A few views

On the outside wall if the medieval Santo Spirito complex there is a old turning door where people could leave things- or very small people – at the hospital.

Just nice.


A Vatican Post mailbox.


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  1. chantgirl says:

    RE the little turning gate- what a compassionate response to a perennial human problem! It’s too bad that compassion now means killing.

  2. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Hey, Fr. Z! Edmonton seminary giant snowfun!

    Sort of the diametric opposite to sunny Italy….

  3. Ralph says:

    My home state, Arizona, allows a person to drop off an infant at the hospital within 72 hours of birth – no questions asked. I guess the modern answer to the “turning door”.

    Rabbit is common in Italy, is it not? I wonder why it seems to have never caught on as a usual dish here in the states? I love it!

  4. Mark Nel says:

    Poor cuddly little bunny rabbit … LOL

  5. Mary Jane says:

    That poor rabbit. I bet he was delicious though.

  6. Katheryn says:

    Rabbit, sure. I’m more intrigued by the sauce.

  7. catholicmidwest says:

    That rabbit looks so good. I love rabbit. We used to eat a lot of it when I was a child.

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