Some recent posts – because they scroll off so quickly – and thanks to readers are due.

First, a reminder about how to help each other out here.


Take a look at this when you visit.  I’ll try to keep a link on the top menu.


I want in a special way to thank those of you who have sent donations using the button on the side bar or who have set up a monthly donation.  Including:

UPDATED 2 Dec 1805 GMT: ER, LS, CO’C, EMc’G, KB, RMcE, JB, Dr. AS, BB, MK, MF, SM, KC, LB, JG, AN, SS, FN, JP, RF, HH, CG, ML, VS, VW, Fr. RH, ED, JR, MZ, MK, Fr. LT, SL, SA, WH, NM, MCB, GMcI, DF, Dr. AS, PP, KA, JI, CB, JB SJ, AD, AR, KB, RB, DM, CMB, HE, … JS, MJC, MH

I remember my benefactors during Mass and regularly say Mass for the intention of those who contribute and who send items through my Amazon wish list.

Also, I thank all of you who have bought the Advent music CD from the Benedictines near Kansas City!

When you use my links to amazon, I get a percentage of the sale.  That helps.  When you think about your online shopping for Christmas, remember to start surfing through my links or through my search box on the side bar.

And don’t forget to stock up on Mystic Monk Coffee!  Help the Carmelites too.

Recently we made some changes to the server.  Even more last night, as a matter of fact.  The “social network” plugins I have installed are still pesky, however.  But with the changes yesterday, I hope that the blog is loading faster.  It is a constant battle, isn’t it?

UPDATED 2 Dec 1805 GMT:

A couple people have mentioned a problem with the RSS feed.  Perhaps you could send some feedback about this if you also are having problems with it.

And… special thanks to PGJ and several others for sending items from my amazon wish list.  Amazon does not, alas, always include a slip with the name of the sender.  But I still make a note that “someone” sent something and include them in my prayers.  God, the angels, and you know who you are even if I don’t.

One item, a Kindle book from my Kindle wishlist, came from SC.  It is a book of Advent reflections by John Paul II.  I added a couple adventy things with the idea that I would do ADVENTCAzTs.  But… it is now Sunday and I haven’t seen other items.  Not sure if I will do this or not.  I have a flight this afternoon and it might be hard to get this done.




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