When TEOTWAWKI comes, will you have had enough coffee?

It is “Cyber Monday”, as the online retailers are calling it!

I guess this is a secular money day of obligation.

Okay… now that you are online… buy some …


Mystic Monk Coffee!

There are so many good reasons to refresh or build up your coffee supply right now.

First, you neeeeeds it.  Let’s just start calling it The Precioussss™ and get it over with.  Yes, you are probably addicted to caffeine, which is great for the Carmelites, great for us precioussss … er um, great for me, and … if you think about it… great for you too.  … Everyone needs a hobby, right?  Why not make your hobby tenderly fostering your addiction to caffeine in the form of Mystic Monk Coffee and Tea – yes TEA (even the foofy herbal stuff).  Sure, when TEOTWAWKI comes, your gonna get the jitters and it’s gonna be baaaad.  On the other hand, you might not notice since you’ll be running for your life or engaged in some really nasty urban warfare.  But, hey!  All the more reason for immediate gratification.  C’mon… admitting you have the addiction is the first step to clicking HERE and buy that coffee right now.

Second, I think there are indulgences for coffee…. no… scratch that…. there are no indulgences for indulging in coffee.

Second, and this is really important, by buying Mystic Monk Coffee you help the great Carmelites in Wyoming make ends meet and build their new digs. It must be close to a moral imperative to help Carmelites who tote .308s.

Christmas Stocking Gift Set

Third, they sell small sample packs (nine pack and thirty pack) which are perfect for gifts for St. Nicholas Day or for office parties, or “Secret Santa” gift exchanges, or individual stocking stuffers.  You can take care of small gifts and use the packs you don’t give away!  Also, they have a seasonal Christmas blend and a Coffee of the Month (which as I write is still their Thanksgiving Blend).  When you buy the seasonal blends, you do them a favor by reducing the stock.  And right now they have their perennial favorite Jingle Bell Java.

Fourth, this is the Year of Faith, right?  Remember the New Evangelization?  This means helping fallen-away Catholics return to the Church.  The Carmelites also have a religious gifts page.  You can order some coffee as a gift for someone who is not practicing her faith, or for someone who is thinking about becoming a Catholic, and, with the coffee you have shipped to their address include a rosary or holy cards or a spiritual book.

Fifth, it is good coffee!

Sixth, you need something to put in your great coffee mugs.

Seventh, I asked to you.  Isn’t that enough in itself?

Eighth, they have GIFT CARDS!

Ninth, the Carmelites pray for the people who order their coffee.  Really.

Mystic Monk Coffee.  So many great reasons and…

…it’s swell!

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. JonPatrick says:

    I subscribed to Mystic Monk about a year ago and have never regretted it, the coffee is so much better than the grocery store varieties and it supports a good cause unlike Starbucks.

    Only problem is now when I go to a restaurant I’ve been spoiled, the coffee tastes like dishwater!

  2. capchoirgirl says:

    I shall be building up my stock post-payday. I love their Christmas blends!

  3. Rich says:

    What are .308s?

  4. lucy says:

    Buying today using your button!

  5. Tim Ferguson says:

    there may not be a coffee indulgence, but there is a story that Clement VIII was called upon by some to condemn coffee as the devil’s drink, since it was favored by Muslims. Upon tasting it, he is purported to have said, “let us confound the devil by baptizing his drink, since it is so delicious!”

  6. Legisperitus says:

    I always look at TEOTWAWKI and see TEKAKWITHA.

  7. majuscule says:


    I think .308 is the size if their custom made coffee mugs.

    Heh heh.

  8. OrthodoxChick says:


    I think Fr. meant .38’s, as in the Smith & Wesson variety.

  9. Elodie says:

    Ha. I had to ask my 11-year-old son, who is much more in-the-know about weaponry than I am. Sure enough, he was able to provide a photo of a .308. Wow. Contemplatives who have some serious means of protection! Impressive.

  10. poohbear says:

    I guess this is a secular money day of obligation.

    I love this! It has been running through my mind all morning as I fulfill this important obligation. Next stop : Wyoming, via Fr Z’s link.
    Thanks for the laugh, Fr Z!

  11. Rich says:

    Thanks, OrthodoxChick, I thought that is what he may have meant.

  12. benedetta says:

    Just ordered gifts and a general stocking up. I too have had a subscription for a while now and it really brightens my day to start out with Mystic Monk.

  13. Mariana says:

    Tim Ferguson,

    You may (or possibly may not) be pleased to hear that the (Lutheran) minister who baptised me said coffee was the third sacrament of the Swedish Lutheran church!

  14. Marie Teresa says:

    Great coffee, and the monks pray for the people to whom they send coffee! I asked, and they confirmed.
    “Dear Marie Teresa,
    Yes the Monks pray for those that receive their coffee.  If you have a special prayer request I can put you on it and your intention.  There is also a link for the prayer request online under the contact us.
    Jenny -Mystic Monk Coffee  877-751-6377”

  15. dwfinke says:

    Am I the only one that sees a problem? No K cups. :(

  16. benedetta says:

    K cups are coming soon according to the Mystic Monk website.

  17. AnAmericanMother says:

    The .308 Winchester is a very popular mid-range rifle caliber, based on the 7.62 NATO cartridge. I’m pretty sure our genial host’s reference was to a visit paid to the Monks by the redoubtable Bishop of their diocese, and a remarkable photo of the occasion.
    It isn’t every day that you see a Bishop, surrounded by religious, on four-wheelers, wearing Carhartts and toting deer rifles. My huntin’-and-fishin’ friends, who in this part of the world are overwhelmingly Southern Baptist, are very favorably impressed.

  18. AnAmericanMother says:

    K-cups? Soon? Hurrah!

  19. tealady24 says:

    I am enjoying their Thanksgiving Blend right now! I love their coffee and their blueprints for a gothic cathedral! I can’t wait for that.

  20. VexillaRegis says:

    Carmelites toting .308 Winchesters? My lutheran and handgun shooting husband was so impressed, that he wanted to buy all of their coffee stock at once :-). Sadly it’s too expensive to import it to this side of the pond.

  21. An American Mother says:

    Behold Bishop Etienne of Cheyenne, upon a four-wheeler and surrounded by Carmelites in their “extraordinary work habit” (I wonder if Carhartt is aware of their overalls’ promotion): His Excellency at the wheel
    Monks with Carhartts & a .308 rifle

  22. VexillaRegis says:

    AAM: Husband even more impressed now! His father recently bought a Krieghoff Drilling and hunts deer, wild boar and, occasionally, a Scandinavian Moose. Hope the Carmelites got themselves some tasty meat.

    I’m having a nice cup of ecological fairtrade Colombian coffee, sadly without any ecclesiastical provenience.

  23. The Masked Chicken says:

    I don’t drink coffee :(

    Have they any tea?

    The Chicken

  24. VexillaRegis says:

    Chicken: Yes, they’ve got teas too. English Breakfast, Let it Snow, The Holly and the Ivy, which to me sounds poisonous…

  25. The Masked Chicken says:

    Any without caffeine?

  26. The Masked Chicken says:

    Just did a recon of the teas. There are three without caffeine.

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