Fanon Alert! Benedict XVI and Christmas Mass

His Holiness has his fanon again for the First Mass of Christmas. Nice to see. More on the fanon, hated by liberals and the ungodly, HERE.




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  1. tgarcia2 says:

    I do not understand the dislike for what he chooses to wear. Sometimes I wonder how “the spirit of Vatican II” is abused to say that x, y, and z are banned.

    His choice (thought progressives were for choice) to wear it, and I like it! :thumbs up:

  2. Also, the gradual sung by the choir in Gregorian chant, in lieu of the usual responsorial psalm.

  3. oldcanon2257 says:

    Beautiful precious mitre.

  4. Thomas S says:

    Excellent! Very happy the use of the fanon was not a one off deal like the camauro.

    Now to get rid of the horribly undignified rolling platform and bring back the sedia.

  5. Christo et Ecclesiae says:

    Lol Father Z you crack me up! Just spotted the fanon as I tuned into the Christmas night mass – a great sighting indeed! Merry Christmas!

  6. Mitchell NY says:

    I noticed the Fanon as well. Nice to see it used again. Perhaps a Throne or elevated chair on the rolling platform would be a good update to further link, historically, the Platform to the Sedia. And better yet the Pope could sit down and not be on his feet at all during the Procession. I would like to see the use of the Sedia for indoor Processions, but I am sure there are reasons why they have not revived its’ use yet. I thought the Midnight Mass from the Vatican was beautiful. God Bless the Holy Father and Merry Christmas to everyone !

  7. Jason Keener says:

    I also immediately spotted the fanon. It brought great joy to my heart! May God protect our Supreme Pontiff, gloriously reigning. Merry Christmas, Father Z!

  8. It’s back, Deo Gratias! Long Live Pope Benedict XVI…may the Gradual return for all Papal Masses.

  9. Gail F says:

    I must admit I am mystified by the reactions to the fanon. It seems nice enough (though it makes me think of an Egyptian collar in “The Ten Commandments”) and I have no objection to it, but neither does it fill me with rejoicing. OTOH, I don’t see why anyone would hate it, either. What was so objectionable about it that it was banished for a while? As I said, seems nice enough to me.

  10. Dr Guinness says:

    He’s looking well… Apparently he’s doing all three Holy Masses? Good on him… I could only manage two, and I’m a fraction of his age!

  11. cyejbv says:

    Thank you Fr Z for this post. I loved it.

    I didn’t even know what a fanon was. (Convert Alert) But – and I know you’ve addressed this before- what you said here as per the fanon, “If we do not worship God and worship Him properly, we have a hard time living properly in relation to everyone else…” and “One of the great gifts He gave us is Holy Church, upon whom He bestowed His own authority to determine how we, the members of the Church, worship Him and, therefore, order our lives properly.” made me also think about we the laity dressing properly for Mass, and I’m going to talk to my teenage son about this post. You’ve reinforced my insistence that ‘I don’t care what all your friends wear to Mass, we dress UP not down!’

    He is in the habit of it now, but still I like the back up. :)
    Thanks for that ~ even though it wasn’t your point. Merry Christmas!

  12. lethargic says:

    I read your linked post with the details, but feel I am still missing something. I take the points about the traditions of liturgy, worship owed to God, etc. But is there some meaning or use specific to the material object of the fanon? Something more specific than “it’s traditioanl.” And can one be more specific about when it would be used or not used? It appears from what you have said here, Father, that it’s reserved for “special occasions,” but is there more to it than that? A Blessed Christmas to you and yours.

  13. Suburbanbanshee says: will fill people in.

    Its original purpose was probably an extra layer of warmth or beauty.

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