Do you have some good news?

The last couple weeks have been pretty hard.  Lots of bad news.

Do you have some good new for everyone?

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  1. jmgazzoli says:

    His Excellency David O’Connell CM, Bishop of Trenton, will be celebrating a Solemn Pontifical Mass on Tuesday 27 November at 7pm at St. Hedwig’s Church, 872 Brunswick Ave, Trenton NJ. The choir will be from the Westminster Choir College. It will be broadcast on EWTN!

    And I’ll be 2nd MC!

  2. The Sicilian Woman says:

    After 3+ years, I finally received the Sacrament of Reconciliation yesterday, and later, received the Eucharist at Mass for the first time in as long a period of time. The election results prompted me. I was so disgusted and disheartened that moral decay won out, that I figured if I wanted there to be less filth in the world, I had to start with myself and get a thorough cleansing.

    Thank God for the priest who heard my confession. He was good about asking and answering questions; I could tell, unlike what some other posters here have said about their experiences, that my confessor genuinely cared about this sacrament, and the anonymous penitent he counseled.

  3. lux_perpetua says:


    your comment just cured my election blues. seriously, that made my week.

    as for me, my LSAT scores are in and it looks like i’m really going to be applying to law school after all!

  4. VexillaRegis says:

    The Sicilian Woman: That’s good news for me aswell! I’m continuing to pray for you and your other intentions.

  5. J Kusske says:

    Some musical friends and I have just started up a polyphony group in Beijing and will be taking part in a Latin songs event put on by the Classics Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University this coming Sunday the 18th. We have chosen the name Novem Portae Polyphonia (Nine Gates Polyphony) in reference to the nine gates of the city wall of Peking of old. We hope to become a regular part of the musical scene here and be spreading more a cappella and polyphony in China’s cultural center!

  6. acardnal says:

    jmgazzoli, will that be a OF or EF Pontifical Mass?

  7. Juan says:

    The Month of Mary celebrations began in Chile :)

  8. deliberatejoy says:

    My extremely modern fifteen year old daughter told me that she wants to take instruction in Catholicism. :)

  9. frjim4321 says:

    Weddings are for sure up . . . another one called in over the weekend.

  10. Gaetano says:

    Our first child was born a week ago. She is perfectly healthy, as is her mother. She also decided not to come in the middle of Hurricane Sandy, dedpite my wife being five dqys past her due date at the height of the storm.

    Plus, last night, after thirteen days without electricity or heat, my parents, siblings and three sets of aunts/uncles had their power restored.

  11. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Still got my new job. Starting to find my feet doing it, although it’s still very hard work dealing simultaneously with people and tons of information. My family is well also.

    Curiously, the new season premiere episode of My Little Pony told the story of a land once held together by love, which was falling apart because the inhabitants had been caused to forget their history by an evil overlord. Only love, self-sacrifice, and the recovery of memory and identity for the citizens, were able to save the day. (And no, I don’t think it was intended as a political or religious parable; but good art often latches onto things that are in the air, regardless of intention.)

  12. KAS says:

    The young transitional deacon in our parish gave a strong homily at the vigil Mass this weekend. I was deeply delighted to get a homily with quotes from Blessed John Paul II and other solid teaching in it!

    And I was at a silent retreat last weekend where the priest sat in the confessional for several hours each day just to be available! I think every single participant could have gone to confession three or four times and not kept him busy. Another impressive dedication to God.

  13. jray says:

    St. Peter Church in Steubenville has had many amazing things happen in the past 6 mo. We have a new Pastor, and an Associate (newly ordained). Both celebrate Mass in a very reverent way, whether N.O. or TLM, and both are able to do the TLM. Their homilies are solid, some of the best I have ever heard. About a month ago the Latin Mass returned to a once a month schedule (a low Mass) Now it has been changed to every Sun. at 12 noon. As of a few days ago, at all week day Masses 8a.m. and 5:15 p.m. and Sat. 8a.m. we use the altar rail for communion. We are so very thankful! Thanks be to God!

  14. JoAnna says:

    On Saturday (November 10), my husband graduated from college with his bachelor’s degree. His college career started in 1993, when he was 18 years old. Nineteen years later, after a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, his parents’ divorce, our marriage, and six kids (four on earth, two in heaven), and going to three different universities in two different states, off and on… he finally reached his goal. The last two and a half years, he was taking classes full-time while working full-time and being a full-time parent.

    Words cannot express my pride in him.

  15. nasman2 says:

    For the last 2 weeks, a local parish has been having EF Low Masses on Saturday, with the hopes of training up servers for a regular Sunday EF Mass at another nearby Parish. Three of my boys are in training, which was difficult to attend in the past due to distance. Our family has been traveling 40 – 60 minutes for EF Masses at FSSP parishes. The most heartening news is these are diocesan priests doing this of their own volition, fulfilling the needs of those who are local asking for the Extraordinary Form. What a blessing. God Bless our Holy Priests.

  16. TC says:

    Two years ago I had a brain tumor (benign) removed though the doctor could not take all of it because it was impinging on my speech center. As it was I had trouble speaking/reading/writing for weeks post-op.
    According to the latest MRI none of the tumor remains, not even scar tissue from the operation. My surgeon has pronounced me cured.
    So thanks to God & all who prayed for me!

  17. yatzer says:

    My son, laid off and with children, will begin a new job tomorrow!

  18. Bea says:

    My daughter had her baby boy this morning: Grandchild # 13.
    Born at home but she had to go to the hospital for a bleeding problem.
    Please pray for her.

    Daughter-in-law will be a monthly contributing author for a National Catholic Magazine.
    It starts in February.

  19. Paul M says:

    Prayers offered for all.
    My job search is looking up. My wife and I have taken baby steps towards reconciliation now that (hopefully) her affair is over. Please continue to pray for us and our three young boys.

  20. ncstevem says:

    My wife is a pediatrician from Brazil. She’s having to complete residency for a second time to practice in the US. She began the residency in July and she has to take a practice board exam each year of the three year residency. The national avg. for 1st yr. residents was 156, 2nd yr. – 280, 3rd yr. – 335. My wife scored 410.

  21. ejcmartin says:

    At the special Mass to begin the Year of Faith our Archbishop used incense. This may not seem like a big thing to some, but in our Archdiocese this must have been hard for the professional liturgists to swallow.

  22. MAJ Tony says:

    Holy Rosary in Indianapolis, home of both the EF and OF, will as of 2 December 2012, host also the AU (Anglican Use). That means 3 Sunday Masses, and 3 choirs (plus the Latin schola). Can’t speak for the OF choir, but the EF music is very good, and I suspect the AU will be as well (based on the reputation of a few members).

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