UPDATE: Rome and Summorum Pontificum conference and pilgrimage

I have finally set some date for an upcoming return to Rome for the conference and pilgrimage focusing on Summorum Pontificum.   HERE.

When I posted about this earlier, some of you wrote back to say that you were willing to pitch in for my expenses (which is the only way I can do this).

Now that I have some plans fixed down, I would be happy to have some donations for the project!

Please click the waving Vatican flag to donate. Using that link will let my know that the donation is for this trip and not for something else.

As always, I remember benefactors in prayer. I will be sure to say Mass in Rome for the intention of those who donate for the trip.

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  1. Speravi says:

    Any chance the Summorum Pontificum conference might involve a petition asking for an English language translation of the document on the Vatican website? Maybe French too? And Spanish?

  2. I second the English translation of Summorum Pontificum

  3. What do you have against Hungarian?

  4. Vecchio di Londra says:

    Loved the ‘Print Our Bill!’ notice on the linked Conference website. I’m sure there are many who harbour the strong wish to print out a ‘poster to attack in the Parish’…. :-)

    More seriously, I hope this Conference will counter the passively hostile view of many priests and bishops, that the EF Latin Mass is something they need not even bother with, and that if there is a traditional Latin Mass, it is to be hidden away at the earliest hour of the morning, for insomniac reactionary oldies and their ‘pre-existing stable groups’, so that the younger faithful who know nothing of it will remain in ignorance.

    More active education is needed. Particularly in a world that has become lazily indifferent about actually learning anything new. As Cardinal de Hoyos said, the ancient Latin Mass is for all, for all; and the Holy Father wishes all of us to encounter it and receive its benefits.

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