The Fishwrap is having a dreadful time with their poll about their Person of the Year (even though they have already decided the outcome.  I’ve been following it closely.

First, their poll was going one way.  Then, all the results went to zero.  Then, the poll went another way.  Now they are saying there is a problem with the poll.  It would seem so, since no one’s votes are registering…. but that’s just a detail, I suppose.

Let’s help the Fishwrap, okay?  All you bloggers out there, help us out.  Let’s do a poll FOR the Fishwrap!   I’ll even use their own picks (with one exception).

NOTA BENE (that’s Latin, for you Fishwrappers):

There is slight modification.  Assuming their choice is on their own poll, I am asking WHOM do you think the Fishwrap will choose! NOT whom they ought to choose… but whom they will choose.

The combox is open for your explanations and cheerful commentary.

WHOM will the National Catholic Reporter choose as the "Person of the Year" for 2012?

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  1. aragonjohn7 says:

    Cardinal rai
    Because he is a man.

    God bless

  2. Legisperitus says:

    It’s got to be Roy Bourgeois. He’s what they all aspire to be, isn’t he? A martyr against the Church.

  3. mschu528 says:

    Roy Bourgeois is a good choice. I mean, laicized for fake-ordaining “wymynprysts” and refusing to recant! It doesn’t get much more catholic than that.

    But Sr Simone Campbell got a lot more MSM coverage. She’s not afraid to tell the world that she’s a catholic wymyn, even as the CDF is reviewing her organization for straying too far from the Faith. It’s got everything: wymyn standing up for everyone (except of course babies who will be aborted), a wymyn, a plainclothes Sister, a love affair with the MSM, riding ’round and ’round on a bus, and those mean old men trying to tell the wymyn what to do!!!

  4. AnAmericanMother says:

    Sister Simone . . . because that’s the way they had the vote rigged.

  5. I’ve got to go with Cardinal Dolan. He’s been out front and in the face of the Obama administration. Even if the editors think the Cardinal a theological buffoon, integrity would require selecting Cardinal Dolan or, if they just can’t countenance that, Chief Justice John Roberts—who handed over U.S. healthcare to the anti-life Democrat Party.

  6. anilwang says:

    If they’re honest, they’ll choose Cardinal Timothy Dolan? Why? Simply because anyone reading NcR to spy on the heretics or anyone directed there from an truly Catholic site will likely pick Cardinal Timothy Dolan. However, anyone loyal to NcR will likely pick one of 6 choices. Given this vote splitting, the other choices don’t stand a chance.

    That being said, picking Cardinal Timothy Dolan can be spun as something like “The infamous Cardinal Timothy Dolan was selected as person of the year. He instrumental in wasting the Church’s efforts on a pointless mission of attacking of attacking Obama, and continues to try to rob women of contraceptives…..”

  7. MichaelJ says:

    I think everyone is giving the fishwrap far too much credit for thought and deliberation. Given the really short attention span of most liberals, the answer is obious:
    Roy Bourgeois – ’cause he was the most recent dissident in the news.

  8. Papabile says:

    “Sister” Campbell….It’s very simple… the LCWR story will generate much more revenue for them over time that Father Wymynpriest would.

  9. Katheryn says:

    I figured they would shake their “person of the year tambourine” at the ordination tambourine lady… Shows how well I understand them…

  10. disco says:

    I voted for Fr Z just because the “Z”emoticon makes me smile.

    [You know that I put myself in there just to be irritating, right? I am not in the running.]

  11. pmullane says:

    I voted sister Campbell because they were rigging the vote for her. They must like her cause her name is, like, ‘sister’ man, and that is totally, like, cool man, and she’s been, like, sticking it to the man man. Radical. Pass the bong.

    [That’s the spirit!]

  12. tzard says:

    The fishwrap choosing Fr.. Z would be both funny and ironic. It’s not in their nature to be either.

    I chose Roy Bourgeois – it would seem politically radical to do so – and let them beat the “rights” drum again. Of course I’m happy that my mind doesn’t quite understand their thinking – so I”m not sweating being wrong.

  13. Hidden One says:

    I voted for Sr. Simone, but perhaps it will be both her and Roy Bourgeois.

  14. Elizabeth D says:

    I chose Roy Bourgeois but after thinking about it I think those who said Sr Simone may be right. Which would make me all the more glad I did the little I could do to expose her attitudes toward abortion and religious freedom and her George Soros funding. And really, if Fishwrap chooses her, that also contributes to de-legitimizing Catholic support of her. Savvy Catholics know what NcR is about.

  15. jesusthroughmary says:

    I also chose Simone because the Fishwrap tipped its hand by rigging the poll in her favor.

  16. Bea says:

    I think they’ll pick Roy Bourgeois.
    They’ll kill 2 birds with one stone.
    A male dissident and at the same time support for female dissidents.

    I wish I could say they will pick Fr. Z but they haven’t the brains or Catholic Faith to do it.

  17. majuscule says:

    Can Should we vote more than once?

  18. Jenice says:

    I think they’ll pick Bishop Finn, since they are in his diocese, and they hate him, and it will give them yet another opportunity to say wrong and evil things about him.

  19. Sr Simone for the win, but if Cardinal Dolan wins, it’s because he invited Obama to dinner.

  20. Michelle F says:

    I’m certain that they’ll have to pick a woman; the Vatican has been awfully mean to “sisters” this year! Plus, choosing a man is just too patriarchal.

    That said, I picked Sr. Pat Ferrell over Sr. Simone Campbell because I think she has done more combat with the male oppressors this year than did Sr. Campbell.

    Of course I could be wrong, but I think it has to be one of those two. They have to keep the people who still are “Catholics in good standing” motivated to fight against the Church, so they can’t go with Bourgeois because he is now a casualty (laicized and excommunicated).

  21. Lisa Graas says:

    I voted Chief Justice John Roberts because Fishwrap is so “bi-partisan.”

  22. Paul Lemmen says:

    A pox on them all (Fr. Z excluded, natch)!

  23. Supertradmum says:

    Cardinal Dolan, because of the Al Smith Dinner…

  24. jesusthroughmary says:

    In all honesty, I would have made the Chief Justice my Man of the Year because his tortured legal machinations are what foisted upon us the destruction of our Republic.

  25. Del says:

    Sr. Simone — because she is the biggest PITA to faithful Catholics:
    1) Huge press coverage for her inconsequential bus tour urging us to vote for Obama, in opposition to our bishops’ efforts to hold on to our religious freedom.
    2) Prime-time guest speaker at the Democratic Convention.
    3) Poster girl for the LCWR.
    4) Still standing as a “faithful Catholic Religious Sister in good standing,” with permission to wear her habit (if she wanted to).

    Mr. Roy B. is a big unknown to most of the world.

    Remember that nobody reads the Fishwrap. They don’t honor anyone with their award — They just hope that someone will notice them for posting an article about a famous dissident. This is what takes Card. Dolan and Mr. Roy out of play — no one will notice a tribute to Cardinal Dolan (because he deserves it), nor will anyone notice an award to Mr. Roy (he is of no consequence).

    Sr. Simone has the ability to irritate, and that is what the F-wrap wants to be a part of.

  26. oldCatholigirl says:

    Late as usual.(Last couple of days were even busier than usual.) So I voted for fr. Roy too quickly. On second thought, it’ll probably be one of the sisters, since he’s a man, even if he’s not a real man.

  27. jesusthroughmary says:

    jesusthroughmary says: 22 December 2012 at 11:07 am
    In all honesty, I would have made the Chief Justice my Man of the Year because his tortured legal machinations are what foisted upon us the destruction of our Republic.

    Wow, I can think like the Fishwrap. I just scared myself a little bit.

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