PODCAzT 134: Christ the King, the Collect, and a listener’s question

Here is a little offering about the Collect for the Solemnity of Christ the King, as it is today in the post-Conciliar, Ordinary Form, calendar.  I use some material I wrote for the best Catholic weekly in the UK, The Catholic Herald, for which I write a column that continues some of my many years of work for The Wanderer based in these United States.

Also, I field a question from a listener who left me voice mail.  He asks something about Holy Days of Obligation.

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  1. RichR says:

    I got a little teary-eyed starting up this PodcaZt for a number of reasons.

    First, it’s been a while since the last bout of PodcaZts (since June), and it’s good to hear the voice our faithful shepherd, Fr.Z. Type just doesn’t convey the loyalty we Z’ers have to Fr. Zuhlsdorf because of his zeal to get souls to Heaven, to inform our Catholic faith, and to enrich our liturgical life.

    Second, the beautiful music at the beginning is most likely from an Anglican cathedral, and it reminds me how impoverished we Catholics are in liturgical music. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for devout Anglicans across the pond to convert to the One True Faith. They leave behind so many heavenly ways of worshipping our Lord. While I champion their bravery for putting doctrine ahead of externals, it still must be very painful to come into a liturgical life where the externals often do not reflect the doctrine of the Catholic faith.

    Finally, Fr. Z. tackles a question I was grappling with this very day: the differences in the Collets of the old and new Christ the King feasts. It seems like an answered prayer to have them fleshed out. I am stuck in an OF parish, but my soul cries out for an EF Mass. Alas, not any time soon here in College Station, TX. However, I can learn to appreciate the dignity of the OF Mass and not get swept up in traditionlist propaganda that insinuates conspiracies and subversive agendas of high churchmen.

    BTW Fr., can you please post an iTunes link to the album you get your music from at the beginning.

  2. RichR says:

    where externals do not reflect the majesty of the doctrine of the Catholic faith.

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  5. Catholictothecore says:

    I marvel at your expertise in so many different areas, Fr. Z. Besides being a bright man, without getting it into your head, you care about your flock. A good shepherd you are. Thank you.

  6. Angie Mcs says:

    ” the Cross stand fast while the earth spins”. Such beauty and strength in that thought.

    It was quite moving to listen to this as we prepare for Advent, a new year of growth and change within ourselves. We don’t eat meat on Fridays and don’t eat 3 hours prior to communion. These little things do make a difference. We were thinking of refraining from making any non essential purchases on Sundays as well, saying clear of malls and the Internet.

    Thank you Father, for your guidance. It is a comfort and joy to hear from you.

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