I have a dream …. Find a home for Roy!

In another post, I wrote about Sr. Maureen Fiedler’s Fishwrap column about Mr. Roy Bourgeois and the grave injustices done to him by the Vatican’s male oppressors and their Maryknoll minions.

I was so moved by her piece, so disturbed by her litany of injustices, that I am now forced to ask myself -and you, dear readers – some hard soul-searching questions.

Why won’t Sr. Fiedler help Mr. Bourgeois with deeds and not just easy words at NCR?

Fiedler must help Bourgeois to join her order and become a nun.

The sisters in favor of women’s ordination should throw the doors of their houses open to men.

Until they do, they are perpetuating medieval discrimination in their ossified female power-structures.

Fiedler is a Sister of Loretto.  They surely have lots of empty rooms available.  Why should those rooms be empty when men like poor Roy are out on their ears?  Men like Roy… how that name rings now in our ear.  Nay rather… all men!

They threw off their habits.  Will they never throw open their doors?

If the Sisters of Loretto are not ready to open their arms and hearts and doors, would Roy fit in better with the work of Sr. Simone Campbell’s group?  The Sisters of Social Service?  Where are the Nuns on the Bus?  Do they have a seat for him?  In the front of the bus and not in the back?

Perhaps Roy could help promote the goals of the Catholic Health Association by joining Sr. Carol Keehan by uniting himself with the Daughters of Charity. His experience protesting the School of the Americas could be invaluable in the quest for comprehensive family-planning at catholic hospitals nationwide.

Why aren’t men like Roy allowed to show solidarity with the women he defends by joining them as a nun in their institutes?

Why won’t women like Sr. Fiedler invite men like Roy to become nuns?  WHY?

This is an intolerable injustice.

Maureen, you are judging Roy by the parts of his body, not by the content of his character.

Fiedler and her kind are guilty of the same thing she launches at the teeth of “Vatican officials”. She clings to discrimination and obsolete power-structures.

It is time for a reckoning and real conversion.  Until this injustice is corrected with real actions are these sisters any better than Sheriff “Bull”?

I believe, dear readers, that we shall overcome!

I have a dream of equality.  Let us all dream together that Maureen will, as spokesperson for the Sisters of Loretto, one day show that women religious have finally opened their hearts, that they have at last broken the encircling chains of discrimination, that they at last, at long last, have reached out to men with deeds and not just empty words on the website of the NCR.

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  1. Supertradmum says:

    He should join the Carthusians, as in the movie “Into Great Silence” at Grande Chartreuse and pray for enlightenment, being obedient and silent for the rest of his life.

  2. benedetta says:

    YES Fr. Z. Tell it. Let Roy in! Tear down those structures of power! Haven’t they read and understood?? The scholarship?? Let Roy preside over a communion service, as Sister Roy! Generations hence, we will look back and realize just how confused we really are becoming…

  3. Midwest St. Michael says:

    “Fiedler is a Sister of Loretto. They surely have lots of empty rooms available.”

    Oh man, Fr. Z!

    I really did laugh out loud at that one. :)


  4. I’m not sure I understand the choice of pictures with this post.

    [You are young.]

  5. Supertradmum says:

    Jeffrey, civil rights photos from the sixties.

  6. I don’t know about allowing Roy to sit in the front of the bus, Father. That is typically the driver’s seat. If his driving abilities and adherence to the rules of the road are as rigorous as is his obedience to the magisterium of the Church, I think the preferred arrangements (in order of preference—and safety of bus passengers—are:

    (1) stowed in the luggage compartment, or, if that is full,

    (2) lashed to a luggage rack on the roof (suitably attired for protection from the elements.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  7. Theodore says:

    Fr Z, brilliant! A solution right out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

  8. VexillaRegis says:

    Fr, a marvellous idea, but they can’t let him keep his name if he were to join their institute – a bourgeoise king??? That’s not leftish or equal enough, no no. I suggest Sister Mister.

  9. Dismas says:

    Marvellous idea indeed. God never closes a door where he doesn’t open a window. Perhaps Roy Bourgeois could don a polyester pant suit habit and become Mother Superior of the Sisters of Loretto? Sr. Fiedler could start a whole new novitiate for her order.

    Where can I donate?

  10. majuscule says:

    Alas, Sister Mister will need to change his last name too, if he wants any cred.

    I like this definition from Merriam Webster:
    2: marked by a concern for material interests and respectability and a tendency toward mediocrity


  11. VexillaRegis says:

    majuscle: that’s exactly what I meant, both his names would have to go! LOL!

  12. Muv says:

    Sr. Lucrezia Bourgeois

  13. VexillaRegis says:

    Muv: I’m getting terrible fantasies, GAHHHH!

  14. VexillaRegis says:

    But Lucrezia Borgia wasn’t the least mediocre or respectable, but was indeed marked by a concern for material interests. This is funny!

  15. NoraLee9 says:

    So I stopped for lunch at the Japanese Restaurant, having had to take the bus to town to pay tuition. And I read this post. Everyone is looking at me because I laughed so loud.

    Tied to the top of the bus. Hehe. Wiping my eyes and ducking under the table.

  16. catholicmidwest says:

    Yeah, as my mother used to say, “Shhh, don’t encourage them.” Trust me, it could get ugly.

  17. Fr AJ says:

    Fr. Z brings up an excellent point here. At some level, the push for women’s ordination embraces the false idea that there are no real differences between men and women. So, if we accept this false notion for arguments sake, why can’t men be admitted to what have been traditionally female religious orders? It seems to me this should be a two-way street if these sisters really believe this. Open up those convent doors to everyone!

  18. Marty says:

    But wouldn’t this mean if Roy Bourgeois entered a convent, given Cdl. Bertone’s memo earlier this week, that if he were now to visit the Vatican, he would have to wear a full habit, as he certainly cannot wear his cassock anymore?

  19. The Egyptian says:

    Sr. Lucrezia Bourgeois

    Muv: I’m getting terrible fantasies, GAHHHH!
    Your not the only one, this came to mind right away :0


  20. acricketchirps says:

    Fr. AJ: For that matter where are our Transgender and Transexual orders?

  21. jeffreyquick says:

    “some become eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven.” Just sayin;…

  22. acardnal says:

    Love this idea, Father. You’re right. It’s only fair. The Sisters should realize that their way of life is discriminatory. But, alas, it’s time for them to change, too, and welcome males. After all, the secular world they love so much – especially the clothing – already has women sports reporters in men’s locker rooms, women as war fighters, men who want to be women and women, men; and they keep trying to get girls into the Boy Scouts (maybe that’s already allowed). Unisex restrooms. Let’s go unisex everywhere for everyone! Discrimination is bad – except at a “Stop” sign.

  23. jaykay says:

    acricketchirps: “Fr. AJ: For that matter where are our Transgender and Transexual orders?”

    Ummm… that’d be the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, I’m sure. After all, members in full habit… thingy, whatever… have already received commmunion in public, so they must be o.k., mustn’t they?

  24. eyeclinic says:

    (With apologies to Monty Python…)
    “I want to be called “Sr. Loretta who was called Stan”. “It’s symbolic of our struggle against oppression.” (Using best John Cleese voice…) “It’s symbolic of his struggle against reality.”

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