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  1. Bea says:

    Grandchild (Boy) # 13 was Born 2 weeks ago on Monday.
    Daughter had a bit of a problem, but is now recuperating all right.

    Husband had to go to emergency this Tuesday but it was not as bad as we thought.
    It was an infection that quickly came under control.

    Roller coaster 2 weeks.but
    All’s Well, that ends Well.

  2. Matt R says:

    Congrats Bea!

    For the Year of Faith I have been trying to post something of a religious nature daily on Facebook, but I felt that my efforts would be better if I blogged instead. So I have a blog. Please follow me at!

  3. Inigo says:

    Yesterday was the first time our parish priest used the “benedictine” altar arrangement, and from now on the altar stays this way! Brick by brick!

  4. tripudians says:

    Calling it “good news” would be an understatement of the year. Diocese of Den Bosch (Netherlands) will have a weekly Sunday Missa Cantata (EF) – celebrated in the side chapel of the cathedral nonetheless – starting January 6, Yours truly providing the music.

  5. thereseb says:

    My sister’s cancer, is deemed treatable, and she is in good spirits. Thanks for prayers (was on your prayer list).

  6. alexandra88 says:

    Bills are getting paid, have a full time job, and looking forward to an imminent holiday next week. Nothing to complain about really. God has been good to me.

  7. AdamRules247 says:

    I introduced a friend to his second TLM yesterday. THe first one I took him too he didn’t like but he actually like it this time! Deo Gratias!

  8. pmullane says:

    My wife and I are having a boy. Very exciting as he will be our first Child. Please pray that he will be healthy and holy and, if it is the will of God, a priest.

  9. gardener says:

    My husband and I walked the Camino Santiago from St. Jean, France to Santiago, Spain (all 500 miles on foot) this Fall. Everyday was offered for a specific intention and lots of others at home joined us in offering their days for the same intention. It motivated me to keep going, even though the walk was physically the most difficult thing I have done. Now I have condensed the intentions to seven so that I can remember easily what each day will now be offered for and invite others to join. Monday is for those who have authority over others: that justice and charity may prevail.

  10. The Astronomer says:

    I attended a terrific EF Mass at St. Catherine Laboure’ Church in Middletown, NJ celebrated by the steadfast and holy Fr. Daniel Hesko yesterday. I am grateful for my steady job and wonderful wife.

  11. benedetta says:

    Homeschooling curriculum has one solid quarter in the bag. We’re doing a cathedral unit study during December.

  12. Phil_NL says:


    Wonderful. Do you have a link or at least the timeslot for that?

  13. tripudians says:


    No link yet, it’s still a very fresh news. The Holy Mass will be celebrated at 13.15 in the Sacramentskapel.

  14. pinoytraddie says:

    My VERY First Eucharistic Procession(it took 30 Minutes) followed by Benediction and a Solemn OF High Mass at Christ the King Parish presided by His Execellency: Bishop Honesto Ongtioco D.D of the Diocese of Cubao(South of Quezon City,Manila) con-celebrated by Bishop Emeritus: Raul Martierez D.D.

    I even helped Push the Cart carrying the Monstrance and helped an Older Chubby Woman(I am 19,She’s in her 50’s) stand up after kneeling down when the Pastor left the Chapel in a Gated Community carrying Jesus.


    P.S Attended My First Low Requiem Mass last November 15.

  15. James Joseph says:

    I supply families and also some location resteraunts with cut meats. Today is a day off for this retail meat-cutter. After working my hands to exhaustion Thursday. Friday, Saturday, and especially Sunday, they need a day-off. I work with people who actually complain about never getting to go church. They are like unkown prisoners in camps enclosed by invisible barbed-wire. I once heard that the late Saturday/Sunday vigil thing and the lessening of fasting requirements were introduced so that factory workers and other low-wage destitutes could actually make it to holy Mass and make Confession.

    First Question: What is it about Christians that makes them want to go shopping and dine-out scandalously on Sunday mornings and afternoons when they get out of church anyway? It’s like we live in a world where there are six-days of rest and one day of furious activity. I wonder if a series of homilies by every preacher and priest in the country is order.

    Second Question: How come the Sunday vigil is almost always at 4PM and Confessions at 3:30 to 3:45PM, placing them smack-dab in the middle of the work-day on one of the busiest days of the week? I am sure there are many folks who would gladly embrace a 9PM or a 10PM Sunday vigil. As it stands going to Mass looks like a rich white people club.

    Note to the parish hall coffee social people: Hey! You jackwagons you better appreciate that donut and coffee because some single mother wage slave had to get to work at 4 A.M. and leave her baby alone on a Sunday morning to make sure you could feel good about yourselves, filling your middle-class belly with dolce sweetness and cafe bitterness.

  16. OrthodoxChick says:

    FINALLY found an awesome parish with daily Latin Mass. Wish I could move to the town and be closer to this wonderful parish family day in and day out. Until then, it’s still not so far as to make it cost-prohibitive to attend at least Suday Mass in the Latin Rite. I have been praying for this desperately since I attended my first Latin Mass over the past summer. The Mass yesterday was so amazing, complete with chant and everything. I still have so much to learn about the Latin Mass, chant, polyphony but it’s much easier to learn it while being able to bask in it. Praise God for leading my son and I here! Next are the prayers that the hubby and other kids will fall in love with the Latin Rite too so we can attend as a complete family. I can feel the Hand of God at work brick-by-brick in our homes as well as our parishes.

    Congratulations Bea and pmullane!

  17. acardnal says:

    Event: New Jersey TLM on EWTN

    Great strides for the Traditional Latin Mass have been made in the Diocese of Trenton under the care of Bishop David O’Connell. After the first Solemn High Mass was celebrated in the New Jersey Diocese on Feb. 19, 2012, the first Pontifical High Mass in the Diocese will be taking place on the Feast of the Miraculous Medal, Tuesday, Nov. 27, at 7:00 P.M. , EST. It will be broadcast live on EWTN.

  18. Elodie says:

    I’m an aunt for the first time!!! My kids have their first cousin!!!

  19. Nan says:

    @JamesJoseph, if you’re living in a populated area, the trick may be to check other parishes. My Cathedral has 7pm vigil Mass and the local Catholic college has a late Sunday Mass; I haven’t gone so am uncertain whether it’s 9pm or 9:30. RE: Confession, my parish has late afternoons, other parishes have early Sat morning. One parish, run by a religious order, has confession before 7am. There are also parishes with daily Mass before 7am.

    I used to work in retail p/t and people don’t shop on Sunday! They go to church, brunch and to the mall to return things. In our increasingly secular society, many who work Sunday are non-religious or adherents of religions with other traditions so aren’t concerned with keeping the day holy. While you see a whirlwind of activity, going out to eat means that family isn’t cooking; by the same token, going to the mall is a more leisurely activity than yardwork, laundry or other housework that people also do on Sunday. Going out to eat isn’t inherently scandalous as you describe it.

    Fasting requirements have always been relaxed for those in need, whether due to illness or due to work.

    Note also that some parishes have volunteers who themselves make the donuts. In this economy, the person leaving their child at 4am is likely happy to have the work. I don’t know about your parish, but ethnic parish and primary parish both draw from wide geographic areas. The coffee and donuts you deride provide an opportunity for people to visit who may not otherwise have opportunity to do so outside of scheduled parish activities.

    You sound bitter.

  20. majuscule says:

    Word of our new St. Vincent de Paul Sunday food distribution is getting around. Our community is miles from a food bank or even a large grocery store. We are able to help many under served folks and we at least get them into the church parking lot!

  21. Andreas says:

    We celebrated the feasts of both Christ the King (Christkoenig) and St. Cecilias Day here at the Chirch of St. Ulrich in Pinswang this past Sunday. Music for the very beautiful Mass was provided by the Pinswang Musikkapelle and the newly founded St. Cecilia Women’s Chorus (all of the men are playing in the Musikkapelle). It was my delight to conduct the choir, which sang lovely works by von Weber and a very talented local composer, Sigi Haller.

  22. 1catholicsalmon says:

    Yesterday we attended the 11:30 Latin Mass at our parish and at the end of the Mass our Padre announced a special award: ‘for the worst latecomers to Mass’. He was pretty hot under the collar, but rightly so.
    Why is this good news? Well, it needs to be said from the Sanctuary, from the lips of our leader. It was a pretty awkward few minutes, but I think next week will hopefully see the earlier arrival worshippers our of respect for our Lord.

  23. acardnal says:

    1catholicsalmon, I wonder what the “special award” was?

  24. The Masked Chicken says:

    ‘for the worst latecomers to Mass’

    Since the priest, presumably, does not know the situations of all of the late-comers to the Mass, this seems to be somewhat of a rash judgment on his part, to me. One can imagine a situation where a person is traveling and only finds a Church (EF) near the town he is passing through at the last minute and decides to attend. Father might have made the comment in a more circumspect way, since some might have been exercising heroic measures just to get to the door. Something like this happened to me (albeit not on a Sunday).

    Of course, the “regulars” need to hear the rebuke, but the way he framed it was too all-encompassing, in my opinion.

    The Chicken

  25. acardnal says:

    Chicken, I have seen the same, Same, SAME people come to Mass late habitually! AND they come without children so they cannot use them as an excuse. It’s one of my pet peeves because it indicates poor planning, at least, on their part. I would hope that the priest’s remarks were directed toward them.

  26. Paul_S says:

    A) More than 70 young adults from all over the state will be attending this Friday night’s Juventutem Michigan Sung Mass and dinner in Lansing – Facebook

    B) Bp. Joseph Perry will celebrate a Sung Pontifical Mass for Juventutem Michigan, Juventutem Boston, and other students and young adults in Washington, D.C., shortly after the conclusion of 40th March for Life – Website Facebook

  27. LisaP. says:

    God help, literally, those who cannot conceive a situation they may be in that makes them habitually late for Mass for no apparent reason. I can think of dozens — dozens.

  28. VexillaRegis says:

    A family in our parish was always late for mass. Not five minutes or even ten, no, they made their entrance after twenty min. or more. Their latecoming record was fourty min.!!! Every single time they would stroll through the church, nodding and smiling at (embarrassed) friends and squeeze themselves into the front pew. This is in a country where punctuality is a virtue.

    One time they arrived “early” – in time for the Kyrie (!), but the church was crowded, so they had to stand. I was playing the organ. Suddenly the mother told her son (a 10 y/o) to sit down next to me on the organ bench!!!!!!! So, while the priest sang ” Gloria in …”, I sterny hissed to the boy: “Move yourself!” He flew up, and his mother gave me a very surprised and hurt look. Gosh. Next time they will take the free chair next to the priest, don’t you think?

    Some people seem to have misinterpreted the bible word about the last ones becoming the first.

  29. An American Mother says:

    Our organist has a pet peeve about people who come up and sit in the choir loft and then talk loudly or move around right in front of him. They think nothing of cutting through the choir while we are singing! I made signs “Please do not pass between the director and the choir during the anthems!” but it doesn’t always help. Maybe we should employ bouncers – my husband has some experience in that line . . . .

  30. VexillaRegis says:

    AAM, I could tell you unbelievable stories about what people think is normal to do in church, but I’m afraid Fr. Z. would look sternly at *me* for derailing this thread! ;-) However, I do have a bouncer, but, alas, he wasn’t there that particular sunday.

  31. VexillaRegis says:

    Oh, there are some good news: they have moved away! If they have moved to Salmon’s parish, they will win the award next sunday and happily come forward to recieve it.

  32. iPadre says:

    We are rid of the OCP Music Issue & Missalettes and begin using the Vatican II Hymnals this weekend.

  33. acardnal says:

    iPadre, my pastor of just over one year’s duration is going to begin using the “Vatican II Hymnal”, too, beginning the First Sunday of Advent and rid the parish of the Heritage missalettes and banal hymnals. Maybe we can start a trend here. Our pastor said the cost of the new books will be recovered within two years and the new hardback hymnals should last at least five years!

    Here is a quote from last Sunday’s bulletin regarding the “Vatican II Hymnal”:
    This new hymnal contains all the Sunday readings for years A, B, and C as well as for 18 of the other most important feasts and solemnities; it contains a much larger number of Mass settings, both in English and Latin, and also has a number of optional psalm settings along with many familiar hymns. It also contains the text of the Mass in English and in Latin for both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Form. Some may not have heard, but since July 7, 2007 we have officially two Masses for the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church (that is the rite we belong to in the Diocese of Madison): the Ordinary Form or Novus Ordo (the Mass promulgated after Vatican II) and the Extraordinary Form or Tridentine Mass (the Mass that has been in use since the Council of Trent finished in 1563). Pope Benedict made this possible by his declaration called “Summorum Pontificum”.

    The use of this hymnal will allow us to more completely “sing the Mass” rather than ‘sing AT the Mass.’ Over time, we will begin using more Proper texts, adding the Introit and Communion verses to the Responsorial Psalm/Alleluia which we already sing. We will also learn a few more Ordinaries.

  34. prairiecatholic88 says:

    Fourteen children were Confirmed in the 1962 Rite this evening in the Diocese of New Ulm. Our TLM chaplain offered a Missa Cantata and His Excellency Bishop John LeVoir confirmed the kids after Mass. A great evening!!

  35. benedetta says:

    prairiecatholic88, How wonderful!

  36. SKAY says:

    I think this homily by a priest in Kenner, Louisiana is very good news.

  37. benedetta says:

    Some good news I have is that I am finalizing an opportunity to do online work from home as a consultant. It will be enjoyable work and will help pay the bills. Deo Gratias.

  38. Bishop Loverde of the Arlington Diocese has been pushing devotion to the Sacred Heart throughout the year. He has been disseminating prayer cards throughout parishes. He asks that all households consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart – and even offers a limited amount of free images per parish to households needing the image.
    This past Sunday, unable to make it to a Tridentine Mass, we attended our parish. In the pews were dog-eared prayer cards of consecration to the Sacred Heart.
    After the homily, the priest directed us to read with him this consecration of ourselves, our households, and our parish.

    I am so edified by these efforts of our Bishop!!

  39. Supertradmum says:

    Found out today of a special retreat with Fr. Z. and Michael Voris–this is an advertisement.


    this is good news………………..

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