Someone had a sense of humor

A bag on a Delta flight for airsickness.


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  1. avecrux says:

    My family got a round of stomach flu. 6 kids, 2 adults – all at once. Only 2 toilets.
    We were handing out bowls or anything that might serve as an emergency receptacle – especially to the young ones. My daughter said… “Mom – can I please have something else to throw up into?” I said “Come on – is this really the time to be picky????!” And she just insisted… “Please Mom!”
    So I asked – “What’s the big deal?” And she said “In the bottom of this pan it says ‘Holds 16 servings'”.

  2. kallman says:

    the intended primary purpose of the bag and the message printed on it (secondary utility) seem to be two entities which lead to a worry if the bag is used for both its primary and later secondary purposes during the first sector of a multi sector itinerary.

    On the other hand, should it be used for its secondary purpose on the first sector and its primary purpose on a subsequent sector then the concern would be lessened.

  3. Liz says:


    Last time I had need (or so I thought) for one of those bags, it had a HOLE in it. Not so good! :)

    Happy travels, Father!

  4. VexillaRegis says:

    avecrux: ROFL!

  5. LisaP. says:

    just picked up Belloc’s Road to Rome right before Belloc showed up here, and yesterday randomly read from a page that referenced “Ave crux, spes unica”, which being ignorant I’d never heard before. . . I’m reading your great story and thinking, “avecrux. . . . where have I just seen that” — now have learned something new!

  6. Bea says:

    Whether a primary or secondary use, I wouldn’t attempt to sit on it.

  7. mike cliffson says:

    oh no!
    My mind jumped to Californi a-bound Mr Bean

  8. Laura98 says:

    Eww… reminds me of a couple of REALLY bad trans-Atlantic flights. I won’t go into details… :)

  9. albizzi says:

    The best sense of humour?
    I once read it on a toilet paper in a public toilet during a trip in Scotland.
    The paper was written in the margin: “Property of the government”

  10. avecrux says:

    VexillaRegis – I still laugh, too.
    LisaP – “Ave crux – spes unica” is my favorite summation of the Gospel!
    Here is a lovely piece of music by Palestrina which uses the phrase (O Crux Ave):

  11. LisaP. says:

    Thanks for that, avecrux!

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