia seems to be under control for the moment.

  22. Allan S. says:

    For the conversion of my family, that I be defended from the attacks of my enemies (and THE Enemy), and that my cancer not recur or metastasize.

    Please remember these intentions at the altars in Rome, Father! Thanks!

  23. Sandy says:

    God bless you, Father, and thank you for praying for us. I pray for my husband’s healing (heart) and a long healthy life, and still praying for a solution for my mother who lives alone and so far away. God bless all of you and may Mother Mary carry all our prayers to her Son.

  24. For the repose of the soul of Angela Faddis & blessings upon her young family as they bury her tomorrow in Arizona. Praise God for the impact she made on so many during her suffering and death.

    Please pray for a cure for Apollo (age 2) of his heart defect & complications requiring a second surgery; and for Owen (age 3) worsening seizures and possible brain surgery on the horizon & for their families’ conversions. Healing for Teresa (cancer).

    For purity and protection of our 3 sons; may they listen and hear God’s call and respond courageously as faithful Catholics. I ask special graces and protection for our oldest son at university, our second son preparing for confirmation, and our youngest son growing in virtue.

    Healing from addiction/depression for K & C; may each listen, hear & follow God’s call.
    For the members of my family who are fallen away from our Holy Church.
    Praise God for holy, zealous priests~ and faithful, courageous bishops.

    Praying for you, Father Z., and lifting up the prayers asked here by all…

  25. AnAmericanMother says:

    I will pray for your son particularly, but fear not. My son loved Navy Sea Cadets, which is similar (for those schools that don’t have their own JNROTC program). They took good care of their charges, and even though he is rather accident-prone he came up smiling. He’s now a U.S. Marine.

  26. nykash says:

    For a direction in my career (health concerns require a change) and my wife, whose health is starting to fail.

  27. Gail F says:

    For my family as we struggle with a member who had a mental breakdown and is slowly, slowly recovering — for that recovery, and for all of us as we deal with it, not to be afraid and not to be discouraged.

  28. Jim says:

    For my wife and her surgery next month. For the rest of my family – that they fully come back to the Church.

  29. Blaine says:

    Please pray for me to learn humility and to forgive. I’m having troubles at work.

    I will pray now for those intentions of others.

  30. cmcoop77 says:

    Father , if you happen to go to St. Mary Major (where my parents were married in 1945) Please pray for my wife who has stopped going to Church except for 2-3 times a year. Thank you and May God Bless You. Stay safe and I will continue to pray for you everyday

  31. makreitzer says:

    Please pray for Nicole who was in a serious auto accident and may be left a quadriplegic. Also for all those I know who are suffering from depression and other mental health issues. And for a young woman who may be experiencing attacks from evil spirits. Thank you, Father, for the beautiful journey through Rome with you. I’ve pretty much given up flying so I never expect to get there except through the vicarious experiences of others. And one more prayer request – for the upcoming meeting of the Catholic Media Coalition.

  32. Bea says:

    Thank you , Father, for remembering us before the saints in Rome.

    Prayers of Thanksgiving for a positive outcome in medical tests on my daughter-in-law
    Continued prayers for my husband’s spiritual outlook and a medical recovery to overcome a “catheter” problem.

    Thank you.

  33. aragonjohn7 says:

    For some friends I recently met

    And some friends that are dying

    And some friends sick

    For people who preach the gospel in a manner such as this –

    And they’re families and friends who live in anxiety and fear because of their concern

    All missionaries especially rose who preach where the faith is newly blossoming and for those who preach with out words

    For the disabled and those handicapped in any way that they may be healed according to God’s will and for everyone they are an example to may they see them for the angels they are

    Any intentions relating to y’all’s relatives and friends and mine

    For the intention of the sacred and immaculate hearts of Jesus and Mary especially ones most urgent and dear to them

    And for those not prayed for often may they find Peace

    God Bless Y’ALL

  34. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for all priests, especially the young Fr. M. Things are better, but he still is very unkind and the parishoners are so sad. He used to be happy and friendly.

    Pray for me and my family.

    Pray for The Sicilian Woman, who is in great distress. (See the post WDTPRS 25th Ordinary Sunday.)

    I will pray for all of you!

  35. Pax--tecum says:

    Please pray for my father who lost his job a few months ago due to the financial crisis. And please pray for our family; there has been some tension over the last weeks. Lord, have mercy.

    I will pray for all your intentions! Oremus pro invicem.

  36. Richard says:

    For the repose of the soul of my Uncle Fred, a Maryknoll priest who passed on this Sunday after a 15+ year battle with Alzheimer’s. I still fondly remember getting to serve as one of his altar boys when he celebrated Mass while visiting.

  37. Phil_NL says:

    For the child a couple of dear friends are expecting, and the parents as well.

    My health, in several ways.

  38. Joan M says:

    For my sons and their families, each with different crosses and difficulties. For a not-for-profit school that is doing so much good work and insufficient funding – a building and financial sponsorship enough to break even. For all the good people here who have concerns, whether posted or not. Lord, hear our prayers.

  39. Darren says:

    For my cousin, dying of cancer, who was ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Newark in or around 1975… …who eventually left the priestly ministry. He may have left the ministry back then, but he is still a priest.

    And for my 87 year old aunt, who is watching her son die.

  40. HoyaGirl says:

    Please pray for Miles, one of my former students. He and a friend were attacked on the evening of the 25th – Miles’s 21st birthday. Miles fell and has a skull fracture and bleeding on his brain. He is in ICU, and, as of yesterday morning, had not yet regained consciousness. Miles spent a semester abroad in Rome last year, and I know he would appreciate your prayers from his beloved city and ours from here at home. Thank you, Fr. Z!

  41. LaxMom25 says:

    Thank you Father for providing this opportunity to share my urgent requests. Please pray for Pete Beerse, whom some of you may have had heard about. Pete, a faithful Catholic father of 8, suffered a spinal/cord injury a few weeks back. On Wednesday night he underwent a second surgery. You can go to caringbridge to read his story. But please pray for him and his beautiful family.
    …For a 14 year-old friend of my children’s, who was recently diagnosed with an aggresive cancer and has begun chemotherapy.
    ….For our dear friends, who are watching their oldest daughter suffer the difficult consequences of her actions.

  42. Bryan Boyle says:

    Couple of requests, if you would consider them, Father…

    1. Repose of the soul (and silent key) of my good friend Eric (NW2P), who passed to his judgement after a long illness this Monday last and who will be buried tomorrow (Friday). May God, in his infinite mercy and justice, look kindly on him, and comfort poured out on his family and friends.

    2. For my father who is struggling with the slow decline of his health in the twilight of his life.

    3. For my RCIA class (6 catechumens, 3 candidates) that they may be guided by the Holy Spirit as they discern their calling to join with us.

    4. Lastly, and most insignificantly, for myself in the throes of a job search (I’m working, but for a nasty and verbally abusive/condescending boss…all too common in the IT field), that through this period of trial, I can keep my head up and that His will be done.

  43. ladytatslace says:

    For my daughter and an online friend who both suffer from depression that meds do not completely help. that they can find the help they need. For a niece with MS. Thank you oh Lord for all your blessings.

  44. FloridaJoan says:

    Father Z
    Thank you for remembering our special intentions in your prayers while in Roma ; your intentions are in my rosary and LOTH today.

    pax et bonum

  45. poohbear says:

    For a healing of the severe arthritis in my fingers of both hands which makes every activity difficult, and which is getting worse despite the many aggressive medications I take daily. Of all the joints in my fingers, there is only one left that bends correctly, all the others either do not bend or bend at unnatural angles.

    And mostly for the graces to accept this disability and not be depressed and angry because of it.

    Thank you!

  46. shortside40 says:

    For my boyfriend to return to the faith… please please pray for him. For my family. For the repose of the soul of my great-aunt, who just passed away this weekend.

    (And for the NHL lockout to end!)

  47. The conversion of my atheist uncle, who is fighting cancer and near death.

  48. MattnSue says:

    For a problem at work, which occurred due to my oversight. I’ve owned up to and not hidden this issue, and it is now resolved; I pray that the repurcussions be fair, yet merciful.

  49. amymev says:

    For my parents, David and Alice. My father is dying of an aggressive brain cancer, and as a result of his permanent disability, cannot work. This loss of income, coupled with medical bills, has my parents many months behind on their mortgage. My mom is trying to figure out how to avoid bankruptcy and the loss of their house. We are hoping for a solution that avoids their having to move (where they’d go is also a huge concern) while my father is ill and still with us.

    For our diocese, which continues to anxiously await the naming of a new bishop. We have lived in a spiritual desert for so very long. Please Lord, a good, holy man who will return reverence and the fear of God to this parched area.

  50. Bea says:

    Prayers made for all the above.

    And Father, could you add prayers for a son and a successful spiritual endeavor and trip.

    and also a friend’s son-in-law who is financially strapped and may have to return to our hometown, leaving a spiritual oasis that has lead his family to flourish spiritually. That he may find a job where they’re at so that he can support his family.

  51. Paul says:

    For my family… numerous serious issues in need urgent prayers.

  52. Paul M says:

    Prayers for all above.

    Please pray for the repose of my father’s soul on what would have been his 76th birthday.

    Please pray for me that I may quickly find gainful employment so I can support my family.

    Please pray for my wife and me. Our marriage is in severe crisis and I am losing hope. Also please pray for my 3 young sons. They are amazingly resilient, but I can see how they are being effected.

    Thank you.

  53. PaulK says:

    In your charity, please remember my grandparents that are battling debilitating diseases, and for those who provide their care.

    Please pray for the conversion of an atheist and the reconciliation of a lapse Catholic.

    Also please remember me and my girlfriend as we discern God’s will for each other.

  54. Cricket says:

    Prayers humbly requested for a seminarian friend, who’s struggling mightily in a (not very orthodox) diocesan seminary in southeast Asia. We worry he’ll lose not just his vocation to the priesthood, but also his Faith.

  55. Catholictothecore says:

    I will pray for everyone and especially for Fr. Z. Please pray for my mother’s declining health and my special intentions.

  56. Laura98 says:

    For everyone’s intentions. For Fr. Z’s intentions.

    For my daughter’s continued health problems. For a family friend – Bud, who is dying from cancer. And please continue to pray for my cousin Nathan, age 6, who has SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) which is a continual problem for him, even though he has the brightest outlook of anyone I know… Thank you.

  57. Jennifer says:

    Please pray for my cousin who has a form of leukemia, but other cancers have developed since. She is undergoing chemotherapy, but gets depressed at times. She has been a widow for some years & her only son is married & rather pre-occupied with 2 children, so she feels quite lonely at times.

  58. Bryan Boyle says:

    And be assured, Father, I remember your intentions and in thanksgiving for your vocation every day (specifically), as well as those of your confreres (really).

  59. lizzy17 says:

    Father, please pray for the conversion of my family; for Lucy and Hannah to be healed; for the souls of Rea, Alan, Donald, Marian, Henrietta, Charlie and Tom; for a solution to the terrible family issues facing one of my students, and for general blessings for all of my students. Thank you Father, for this and for your blogging! God bless you.

  60. dn.philip.mathew says:

    Please remember my special intentions; and PM, KM, MM, SM, NM, EM. Prayers for everyone here.

  61. momtomany says:

    Please pray for my son’s complete healing from seizures. And for the safety of another son during his 3rd deployment to the Middle East.

    Thank you! God bless!

  62. Servant of the Liturgy says:

    For JS, EH, and RK, all undergoing/suffering effects of cancer treatments.

    The repose of the soul of SK, a great, humble, and devout man who passed at 90+.

    For JP, still newly ordained.

    For more good & holy priests. In thanksgiving for those we have.

    Selfishly (again) for me, for courage and wisdom. Guidance to complete my school work, patience to deal with what comes my way, and the grace to understand and embrace what I may be called to.

  63. StJude says:

    Prayers for all.
    For the intentions of Father Z.
    For my intentions which I am sure God is sick of hearing about.

  64. rodin says:

    Thank you for any prayers you may be able to say for my husband, 86 years old, who suffers from post-polio and grows increasingly weak. Prayers for his conversion would be helpful as well.

  65. kroi says:

    For the healing of my mother’s Lyme disease (and associated ailments) and the conversion of my brother and for the healing of his addiction to alcohol & drugs.

  66. discipulus says:

    I know this is not as urgent as most of the other petitions posted here. However, pray that I may soon find my first job.

  67. Lady Catcliffe says:

    Please pray for my husband, who is taking oral medication for stage IV lung cancer. We thank God that his symptoms have been few to date and he has not required chemotherapy. Please pray for inner healing for him as well.
    Please pray for Squire Catcliffe, for academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual development in his new school. We thank God for its orthodoxy. For his purity when he emerges from his years of innocence.
    Please pray for my ongoing growth in holiness, especially within my vocation as wife and mother. Please pray for an intention related to finances.
    Please pray that Holy Trinity Church in Boston be restored to Catholic worship.

  68. AnnaTrad51 says:

    I will pray for all your intentions and for you Father Z.

    Please pray that the person(s) who are persecuting our religious society, hiding behind calumny and detraction of others to force their agenda on us. Pray that we may grow in humility to accept all things in patience and trust and please pray that the person(s) that through the grace of God will come to see the great damage that they are doing not only to us but to their own souls and that our Lord will flood their souls with His Infinite and Irrisitable Love.

  69. carolg says:

    Dear Fr Z,
    I pray you have a safe and fruitful trip.
    I include all persons intentions, hopes and prayers with mine.
    Please pray for my sons (2) health, healing and as much success as God will allow.
    Pray that my chronic health problems dont get worse. Learn to complain when I should.
    As always pray for the poor souls in purgatory
    Pray for vocations. God bless everyone.

  70. Horatius says:

    Prayers and thanks to one and all. Special prayers and thanks to AmericanMother, and to your son, now in the U. S. M. C. God bless you all.

  71. The Sicilian Woman says:

    Thank you, VexillaRegis, for your support. It is so greatly appreciated. I will bring your intentions, as well as those posted and yet to be posted here, with me to Adoration tonight.

    So many trials and so much sadness all around. Lord, have mercy on us.

  72. Torpedo1 says:

    I will pray for your intentions Fr. z, as well as the intentions of all here. Please pray for me, and for all my intentions. God and his Mother know them all.

  73. cyejbv says:

    For my 14 year old son, who will be receiving Confirmation next year.
    Please pray that his Faith and his love for the Church is protected against evil, doubt or indifference and that I be efficacious in teaching and nurturing that faith, in word and deed, freed of my impatience and what is honestly disrespect towards him when I’m frustrated.
    I will pray for your intentions Fr Z, as well as the prayers and intentions of all here.

  74. discipulus says:

    Please pray for me in my time of need, especially during this election season, which has been a major source of stress, and for a mother who is about to give birth to her eighth child.

  75. Sissy says:

    I have read and prayed for each intention above. Thank you Fr. Z for this blog and the comfort and information it provides. I am praying for your intentions and for your safety as your travel.

    For M, who is in great emotional distress.
    For Y, who lost her son yesterday.
    For Fr. Jim, and all other priests and religious who comment on this blog.

  76. aviva meriam says:

    Hate to ask last minute but I now have urgent personal intentions. At this point, prayer is my last resort….

  77. demigh says:

    I will pray for all intentions here and for Father Z’s also. Please pray for the complete conversion of my loved ones. Thank you

  78. e.e. says:

    I said a prayer for all the intentions posted here and for Fr. Z’s intentions.

    I have posted here several times, but will post our intention again — we are in the middle of trying to adopt a sibling group. It has been a very difficult journey and we have encountered some serious obstacles. Please pray that God, the defender of orphans, would remove these obstacles and place these lonely children in our family. Thank you.

  79. VexillaRegis says:

    @e.e. Still praying for you!

  80. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for Maud, who was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer a couple of days ago.

  81. e.e. says:

    @VexillaRegis — Thank you for the prayers. We (and the children) need them greatly. I will pray for your intentions as well.

  82. jameeka says:

    Please pray for my father, now close to death. He was a convert to Catholicism, and is the father of eight children, 50+ grandchildren. He has been anointed today. Please , St Joseph, a good death, and on to the Land of the Living. Thank you.

  83. Sissy says:

    jameeka: my prayers for your father being lifted right now; I will be praying for you and your entire family.

  84. Thanksgiving for a prayer answered with a favorable outcome!

  85. For Sarah (ready to enter the Church, a date had been set for Nov. 1) and for her husband Earl (hostile to Catholic Church, extreme agitation unleashed at announced date of her entry)… and for their children, witnesses to the whole affair and forbidden to be catechized (though allowed to attend Mass). God’s grace and healing for this family.

  86. yatzer says:

    Prayers for all. Also, in your charity for my son with young children, who just called to say that 15% of his company had been laid off, including him.

  87. chantgirl says:

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sean Contini, a friend’s brother, who fell to his death four years ago today during his senior year of high school. He was rock climbing.

    For my brother-in-law who is young and undergoing several surgeries to avoid becoming blind.

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