A suggested Twitter project for @Pontifex

Now that the initial furor around the Holy Father’s Twitter account has died down a little, I want to pass along a suggestion made by a reader who left me a constructive voicemail.

We could designate a day to post prayerful, helpful tweets to the Holy Father (@Pontifex). If we  concentrate our efforts on a certain day with the same language, we will create a “stack” of good tweets, instead of scatterings over days when they might not be noticed.

For example, a theme for our @Pontifex Day could be “Summorum Pontificum”.

@Pontifex Holy Father, thank you for #SummorumPontificum.

Otherwise, on other days.

@Pontifex Holy Father, I offered my Sunday Communion for your intention.

@Pontifex Holy Father, I prayed my #Rosary for you today.

Get the idea?

We should all use the same language.

Perhaps we should designate Tuesdays as the day for this? I suggest Tuesdays because the Roman Curia is open for business in the evening.

On Monday, the theme for the Tuesday could be announced.

I’ll keep the combox open, but I’ve turned on moderation.

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  1. Stu says:

    I like the focus and purpose of this idea. An outstanding use of Twitter.

  2. Jason Keener says:

    Great idea! I wonder if we also could all respectfully ask for the Holy Father to celebrate a Mass in the Extraordinary Form or for the Holy Father to be present at the celebration of an Extraordinary Form Mass in some capacity. Just an idea. [That is not what my project is for. Let’s just thank and support and not ask for a thing.] Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

  3. akp1 says:

    Yep, great idea!

  4. benedetta says:

    Excellent idea, Fr. Z.! I look forward to participating. I am very grateful for our Holy Father.

  5. KAS says:

    I think this is marvelous! I may even get a twitter account just so I can do this too. I particularly like the idea of a theme and everyone posting on the same day.

    I’ll join in.

  6. Jenelle says:

    Yes! This is a great idea and a great use of Twitter and I will definitely take part!

    I got so sad when reading some of the messages to him – it would be great to get this happening. Let’s do it!

  7. CatherineTherese says:

    Brilliant, Fr. Z! Count me in. I love my German Shepherd.

  8. Maria says:

    Nice idea Fr. Z … I am excited … ” [That is not what my project is for. Let’s just thank and support and not ask for a thing.] ” — I agree. I just want to support him and be good to him.

  9. iPadre says:

    Awesome idea! Let us all know before hand and we can all give it a push on our blogs. Would be great to see the positive to make up for all the trolls.

  10. Excellent idea. Let’s do it. In this modern age, the “evangelization of culture” has got to mean the proactive use of new technologies for good. Can’t let the hatred and the filth have the field all to themselves.

  11. SPWang says:

    I’m in. If we get enough on a particular subject (i.e. SP or prayers or ‘intention’) it could trend worldwide.
    Good stuff.

  12. carolg says:

    Like the idea. I’m in!

  13. Margaret says:

    I love this idea. I rarely use Twitter, but something really focused and directed like this, I would absolutely do. Sort of a virtual flash mob serenading the Pope…

  14. KAS says:

    Fr. Z, you have managed what my kids and friends could not manage– I joined Twitter!

    I am delighted to be retweeting Pope Benedict XVI!

    I don’t know why I was so resistant. I think I LIKE twitter.

  15. Another project is that as soon as he sends out a tweet, we could reply with a positive comment.
    I noticed that if you expand one of his tweets there is a lot against the Church. Every time it is retweeted, all the replies are attached and I think the first reply remains first, whether it is one of us or some jerk.

  16. everett says:

    I believe I’ve sent two tweets in total, but this sounds like an excellent use of Twitter. Count me in.

  17. Stumbler but trying says:

    I do not have a Twitter account but for the sole purpose of participating in this wonderful idea of yours Fr. Z, I will gladly sign up too. I want to witness to others the support and love we share for our beloved Holy Father. It pains me to see all the negative diatribes and trolling that goes on so let’s band together and send him our prayers and love! Viva Cristo Rey!

  18. ocds says:

    Count me in, Fr. Z! This is a GREAT idea! Our Holy Father needs visible support, as well as invisible.

  19. Andy Lucy says:

    I don’t normally Tweet…. but I can get behind this idea. It will be an excellent way to push back against the… well… “people” who post not so nice things. Tremendous idea!

  20. jenniphd says:

    What a great idea. I actually joined twitter to follow you, so it’s been fun to find other faithful Catholics to support through that medium. Can’t wait to start the twitter charge in support of the Holy Father!

  21. Catholictothecore says:

    I do not tweet but for this project I just might open a Twitter account.

  22. Bea says:

    I don’t know anything about “tweeting” but for this, I will certainly find out and figure out how to join.

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  24. VLL says:

    I have to admit– *someone* just might drag me kicking and screaming onto twitter just to help send a virtual group-hug to el Papa. I have never before come up with/seen a good use for it.

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  26. Supertradmum says:

    just did as you suggested, Father, and tweeted the Holy Father a thank you for the Epiphany sermon…it is past nine a.m. here, Jan. 8

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