Reason #5466 for “Romanorum coetibus”!

In England, there is a new Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury.

In the USA, in the Episcopal Church, I read thanks to a link sent by a priest friend, that there is a new Episcopal Bishop in the Diocese of Eau Claire, WI! HERE

I noted in that article that:

Fr. Lambert succeeds the Rt. Rev. Edwin Leidel who served as provisional bishop following the translation of the diocese’s fifth bishop, the Rt. Rev. Keith Whitmore as assistant Bishop of Atlanta in 2008

The diocesan profile said the “ideal candidate” for the half time position would be able to “support himself or herself through a part-time position, provide vision for new ways of working in the Episcopal Church, and an energetic spirituality that will nurture the wide variety of people to whom we minister.”

The diocese has a baptized membership of 2200 in 21 congregations served by 15 priests, 12 deacons and 7 active retired clergy. Its 2012 budget is $223,632.

Again, I call for the Anglicans/Episcopalians to issue Romanorum coetibus.

Just look how well conforming your message to the wisdom of this world has worked for them?

They have some space and readers of the National catholic Fishwrap and The Tablet, Call To Action, the LCWR need a safe-haven, a warm, welcoming, nurturing environment in which they can maintain their most cherished traditions.  It’s a win-win scenario!

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  1. yatzer says:

    Oh my! I never thought I would hear of him again. The outgoing Episcopal “bishop” was the rector of the Episcopal parish I left when it finally occurred to me that Episcopal does not equal Catholic, several decades ago. I do thank him for distressing me enough that I left. That parish had 75 members the last I heard. “Congregational coaching”? Oy.

  2. david andrew says:

    What a shame. There was a time when (many, many years ago) the diocese of Eau Claire was a hotbed of Anglican orthodoxy. I recall, back in my Episcopalian/Anglican days before swimming the Tiber that Fond du Lac was also very conservative. So much so that the “mainstream” ECUSA-types would curl their nose and wag their heads if you mentioned these two dioceses. Amongst Anglo-Catholics, the “Fond du Lac Tracts” on various points of orthodoxy were all the rage.

    Now look at them. Atrophied and gasping for breath.

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