“There is no prize for being the oldest dissident Jesuit priest.”

Dozens of people have sent me links to stories about a 90+ year old Jesuit who was suspended in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for “concelebrating” with a fake wymynpryst… the one who had her “ordination tambourine“.  Remember her?

There is a deeper point, which I will get to by and by.

Anyway, the guy is a liberal Jesuit who thinks women should be ordained.  He “concelebrated” with her and got suspended.  One of his 75 year-old colleagues whined that his older brother in heresy was being badly treated.  Boo hoo.

As one of my correspondents put it: “There is no prize for being the oldest dissident Jesuit priest.”

This is not much of a story, actually.

But I did love the photo that went with this article:

Do you remember reading my point that these aging hippies cannot separate their identity from the halcyon days of the civil-rights and the anti-war protest movements?

This is an example of what I am talking about.

The same guy:

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  1. Londiniensis says:

    Yes there is. He’ll get his own private furnace, with extra heating …

  2. onosurf says:

    Hopefully, he repents. Otherwise, he’ll be in the deepest part of hell, steps away from Satan. No doubt, he is taking many souls with him to hell. Despicable!

  3. Supertradmum says:

    Michael Voris talked about this scenario on his open mike show this week. We need to pray for this priest now, as he is so old. By the way, are they having this false mass in a garage?

  4. wmeyer says:

    Words fail me. The bishops are cozying up to the politicians, meanwhile, there are dissident priests and nuns scandalizing the laity and spreading dissidence. It’s way past time to rein these folks in; we’re in a serious battle, and it’s going to get worse. Time to purge the enemy within.

  5. catholicmidwest says:

    Oooh, yes there is. It just hasn’t been awarded yet.

  6. jaykay says:

    I see their childishly-scrawled banner (antependium? no) includes this gem: “academic rights”. What planet are they orbiting? Academic rights are indeed necessary… for faithful academics crushed by liberal “tolerance”!

    Quo usque tandem abutemini patientiam nostram? Who picks up the rattles thrown out of the pram after these spoiled brats? We do. Oh yeah, as well as paying their pensions.

  7. Mundabor says:

    The first picture is particularly impressive: from pacifism to “LGBT”, there’s the whole enchilada… it goes to show where the priorities of these people are…

    By the by, was the pic taken inside a church or outside a garage entrance?


  8. chcrix says:

    Even a broken clock (if it is analog) shows the right time twice a day. He’s right about the war(s).

  9. Eric says:

    Maybe he was on retreat in 1975 when we evacuated Saigon and never heard the news?

    P.S. Why is there an air hose under the um… “altar”? …… On second thought, maybe I don’t want to know.

  10. wmeyer says:

    But why don’t they just move to the ELCA? I think that would serve all their interests….

  11. Angie Mcs says:

    This is depressing…how would this cold, sad little scene inspire anyone to become a Catholic? But since that’s not what it’s really about for them, why should they care? They get to dress up and play victim, and the media keeps covering them…

  12. mamajen says:

    Read the article this morning and I thought it was particularly classy that this priest’s friend, the Rev. Jerry Zawada, is quoted using God’s name in vain. Birds of a feather, I guess.

    Given the priest’s age, I do wonder if he has all of his mental faculties, or whether his “friends” are taking advantage of senility to further their agenda.

  13. Charles E Flynn says:

    Aside from the glass items masquerading as sacred vessels, there is a violation of the implicit “no exclamation points on the altar linens” rule.

  14. fvhale says:

    There is something tragi-comic-heroic about these elderly activist priests who are willing to throw themselves under the (nuns-on-the-)bus. They are going to follow their conscience, however formed, right over the cliff.

    On the blog “Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit,” Fr. Brennan is quoted as saying: “Sometimes in our lives we have to trust our conscience and bring about the consequences….I wasn’t trying to show off for the ladies.”

    Of course, the chief “lady” calls him “prophetic….Bill has exemplified with his life the fruits of the spirit…He has worked for justice with the oppressed and marginalized, and for the liberation that Jesus teaches in the Gospel.”

    Such a familiar plot, which keeps being repeated. Blog GJBJ also mentions the 75-year old Franciscan priest who has also played this role: “… the Rev. Jerry Zawada, was suspended by the Franklin-based Franciscan Friars Assumption BVM province after celebrating Mass at Fort Benning with [her who shall not be named] in 2010 and 2011. His case is pending before the Vatican, said the Franciscan provincial, the Rev. John Puodziunas . Zawada, who served previously in the Tucson, Ariz., diocese, said he’s had no assignment since his suspension.”

    How many more times will we see this repeated before the elderly activists realize, “Oh, this approach does not work.”?

  15. wanda says:

    Good one Mr. Charles Flynn! Ha! LOL! (Pardon my use of too many exclamation points, but that was really funny!)

  16. Gail F says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL antependium! (Are you not impressed with my vocabulary? I just learned that word and am so excited to use it.) Really, how sad to think that the proper place to have Mass is at a protest table set up in a hallway. Or at least, that’s what it looks like. I only hope that when I am 90+ I am not finally getting up the courage to do something I’ve been afraid to step up and do for my whole life… and that it turns out to be as lame as this. And there’s Janice S-D, goign all the way to Milwaukee from Lexington to get some poor guy in trouble.

  17. One useful thing about this picture is it illustrates something that was common about 30 or so years ago, but has almost disappeared: the idea of offering Mass in the crummiest way you could. Not only is the “altar” pretty cruddy, the “celebrants couldn’t even bother to put on albs, or even have anything like a proper stole.

    This was the thing in those “heady days” following Vatican II. Father Buddy and his traveling salvation show would pull up at your house, and gosh! He’d actually celebrate Mass on your living room table! And golly! We’d all sit around on the floor and stuff! And Father’s wearing jeans and a shirt just like I wear! Neato!

    Although I never witnessed it, my gut tells me somewhere, one of these guys offered Mass with paper plates and Dixie cups. No; I don’t know that it happened; but if it did, it would be true to form.

    Well, that mindset is mostly gone, thank God–but a lot of those who took part in it are now pretending it never happened. Now the party line is, well, yes, there were a few liberties taken, but nothing all that bad.

  18. medievalist says:

    Looking at the wonderful setup got me thinking…when one day a priestess “celebrates” a TLM with greatest care for the rubrics and liturgical dressings (though that is surely also the day OLJC returns in glory and hell freezes over is defeated), will she be cast out by her own kind?

  19. thefeds says:

    I thought that I once read of a Jesuit Liturgist who said that you shouldn’t have writing on your banners on the altar… (Now that I think about it, is “Jesuit Liturgist” an oxymoron?)

  20. jesusthroughmary says:

    Another example of the Extraordinary Form enriching the Ordinary Form. I’ll bet the Wymynpriests would never have considered using an antependium before Summorum Pontificum.

  21. tzard says:

    I see the dreaded “wicker basket” on the table too. Yes, *they* probably call it a table.

    Well, since this is just a simulation of the sacrament, perhaps I shouldn’t worry that it’s a poor simulation. Maybe the more it doesn’t look like a Catholic Mass, the fewer people will be deceived.

  22. anachy says:

    I don’t think we have to worry about young people being led astray by this spectacle. It’s just pitiful. What is also pitiful is the credulity of so many in the media who report on these things. The article says that “According to Sevre-Duszynska, Brennan compared his support of women’s ordination to his support for women’s suffrage, remembering that when he was born in 1920, his mother was still not allowed to vote.” Of course, 1920 was the year when, nationwide, women got the vote (some states having granted it prior to this). How can anyone take seriously the reporting on these fake “masses” when those reporting on them in the media can’t even be bothered to do basic fact-checks to confirm well-known historical dates?

  23. EXCHIEF says:

    Yep the ageing hippies are on their way out, thank the Lord. I haven’t heard Kumbiya (however it is spelled) in ages. Thank the Lord for that also.

  24. Tzard:

    I’m not sure why you say it’s a “simulation” of a sacrament. The Jesuit is a priest, is he not?

    Why do you assume he did not, in fact, validly offer the Mass? Having a non-cleric nearby, pretending to offer Mass, does not prevent him from offering it validly.

    Oh yes, illicit as all get out. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t valid. So much the worse.

  25. Speaking of the extraordinary form, there’s an unintentionally hilarious article at the N(so-called)CR site in which a writer discovers–oh my!–that people are promoting the old way of offering the Mass!


  26. tonyfernandez says:

    I just wish that anti-war viewpoints were not grouped in with this other very loony stuff. Being anti-war is perfectly acceptable, and even required given certain circumstances.

  27. Here’s a reason the NC(?)R folks have to be depressed.

    At the link is a picture of some men receiving candidacy today. In Cincinnati. Notice anything?


  28. I might emphasize…Cincinnati.

  29. Mike says:


    I don’t know if you’ve heard of Fr. Michael Barber, a Jesuit, but he visited my area and he was the most reverent priest I’ve ever seen. I was shocked.

  30. Hans says:

    I’m sorry, but curiosity is getting the best of me. Can anyone read the rant in the middle of the tablecloth under the printed sign?? It seems to begin “says CLOSE THE” and ends “WHINSEC!” But I can’t make sense of it (not that I’m claiming it necessarily makes sense, only, you know … what strange thing are they demanding?).

  31. Rachel K says:

    Is it an engine shed, for steam trains?
    And who is Dom?? It says “Free Dom”!!
    It looks like a bad picnic doesn’t it?!

  32. netokor says:

    Eric, I am guessing this is a full-service service. They’ll even bless your vehicle’s tires and put air in them if need be. The spirit of vatican II inspires these people in very mysterious ways….

  33. tzard says:

    Fr. Fox, in response to your question.

    I sincerely apologize. Saying it’s simulated is a strong and rash statement.

    What went through my mind was the woman”priest” was offering mass – hence it’s not real and would be simulated. Now that a valid priest concelebrates – does that make it valid? Per your message, I guess it does. To what extent does concelebration make up for the complete lack of a principal celebrant? I don’t know – and it’s a shame I even have to ask that question.

    Illicit masses are still worthy of respect because Our Lord is there (among other reasons) – so I was out of line, even if confused.

  34. Tradster says:


    You will NEVER see a wymyn priestess “celebrate” a TLM. As I stated several times in the past, the whole women’s ordination issue would crumble to dust if the Mass returned to Ad Orientum. Their whole point is to be able to face the audience because “hey, look at me! it’s all about me!”.

  35. Long-Skirts says:

    “There is no prize for being the oldest dissident Jesuit priest.”


    The beginning of Wisdom
    Is Fear of the Lord
    So Wisdom with age?
    I’ve seen no accord.

    So you’ve lived nine decades
    Seen the world more than twice
    But what have you learned –
    That sinners are nice?

    That sinners eat
    And sinners drink
    And sinners read
    And sinners think!

    And sinners have
    Sincere desires
    Like remodeling rooms
    With art that inspires

    And compels one to lift
    His goblet of wine
    To toast all we want
    And make want what is mine!

    So all in modern
    Shall acknowledge their versions
    Of propriety.

    And when you die
    They’ll bring goblets, blessed lockets…
    But they’ll realize too late…
    The Pere’s shroud has no pockets!

  36. Tzard:

    No apology needed.

    Here’s how it works. If a validly ordained priest intends to do as the Church does, in confecting the sacrament, and has valid matter–i.e., proper bread and wine–and if he says the proper words, he confects the Eucharist. The presence of others, who are not priests, seeming to do the same, does not, as far as I know, call that into question.

    I don’t like speaking of such things, because I am, honestly, frightened by the thought of priests misusing the power entrusted to them. I do not like to think of it, let alone speak of it.

    Obviously, I can’t know if the priest had the right intention, but I’m betting he did. And while he may have had invalid matter, I see no evidence of that.

    Not that a priest simulating a sacrament is really “better” than illicitly doing it for real while condoning a simulation (by the pseudo priestess). Either way, it seems a sacrilege to me.

  37. StarOfTheSea47 says:


    I agree with your comments about anti-war being of a completely different nature than ordaining or supporting women ‘priests.’ The ordination of women is absolutely opposed by Catholic Dogma and Doctrine. As Fr. Z has often said, women will not be ordained because they CANNOT.
    Regarding one’s positions on wars, however, Catholics have a responsibility to read Augustine and Aquinas’ criteria for a Just War and determine if the current wars we are involved in meet those criteria. Women’s ordination is always wrong, but war neither always wrong nor always right.

  38. One of those TNCs says:

    And what do we see, way off to the left in the photo?
    Could that be…yes, I think it is!!…a DEACONESS!
    What a pretty p-i-n-k stole!

  39. I don’t mind saying: I’m anti-war.

    Not trying to start a fight, but: I was against both Iraq wars. Not that I would hang a banner on the altar.

    But I’ll stand up and say I’m anti-war.

  40. tgarcia2 says:

    As someone who grew up respecting the Jesuits, and has a Jesuit spiritual director (he’s a pragmatic sharp witted one too)…and thinking of the priesthood….I think I might just stick with Diocesan.

    Yes, I would have more ability to debate with my peers as a Jesuit, but if it’s gotten that bad :/

  41. tgarcia2 says:

    “(Now that I think about it, is “Jesuit Liturgist” an oxymoron?)”

    Actually, it isn’t. It is rare when you do run into one. At my parish, we have a Jesuit who subs a lot for our priest, who makes it a point to reiterate he’s not from the Southern Provence (where we’re at) but the Maryland one…anyway, he’s ranted about how NO ONE should even be in the Blessed Sacrament chapel during Mass, and “if he was in charge” there would only be 12 or less hosts in reserve the Blessed Sacarement chapel, the advent wreath shouldn’t be next to the altar, etc.

    Rare, but they are out there.

  42. RuralVirologist says:

    He’s wearing liturgical blue.

  43. Kerry says:

    May we all, by the Grace of God, be spared blindness to our own foolishness.

  44. Andy Lucy says:

    The air hose is there to inflate the liturgical puppets that are just off screen.

  45. Joe in Canada says:

    One of those TNCs: no, that’s another womynpriest. Her “stole” goes over both shoulders.

  46. Hans says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth R.

  47. Rock24 says:

    Could somebody please bring back the Inquisition?!

  48. Angie Mcs says:

    This article is distorted from the very beginning: notice the headline reads ” Priests stripped of duties for celebrating Mass with Woman Priest”; the caption under his photo also refers to her as a woman priest, as does the introductory sentence to the article.

    There are no women priests!

  49. JonPatrick says:

    In the list of groups on the banner I didn’t see the rights of the unborn mentioned. I guess they must have just forgot, or run out of room.

  50. Peter in Canberra says:

    someone should sue him for the workplace health and safety risk of the hose(?) beside the ‘table’.

    Really, he should just give it all away …

  51. Banjo pickin girl says:

    What part of the Mass calls for an air chuck?

    A liturgical air chuck.

  52. Legisperitus says:

    I’m used to seeing LGBT, not GLBT. Do they shuffle them around occasionally to add extra fairness?

  53. fin-tastic says:

    What drives progressive activists is not a genuine thirst for justice but rather the experience of challenging authority. They strongly identify with the Marxist narrative of class conflict; it’s in their DNA. Progressive Catholics don’t really care about the truth. What they want is the experience of challenging a male-dominated hierarchy. Thankfully, the masses do not share that sentiment. Most Catholics don’t come to Church looking for a fight; they come looking for an experience of God. Progressive movements in the past were able to garner mass participation because they were fighting real injustices (slavery, the Vietnam War, Jim Crow laws, etc). A male-only Catholic priesthood constitutes an “injustice” only in the warped minds of Marxist egalitarians.

  54. dominic1955 says:


    Yes, I think they do and add other letters to try to include anyone who might feel excluded because they didn’t make specific mention of their personal perversion.

    Maybe I have a foggy memory (or just don’t care that much) but it seems that “GLBT” used to be the way it was written a couple years ago. They must have put the “L” first so not to be too patriarchal.

  55. A very interesting altar frontal paper tablecloth, no?

    The front facing portion nearest the liturgical South seems (based on one plausible way to read it) to be encouraging the people to support putting an end to:

    • racism,
    • academic freedom,
    • financial accountability, and last, but not least,
    • GLBT rights.

    Seems just the least little bit of lack of awareness on how their program is to be clearly presented. Of course, who was ever sufficiently misguided as to describe “progressives” of having any sense (other than a sense of outrage, that is)?

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  56. Bob B. says:

    Recent activity at a Jesuit high school: “She” when referring to God; Mass with the priest only having a stole over his clericals; a priest apologizing for the Gospel reading; tincture in receiving; and most of the staff are not Catholic (and openly demean our beliefs)! Is it any wonder that things like this occur?

  57. VexillaRegis says:

    I’m just speechless.

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