NYC 22 Dec – Solemn Mass 11 am Cabrini Shrine – Manhattan

A quick reminder about the Pilgrimage and Solemn Mass are sponsored by the Traditional Knights of Columbus Councils in New York City (Agnus Dei Council (#12361) and Regina Coeli Council (#423).

The Mass will be at the Cabrini Shrine in Manhattan (hint: take the A train).

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  1. Paul_S says:

    (testing whether I can still comments – looks like the answer is yes)

    Is there anywhere online where one can read the history of these TLM KofC Councils? Did they start at TLM parishes or were they ‘ordinary’ councils that affirmatively made the decision to switch?

  2. zama202 says:

    Agnus Dei Council (#12361) was formed in the late ‘90’s. The moving force was Una Voce Bronx, a chapter of the lay organization that promotes the Traditional Latin Mass. A few members of UV-Bronx were already Knights of Columbus. They were dissatisfied with their councils which were little more than clubs to play cards. They wanted to start a new council based around men with a commitment to the TLM.

    Although never affiliated with a parish, Agnus Dei was formed at St. Agnes Church on 43rd Street because many of the men either worked in Manhattan or attended the TLM at St. Agnes. Over the years the Council conducted meetings in restaurants, bookstores, at Mount Carmel Church in the Bronx and even the Archdiocese’s Chancellery building. In the future it will conduct our bi-monthly meetings at Mt. Carmel in upper Manhattan.

    Through all these moves between the Bronx and Manhattan it is the commitment to the Traditional Mass, and the priests and seminarians in the Archdiocese who celebrate or are preparing to celebrate the TLM, that has kept the Council strong and active. Just last week we had a wonderful Advent dinner attended by many members, their family and at least 8 priests.

    Regina Coeli Council (#423) was formed with the assistance of Agnus Dei and has a similar charism and mission. They meet at Holy Innocents in Manhattan.

    Both councils are unique in that they were established by men attached to the TLM – sua sponte – but not attached to any parish.

    Feel free to contact me if you are interested in becoming a member or wish to know more.

    Charles Taibi

    P.S. As we are learning there are other K of C councils throughout the U.S. that are part of parishes administered by the FSSP or which have a diocesan sponsored TLM, that have also developed an attachment to the Traditional Latin Mass.

  3. JonPatrick says:

    This makes me think of a song (with apologies to Billy Strahorn)

    You must take the A Train
    To go to Cabrini Shrine way up North of Harlem

    If you miss the A Train
    You’ll find you’ve missed the quickest way to the Shrine

    Hurry, get on, now, it’s coming
    Listen to those rails a-thrumming (All Aboard!)

    Get on the A Train
    Soon you will be at Cabrini Shrine up north of Harlem

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