For you pro-Obama Catholics, something to consider before voting

This came to my email from the Dignitatis Humanae Institute:

The much publicised claim of Planned Parenthood to not only provide abortions but also health services such as mammograms have been proven as false. Following President Obama’s repeated assertion of the claim [falsehood] in the second Presidential Debate, observers from all sides were quick to point out that Planned Parenthood owns no mammogram equipment and has never provided this service. Indeed, a Freedom of Information request from as far back as June confirmed this.

Planned Parenthood’s imaginary provision of such health services for women has been repeatedly used by abortion supporters to portray pro-life and pro-religious freedom activists as ‘anti-women’. Yet despite the feverous nature of this assertion in the past, even former director of Planned Parenthood, Abby Johnson, has stated that this has never been the case. To further demonstrate this, Abby Johnson, now a pro-life campaigner, coordinated a campaign where thousands of women made telephone calls to Planned Parenthood clinics across the country, requesting mammograms.

The dismantling of yet another false claim from Planned Parenthood is crucial in the battle to show that not only does Planned Parenthood end the lives of unborn children; they do not provide the health care which is referenced to justify the gross amount of federal funding which they receive. Abortion is their primary concern; this should not be forgotten. The cynical trick of portraying an abortion company as a health care provider demonstrates the deluge of false information used to create a smokescreen, a manipulative ploy designed to avoid the real issue.

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura and Dignitatis Humanae Institute Advisory Board Member, spoke on behalf of the Institute of his hope for truth and clarity going forward:

“This debate is not something that should be marginalised or in any way distorted. The deliberate choice of who lives and who dies is a fundamental issue that cannot be hidden away behind slogans – because it goes straight to the heart of the matter: do we recognise the inviolable human dignity of the most vulnerable and voiceless in our society or not? Going forward, we must seek to promote a culture of life, and ensure that expectant mothers receive the support and all of the counseling they require.”

Abortion is not a women’s issue.  It is a fundamental issue of justice.  The right to be born must be defended before any other legitimate right can be promoted.   Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that resistance to abortion on demand, especially funded by tax-payer money, makes you or anyone else a narrow “single issue voter”.  Without supporting the right to life, no other post-birth right makes much sense.  If someone can kill you before you are born, then someone can do anything else to you after you are born.

Pres. Obama and his administration aggressively push abortion around the world, not just in the USA.  Pres. Obama even voted in favor of infanticide when he was an Illinois state senator.  What sort of respect for human rights does that imply?

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  1. StJude says:

    Any Catholic voting for Obama should be ashamed.

  2. AnnAsher says:

    That’s right! All that money raised by the Komen foundation went to Planned Parenthood and paid for abortion not mammograms. But that happened not only on BHO’s watch – it also happened on GWB’s watch.

  3. gracie says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t stand even looking at Obama. If he’s on the radio I turn him off. He is the architect of evil and he’s our President. It’s a nightmare.

  4. Legisperitus says:

    Figured this was coming… Now a $oro$-funded group is seeking an IRS investigation of the USCCB on the charge of “electioneering” for Romney.

  5. joan ellen says:

    Am hearing concerns that Republicans are war mongers and that Mormons are a cult.
    I checked wiki and They each report less than 1.5 million US dead in wars since 1775 versus 50 million plus babies aborted in 40 years. Mormons seem to live life giving Christian principles in their lives.

    Legisperitus – Thanks for your comment. I prefer to know what might be coming down the pike, though I keep getting told don’t worry “God is in control.”

  6. Margaret says:

    The abolitionists were single-issue voters, too. That’s not too shabby a contingent to stand alongside.

  7. Maria says:

    When I think the beginnings of life, I think of Gen 1:24 – we are created in His image and likeness. Christ did come as a baby but He came to me like any other man … from conception, from the very first stage … who am I to curtail this process?

    When screamed at, kicked at, cursed at when I prayed at PP, I think of 1 Cor 3:16-17 – Do you know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for the temple of God, which you are, is holy.

    Tomorrow, my voice will not make a difference, but I know that the unborn children knows that I am on their side and did the best I could and that, my Creator knows that I was a witness of His love.

  8. Clinton says:

    We’ve all heard the argument (even in the comments on this blog) that a Catholic
    should vote for this president’s party because the Democrats will bring about the
    hope’n change that will wipe away poverty. With poverty gone, supposedly, women
    will no longer be afraid to carry their children to term, and the incidence of abortion
    will drop. Or something. Such is the blather used by some Catholics to justify voting
    for the most aggressively pro-abortion president in our nation’s history.

    The excellent American Catholic blog recently posted an article on a study done by the Guttmacher Institute that indicates that poorer women are actually less likely to
    abort their children than women with higher-incomes. While we all have a Christian duty in
    caritas, abortion seems to have its roots in a poverty that is more spiritual than

    And just in case anyone is wondering if the study wasn’t done by some right-wing organization,
    the Guttmacher Institute is a research organ sponsored by Planned Parenthood itself.

  9. Theodore says:

    Too bad the editor of the Idaho Catholic Register missed the pro-life message. The 11/2/12 editorial stated:

    “When groups presume to speak for the Roman Catholic Church or challenge the author- ity or teaching of a bishop or the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, these groups need to be called out. Identifying themselves as “Catholic” is disingenuous and deceitful. A number of groups have stood out for this during the presidential campaign and now with the clock ticking on this quadrennial rite, it’s time for these groups to go away.
    One group, the Catholic Association, has been consistently thumbing its nose at authentic teaching and authority, embracing instead a thinly veiled, conservative political agenda. Nowhere was this clearer than the month before the election. On Oct. 18, a national research group, The Pew Forum on Relirion & Public Life, issued poll results showing that Catholic Latinos were likely to vote for
    the reelection of President Barack Obama by a 3-1 margin. Within minutes, the Catholic Association issued a “study guide” in Spanish, concluding that Republican candidate Gov. Mitt Romney earned an A-plus score and Obama an F. The document addressed only religious freedom issues and abortion.”

    “The right way to do it is to look at all the issues outlined by the bishops in “Faithful Citizenship” and post the voting records of those candidates. Legitimate Catholic organizations do not pick and choose issues and the Catholic Church does not endorse particular candidates or parties. The goal of a balanced issue chart is to help inform the consciences of the electorate about where candidates stand on all the issues, not simply ones that favor one party platform over another.”

    So much for the 5 non-negotiables in Idaho. I have not heard a pro-life homily in Idaho in the two years since I became first a catachumen and then a member.

  10. benedetta says:

    I really can’t trust anything a politician says who is willing to put up the next generation of Americans for slaughter. Anyone who would sacrifice the unborn to pay for the support of the already born is dealing the devil’s equation. Social justice begins in the womb. If you’re willing to let death overtake that, you’re unsuited to lead the rest of the living.

  11. Angie Mcs says:

    As many of us continue to fight against this evil of abortion, which will continue despite the election outcome, I sometimes think of those people who go home at night to their own families, after committing this atrocious act.
    The doctors, nurses, support staff, even those who come to pick up the body parts…do they ever have nightmares? Do they ever seriously wonder what destruction to innocent life they are causing?Do they turn off that part of their consciences which would make them stop and view these babies with any humanity?

    Without them, our politicians and big business like PP would be powerless. No matter who our next President is, please let us continue to pray to turn the hearts around of these people. When I vote tomorrow, I will speak for some little child who will never get that chance to speak for itself.
    MAria, I’m with you.

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  13. wmeyer says:

    Sadly, on FB this morning, a friend in Toronto has posted a message with a “Canadians for Obama ” logo. Words fail me; I can’t begin to make her understand not only that her vision of the man is so heavily filtered as to be meaningless, but that were the shoe on the other foot, and I were posting “Americans for Stephen Harper”, she’d likely go ballistic, and tell me to mind my own business.

    One mission the media have accomplished: the pools are such a zoo that you can find any outcome you prefer. In essence, we have lost the benefit of the free press–we are isolated from any real factual news content.

  14. Imrahil says:

    Dear @Clinton, thank you very much for the link! I had suspected a similar thing, but it is always good to have some factual ground below one’s feet.

    Dear @wmeyer, In essence, we have lost the benefit of the free press–we are isolated from any real factual news content. Interesting. I had never really thought it that way, but it could very much be you’re right. Indeed in my own country’s state-owned television news, the anchorwomen never even do so much as pretend to be neutral. Not that they’re overtly leftist; they are, what is perhaps worse, overtly taking-a-negative-view-of-anything (but especially and most oftenly of rightist things).
    And no, I’m not contradicting you on anything this time…

  15. joan ellen says:

    For you pro-Obama Catholics, something to consider before voting
    Posted on 5 November 2012 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
    This came to my email from the Dignitatis Humanae Institute:

    Dignitatis Humanae Institute:
    Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke: “…we must seek to promote a culture of life, and ensure that expectant mothers receive the support and all of the counseling they require.”
    Dignitatis Humanae Institute: “Without supporting the right to life, no other post-birth right makes much sense. If someone can kill you before you are born, then someone can do anything else to you after you are born.”
    Margaret “The abolitionists were single-issue voters, too. That’s not too shabby a contingent to stand alongside.”
    Legisperitus – “…USCCB on the charge of “electioneering” for Romney.”
    “Promote a culture of life.” “Supporting the right to life.” “Single issue voters.” & “”electioneering””???.
    There is an incongruency here…somewhere…Perhaps the answer is here:

    Department of Defense 101 Sections – Section: Who We Work For
    “If the President is our CEO, and the Congress is our Board of Directors, then
    our stockholders are the American people.
    Our stockholders know us pretty well. Almost everyone has had a family
    member or friend who either works for us now, or used to.
    We exist to protect these citizen stockholders, for without their support we
    would be out of business.“

    Is it a stretch to expect the Department of Defense, by order of the Commander in Chief and the
    Board of Directors, to protect these citizen stockholders called the unborn and their right to life?

  16. SegoLily says:

    Hello All! Here is a concrete thing to do today, Election Day: Pray to Servant of God Cora Evans, born a Mormon, died a Catholic mystic. Her cause for sainthood is apace. She developed the “Mystical Humanity of Christ”, a new way of thinking about Jesus, and may one day become a doctor of the Church. Cora Evans, Servant of God, pray for Mitt Romney, your brother in cradle faith, that he overcome the power of evil spread by Obama and his minions and be elected our next President. Cora Evans, Servant of God, pray that Mitt come to see the True Light of Faith as our President. Cora Evans, pray for all Mormons. Cora Evans, pray for Paul Ryan. Cora Evans, pray for the American Electorate. Cora Evans, implore our King to bestow his blessings on America today and lead us all, including President Obama,
    to embrace the Mystical Humanity of Christ. Amen.

  17. Johnno says:

    Pro-Obama Catholics also ought to ask if they want to be associated with this crowd of Obama supporters:

    On the case of abortion. The pro-life movement ought to seriously consider not only pushing for an end to abortion, but PROSECUTION of all top level government officials, politicians, and abortion racketeering groups and clinic owners with LIFE IMPRISONMENT for Crimes against Humanity. They deserve the Death Penalty, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be applied or at all, the point is that if the Nazis and Saddam Hussein can be hung for their crimes, this is equally applicable to them. And indeed official pardons may be considered with concern to certain individuals and circumstances, with concern to those who did support abortion or run clinics but have left and many are now pro-life advocates. But overall they will all face trial. It is not possible to go after virtually everyone, every woman or family member who has aborted of their own free will, or forced a woman to do so is guilty. But examples of high ranking public figures can be made. If you consider abortion murder, then ending it is not enough. Justice must also be delivered. This is for consistency’s sake if you truly believe abortion is evil, as well as for the charity of those guilty of murder. If they are not punished for their sins on Earth. They’ll suffer them in the afterlife. If the pro-life movement isn’t willing to go that far, then it is not going to succeed, because nobody will take you seriously if on one hand you claim abortion is murder, yet on the other you don’t want to punish the murderer who’ll get off scot-free. It’s also about time we put fear into these people. They desperately need it for the sake of their souls.

  18. inara says:

    SegoLily ~ thanks for that! My husband’s grandmother was born a Mormon (traveled cross-country in a covered wagon!) & died a devout Catholic at the age of 101 a few years ago. She was a daily communicant who offered each reception of the Eucharist to assist a soul in purgatory. :o)

  19. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    “Without supporting the right to life, no other post-birth right makes much sense. If someone can kill you before you are born, then someone can do anything else to you after you are born.”

    Indeed. And then there is this:

    “What sort of respect for human rights does that imply?”

    Get those feet-to-the-fire tongs ready!

  20. Maria says:

    My heart bleeds …

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