NYC 13 Nov Holy Innocents: TLM, talk, Q&A with FSSP Superior General

Everyone in the NYC area (if you have power and you can read this) will want to know about this event:

Fr. John Berg, FSSP, Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, will celebrate a Solemn Mass for the Feast of St. Frances Cabrini on Tuesday, November 13th, at 6 PM at the Church of the Holy Innocents in Manhattan. After the Mass, Fr. Berg will make a presentation about the FSSP and answer questions in the Church Hall. There will be a reception with refreshments following the presentation.

Holy Innocents in Manhattan… great place… great location… pretty much dead… revived… reviving….

This is New Evangelization.

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  1. Sword40 says:

    Congratulations!!!!! We will be be having a Solemn High Mass with Fr. Berg at North American Martyr’s in Seattle on November 28th. Why don’t you come on out, Fr. Z, to celebrate with us?

  2. contrarian says:

    Perhaps FSSP is going to open a ‘branch’ in the NYC area?

  3. Manhattan Trid says:

    @contrarian: The Archdiocese of NY has no plans to allow the FSSP set up shop and the FSSP already has a good base of in the small suburban town of Pequannock, New Jersey which is under 60 minutes from the core of the Big Apple.

  4. Merelin says:

    Long live the FSSP! God bless it and it’s members, and grant it many vocations! :)

  5. contrarian says:

    Manhattan Trid,
    Yeah, too bad. I was aware of the Pequannock branch, but since I’m here deep in the recesses of Queens, it might as well be in Sweden. :(

  6. jmcglone says:

    Fr. Berg will also be celebrating a Missa Cantata at 6:00 PM on November 16 at St. Paul’s Church in Cambridge, Mass. After Mass, he will be giving a lecture on Ephesus, Vatican II, and the Year of Faith, as part of the ongoing lecture series in the Year of Faith sponsored by the Harvard Catholic Chaplaincy (St. Paul’s the chaplaincy’s home parish).

  7. Manhattan Trid says:

    Contrarian: Queens! Langushing land of devastation and desolation….forget Sandy, I’m talking liturgically. May I ask what part of fair Czar Nicholas’ realm do you find yourself domiciled?

  8. contrarian says:

    Manhattan Trid,
    Since their minions are everywhere, I better not say my precise parish or neighborhood, lest I get in trouble. I’ll just say that it’s a bourgeois part of Queens (which makes matters that much worse for parish life). But your description of this realm is accurate.

    Holy Innocents is on the subway, thank God. But with the children, it’s a pain in the neck schlepping there in the morning from here. But of course, I need to suck it up and start doing that. Otherwise, my wife is a annoyed that I’m in a bad mood all Sunday afternoon. :)

  9. zama202 says:


    My parish is St. Kevin’s in Flushing. Before moving to Queens I was chairman of Una Voce Bronx. I’m also a founding member of the Agnus Dei Knights of Columbus Council whose special charism is the Traditional Mass and meets in Manhattan and the Bronx.
    The chapter and the Council have sponsored many Masses, supported many traditional oriented priests and helped establish other Una Voce chapters and traditional minded K of C Councils.
    Contact me. Maybe we can make something happen in a parish Queens.

  10. HighMass says:

    How We long to Have the FSSP in Our Diocese….Or even a Mass In the E.F. it has been a year since the Mass In the E.F. has been celebrated in our area :(

  11. NoraLee9 says:

    Our longing to live near a Trad parish caused us to defect from Queens, to Wayne, NJ, a mere 10 minutes from Pequannock. We got a “rent-to-buy” and pay a lot less in rent, and parking is free. I no longer have to worry that the roving tow trucks will remove me for three tickets…. And I can attend daily Mass at a time which doesn’t conflict with supper. Contrarian: They have a school….

  12. contrarian says:

    Thanks, I’ll be in contact.

    NoraLee: that sounds wonderful. I don’t see how, given our current situation, a Jersey move could be in the cards anytime soon, but who knows. My interest is piqued, that’s for sure. My boys are still very small, but when they get a little older, I realize that I can’t mess around with this (for their sakes), so I’m glad to know there are options not too far from where I’m at.

    What’s funny is that my wife, who is originally from a midwestern suburb, talks about how, as banal as our parish is here in Queens, it’s SO much better than what most of the country has to deal with.

    I find that hard to believe…

    AT any rate, I hope to get to this FSSP talk tomorrow. We’ll see what my schedule allows…

  13. New Sister says:

    God bless Father Berg!

  14. Manhattan Trid says:

    There is a Sunday Mass at St. John’s Cemetery chapel, Middle Village. It’s not easy via public transit but shouldn’t be a problem by car. Among the (in)famous interred there is the “Dapper Don”, John Gotti.

  15. contrarian says:

    Ha ha, thanks for the suggestion, Manhattan Trid. I was just looking at that today on the interwebs. I think that might be doable–we’ll see. Yes, not exactly a breeze via public transportation, which we rely on (we’re of the crunchy car-less variety). I’m thankful that’s at least in my general vicinity–I’ll do a test run some evening, to see how realistic that would be on a Sunday morn…

  16. Manhattan Trid says:

    The landscape in Manhattan is slowly changing, the outer boroughs less so but there is hope.
    @contrarian: perhaps we should continue this privately, email

  17. zama202 says:

    The landscape is also changing in the Bronx. While there are a few a regular TLM locations in the Bronx – it now seems that a month does not go by without a Traditional Mass being celebrated in a parish for a special occasion or funeral. This has not been the result of magic. It has taken 20 years of prayer and hard work and the wonderful openness of young priest to God’s Will.

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