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Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

We should support each other in works of mercy.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

But, registered or not, please take a moment to pray for the people about whom you read here below.

Finally, I still have two serious needs. Really, I do.


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  1. HoyaGirl says:

    We have an update on Miles, my former student. He is now recovering at home with his family – prayers for his recovery have made his stay in a rehab center unnecessary. Praise God! He is now undergoing outpatient rehab to recover some of the functions damaged by his head injury. He is overly sensitive to some noises and is having some memory issues. Please continue to pray for him as he works to regain these skills and for him to have patience through his frustrations. Also pray that his assailant is found and brought to justice. The investigation into his case was postponed for a bit while the local police justifiably investigated a homicide instead. Thank you, everyone!

  2. wanda says:

    Please pray for two dear gentlemen as they deal with cancer diagnoses and treatments which take such a toll. Miracles needed. Thank you and prayers for all who enter here.

  3. Precentrix says:

    1) That I may, please God, find enough generous donors to be able to help a priest friend in Africa acquire a suitable means of transportation.

    2) For an Orthodox theology student and dear friend who has been going through some crazy trials of late, that he will in the midst of all this receive a little comfort and consolation. I know he’ll hold fast and I’m not going to pray for roses when he is being offered the Cross…

    3) For several of my friends struggling to make ends mete.

  4. RMT says:

    I have a special intention that will require a miracle–please pray, and I will add Fr Z. and all who have asked for prayer here to my rosary intentions today

  5. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for Fr. M, who has personal difficulties,
    for Ms G, who has health problems,
    for The Sicilian Woman (on here), who is in distress,
    for e.e. to be able to adopt children,
    for Supertradmom :-) (we miss you!)
    for me and my family.
    Also pray for all priests, especially for Fr. Z.!

  6. bvb says:

    A special intention re my vocation. And thank you!

  7. NickD says:

    for Fr. Christiaan Kaapes

  8. Ellen says:

    For my father who has suffered a stroke and for me who am his caregiver. I am under a lot of stress and it is taking a toll. For my mother in a nursing home.

  9. Wayward Lamb says:

    Please pray for me as I learn to pray the Liturgy of the Hours; my parents, who are facing serious financial difficulties; and my father, who is battling depression, anxiety, and possibly despair as he grapples with grave sins from the past (alas he is not Catholic).

  10. Vecchio di Londra says:

    I shall pray daily for the intentions of all who have posted here.

    I should like to thank all who responded with prayer for the little five-year old daughter of dear friends (as requested some weeks ago). Her stomach cancer has now – Thank God – been healed by chemotherapy and operations. She has no more cancerous or malignant cells. But now she must undergo the usual high-dose prophylactic chemo shock, to avert future attacks. She is a brave and cheerful child, but I continue to pray for her long-term recovery and welfare, and for her parents who have virtually put their lives on hold during this uncertain period.

    I would also say that my persistent prayer has helped me to gain an inkling of the vital and enriching nature of penitence and devotion. Something that is endemic to the traditional Latin Rite, and to the ancient monastic Office, yet strangely lacking in the new vernacular rite.

    And I pray in turn for all who are or have been in this situation.

  11. Vecchio di Londra says:

    “in this situation” – I mean, who have – or have had – loved ones suffering from cancer.

  12. spe salvi says:

    For the homecoming of my brother Michael and sisters back to the Church, and for myself that I may find a good God-fearing man to be my husband asap.

  13. 8latinfans says:

    For a positive resolution to the case of missing priest Fr. Christiaan Kappes in Greece. If everyone would “like” the FIND FATHER KAPPES page on Facebook, that would be phenomenal. Father is a wonderful priest and we need to continue to try to bring his story to the attention of the national media.

  14. akp1 says:

    I will pray for you all and these intentions in Lourdes this week.

  15. Philangelus says:

    My eight-year-old is in the hospital after a doctor totally mismanaged his medications and ended up causing a spectacular series of side-effects. The kid is doing much better now, but he’ll probably stay in the hospital until Wednesday.

  16. LisaP. says:

    Philangelus, so sorry your baby is going through that, my prayers for all here, thanks to Father for doing this.
    If I could ask for prayers for a couple relatives who seem lost and unhappy right now, fallen very far away from the Church.

  17. The Sicilian Woman says:

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of JD, a young man who just died, the soul of his close family member who died days before he did, and for healing for the family and friends mourning both men.

    For my sister and her husband, who have fallen from our Faith, embracing secular values which they have supported seeing their children embrace (while still calling themselves “Catholic” and receiving the Eucharist), that they recognize the grave errors of their ways and realign their beliefs and actions to Church teaching.

    There remains no resolution to the problem (and ancillary problems) mentioned previously that I am facing. Any continued prayers are very much appreciated. (Thank you, VexillaRegis, for remembering me.)

    I have added all intentions posted here, and those yet to be posted, to my Rosary.

  18. JohnE says:

    For 10-yr-old Jessica Ridgeway of Westminster, CO who went missing on her way to school on Friday 10/5.

  19. EmmyDy says:

    Please pray for me and my family as I try to get employment. I’ve been to a few interviews, and am currently hoping to receive a favorable call from two prospective employers. Also, please pray for the repose of the souls of Fr. Bob Cipriano, of a little girl who was run over by a car in a church parking lot, and a girl who was struck by a car on her way home from school. Please also help me pray for cancer victims, especially the children. I will be praying for your intentions as well. Thank you very much.

  20. Catholictothecore says:

    I will pray for all who have written in especially for Fr. Z. Supertradmum – you are in our prayers.

  21. Please join our prayers through Blessed Teresa of Calcutta for 2 year old Apollo XIV, who is facing a second heart surgery to repair a rare birth defect and subsequent respiratory and circulatory complications. We humbly beg God for a miracle cure for Apollo, whose parents will soon take him out of state for medical care, leaving 10 other children at home.

    Praise God for your prayers for Sarah (read to join the Church) and her husband Earl (very anti-Catholic); today he asked her to bring home holy water from daily Mass to sprinkle in their home. Please keep praying for this family… Thank you all.

    Praying with you and for you all.

  22. Sissy says:

    I am praying for all the concerns mentioned here, and especially for Fr. Z and all holy priests. Supertradmum, we miss you!

  23. Bastiat Fan says:

    I could sure use some prayers from you good folks; I’ve been out of work nearly a year now and getting very discouraged. I’m a graphic designer with almost 20 years of experience, including high-end book and magazine design and ad agency work. Thanks for saying a little prayer for me that G-d will help me find the RIGHT job that will help me provide for my family and make good use of the talents and creativity He gave me. Thank you.

  24. jameeka says:

    I would like to thank you for all your prayers, especially Sissy, Father Zuhldorf, and others for my dying father. He passed away peacefully tonight at home, surrounded by his family, a few minutes after we had prayed the rosary. RIP Daddy.

  25. Sissy says:

    jameeka, I’m so happy your father could have that wonderful consolation; what a blessed comfort it must be for your entire family. May light perpetual shine upon him. I will continue to pray for him, and for you and your family. My deepest sympathy for your loss.

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