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Many thanks to the donors so far (7 Oct) this my natal month of October: RB, HE, DM, CMB, SS, RB, AM, MF, BC, ER, LS, CO’C, BA, CD, DP, Fr. LT, TT, EMcG, KB, JB, RMcE, AM


Thanks a million to the kind soul (now identified as AM) who sent my the DVD of the movie about the Cristeros, For Greater Glory.  I was especially struck by the possibility that we are heading in this direction in our own lifetimes. AM added a note that For Greater Glory “has piqued the interest of my non-Catholic relatives and has encouraged their curiosity about the Church).” SJS sent an item from my amazon wishlist too.  A couple people sent gift cards, which I deeply appreciate (flexible!).  I also received a Kindle book from a reader.  Thanks!

I am still working on the project of going to Rome at the beginning of November for the pilgrimage and Pontifical Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica.  Some of you wrote to say that you would donate in a targeted way for that trip. More on that soon.  My life is a little topsy-turvy at the moment and I am finding some equilibrium.  The topsy-turvy part has driven me to raise my monthly target for donations. I remain a working beggar, I’m afraid.  As Capt. Aubrey might say, “Mendicants, ain’t in it!”

On Tuesday 9 October I will again say Mass, fairly early, for the intention of my benefactors (those who send items and send donations, as well as three others JS, DY, KA who are right now on the list by default).

I have a couple continuing prayer requests.  Please pray for me.

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