Catholic Near East Welfare Association and winter aid for Christians in Syria

I picked this up from my friend John L. Allen, the nearly ubiquitous and normally fair-minded prolific writer, alas still writing for the über-liberal Fishwrap.  My emphases.

The Catholic Near East Welfare Association — among the largest the providers of aid to Christians in Syria, if not the largest — has launched an emergency appeal to help Christian refugees get through the winter. The idea is to deliver “Winter Survival Kits” to 2,000 families at a cost of $210 each.

Issam Bishara, a representative of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association in Lebanon, told me Monday that because Syria’s Christians generally have not headed for massive refugee camps in Turkey or Jordan, they’re not getting help from international relief agencies. Fearing exposure to further hostility, they’ve headed to other parts of Syria and to Lebanon, taking refuge with families and friends, but in many cases, those folks are running out of food, water, heating oil and other supplies.

Bottom line: Without help, it’s likely to be a long, cold and deadly winter.

Readers wishing to support the CNEWA appeal can find information and an online donation form here.

I am not sure about today, but in the past the CNEWA was run competently. It is under the aegis of the Holy See. I am confident that it is also good today.

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  1. fib09002 says:

    Why is it that America’s foreign policy always tends to work against the interests of these ancient Christian populations in the Middle East and elsewhere? Perhaps America didn’t foment this Syrian revolution, but why are we supporting the revolutionaries, when we know very well that to bring them into power will guarantee the oppression of Syrian Christians. The same goes for Egypt. Not only at home, but abroad too, does the American government manifest its anti-Christian tendency.

  2. josephhearty says:

    Glad to make a donation. We need to help our Christian brethren everywhere. Let us pray for them. God bless them and CNEWA.

  3. SKAY says:

    fib09002 — We have an administration today that is verry friendly to the Muslim Brotherhood and their friends within the US.

    Thank you for this information Fr. Z. I will send a donation.

  4. acardnal says:

    Catholics in the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent need support. They are suffering in many ways! I have donated to CNEWA over the course of many years and recommend others to do so. Msgr. John E. Kozar, President, took over about one year ago. Formerly, he was the head of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith in the U.S.

  5. majuscule says:

    When my daughter was traveling in Syria quite a few years ago, she and her companions found themselves temporarily stranded. They were invited to the home of a non English speaking (Aramaic speaking in fact) Christian family. She was impressed by their warmth and hospitality. I have always had a place in my heart for this family in a small village and I pray for them now. Perhaps a donation will help repay their kindness.

  6. Magnificat13 says:

    We’re happy to help and have made a donation.

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