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The campaign in favor of the Minnesota Marriage Amendment is heating up.

Today there was a TV ad released:


There will consequences of this amendment does not pass and the homosexual marriage things gets even more traction.

I receive a list of bullet points from someone in Minnesota:

  • Business who refuse to cater to samesex couples will be sued, and probably will lose.
  • People will lose their jobs.
  • Schools will be required to teach homosexual practices and culture and parents will not be informed.
  • Within months, a homosexuals will want to have their wedding reception at a Knights of Columbus hall and will sue when they are refused.
  • The Little Sisters of the Poor will refuse to put a couple of lesbians on their waiting list for retirement housing, who will sue when refused.
  • A Catholic cemetery will refuse to bury a homosexual couple in the same grave lot and . . . .
  • Homosexual teachers will sue when not hired for Catholic positions in schools and . . . .
  • Priest/deacon homilists will be arrested for hate speech when criticising the homosexual movement . . . .
  • Leaflet Missal and St. Patrick’s Guild, and other Catholic bookstores will be forced to remove books from their shelves and catalogues and . . . .
  • Catholic schools will be refused accreditation from the State of Minnesota for classes taught and textbooks used that don’t conform with state mandates and homosexuals . . . .
  • Gay Pride units will be refused entry in the St. Paul St. Patrick’s Day parade and . . . .
  • Caterers, photographers, virtually every occupation in the Yellow Pages, will become subject to the homosexual “purity test” and if they don’t pass, “no work for you.”
  • None of these homosexual militants will really want to do business with Catholic businesses. They want to destroy Catholic businesses and organizations. That is their mission in life — to eliminate all objections to their activities.

See the three Minnesota for the Protection of Marriage short TV ads on YouTube HERE.

The outcome of this amendment is up to you.  There are few undecided voters on this issue.  Therefore much depends on getting out the vote.  Start making plans to help people get to the polls.  Remember that when speaking to friends and family members about this issue that it is an emotional issue.  Reason sometimes doesn’t cut it and can actually turn off people who emote rather than reason.

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  1. Kerry says:

    My wife, far more studied and common sense that I, suggests reminding those opposed that the issue is not about marriage but about the welfare of children and what is best for society and culture. That children need a mother and a father, and that no one wants to tell adults how to behave in their own homes and relationships. Thus, the emotions are sidestepped. She believes the intense emotional reactions are an unconscious awareness that homosexuals know that their behavior isn’t quite as natural as supposed.

  2. StWinefride says:

    One of my favourite passages from Michael Davies’ book “The Reign of Christ the King – in Both Public and Private Life”:

    “If anyone …..honestly believes that society cannot be changed, I can only reply: Tell that to the homosexuals, tell that to the abortionists. They HAVE changed society, they have corrupted it, dehumanized it, but they knew what they wanted and they were prepared to fight for it, and they are still prepared to fight for it. SHALL THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT SHOW LESS ZEAL THAN THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS?”.

  3. acardnal says:

    Good video. But in the minds of pro-homosexual marriage advocates and the MSM, Christians are bigots and intolerant. I saw a short video of a group from Defense of Tradition, Faith and Property (TFP) peacefully protesting on a street corner in Minnesota when they were accosted several times by pro-homosexual marriage types.

    We are called to be martyrs for the truth.

  4. wanda says:

    We are fighting the same fight here in MD. The list of consequences are truly chilling. Keep up the good fight MN! Pray everyone and pray some more.

  5. JohnE says:

    Recently I replied to all on a mass mailing from a scout leader who wanted to petition the scouts to allow openly homosexual people to be leaders (they currently have a policy against it). I responded to defend the policy and also said that I had no ill will to those who are homosexual or even to those who engage in behavior I find morally objectionable. One person expressed outrage at the idea that one could actually have compassion with someone while at the same time not approving of their behavior and chastised me for “bringing morals into it.” I had to laugh at the implication: that it is wrong (or in other words, immoral) to bring one’s morals to such discussions.

  6. JohnE says:

    “Remember that when speaking to friends and family members about this issue that it is an emotional issue. Reason sometimes doesn’t cut it and can actually turn off people who emote rather than reason.”

    So, what I forgot to ask — what do you suggest for those who are driven by emotion on this issue and ignore reason? Try to engage in more reason, or shake the dust from your sandals?

  7. Dave N. says:

    How can “Gay Pride units will be refused entry in the St. Paul St. Patrick’s Day parade” be a consequence of this measure failing in Minnesota? That doesn’t even make sense.

  8. Suburbanbanshee says:

    What Father means is that the St. Patrick’s Day parade won’t be able to refuse such units, and that such units are not exactly family-friendly or work-safe for viewing. (To say nothing of the blasphemy involved in doing such a thing in the guise of honoring a saint.)

    And don’t think Minnesota won’t enforce the law good and hard. They sent threats to the Coursera free online class people, even.

  9. eulogos says:

    Dave N,
    You are missing the implied second clause.
    Gay pride units will be refused, [and the organizers of the parade will be sued.] To go along with the Knights of Columbus, the retirment home, the bed and breakfast, the baker and the photographer, who will also be sued for refusing to acknowledge that two men or two women can be married to each other. And so on.

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  11. Panterina says:

    Darn! I ought to print this list and start checking off those items as they are sure to happen (I hope not) in the next few years. They will sure happen if we do nothing!

    @StWinefride, thanks for the Davies’ quote–it’s right on the money.

  12. Panterina says:

    @JohnE’s 2nd post:
    Excellent question! I’ll be coming back myself to this combox to see what other have to say.
    My first instinct: Pray first. Pray to your Guardian Angel to talk to their Guardian Angel for enlightment. And as St. Francis (allegedly) said: Preach always, and sometimes use words. Meaning: Lead by example. Show love and compassion, and trust in the Holy Spirit to do the rest. My two cents, anyway.

  13. acardnal says:

    StWinefride, I love that quote of Michael Davies, too! Here is another of his from the same document which is appropriate:

    “Let us begin the campaign to restore our King to His rightful throne by working to overthrow the diabolic trinity of abortion, pro-homosexual legislation, and pornography. These are evils that cry to heaven for vengeance. They were not legal when we were children, and they can be made illegal once again.”

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