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Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

We should support each other in works of mercy.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

But, registered or not, please take a moment to pray for the people about whom you read here below.

Finally, I still have two serious personal petitions.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. cblanch says:

    For my friend Jerry, who just had a golf ball sized brain tumor removed and will next be having chemo and radiation to treat a 5cm tumor on his esophagus. Thank you and God bless you.

  2. Lynne at Hasty Brook says:

    For my nephew Eric who has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, that his third course of chemotherapy will bring good results and for strength for him, his wife, sons and family. Lord, hear our prayers.

  3. VexillaRegis says:

    Would you please pray for some close relatives of mine, the family D. The parents have been married for more than twenty years and were so in love for a decade or so. They have two children. Now they can’t stand to live in the same house any longer and plan to devorce in a year, when the oldest graduates from HS and they can move. IE, they have got separate apartments and the children live in their villa. Apparently they have “different goals for their lives”.

    Please pray for Fr. M. and all priests.

    Thank you!

  4. VexillaRegis says:

    PS. The D family is not catholic and christian only by name.

  5. Joan M says:

    Please pray for the family M. The youngest son (21 years old) took his own life last weekend. Please pray for his soul, and for comfort for his grieving parents, siblings and extended family.

  6. Supertradmum says:

    For my Uncle Charles who died a month ago, a veteran. He, sadly, died without any family members about. God rest his soul.

  7. Johnno says:

    Please pray for Mr. T, a neighbor of mine who has lived a long life even making it to being over 100 years old! He has been given the Last Rites and will soon be leaving us. Pray that God takes him straight to Heaven, bypassing Purgatory if possible that he has expiated his sins while on Earth due to his disabilities, and God pours upon him the necessary graces and mercy that it may be so.

    Please pray for me to overcome a pornographic habit. I keep relapsing back into it from time to time, and I’m sick of it and hate it and it’s making me despair.

    Also for the longest time now I’ve had a large project in mind that I feel will help a great many people, but I’ve been standing still unable to get it done due to some irrational fears or slotfulness or something is holding me back that I don’t fully understand. Please pray that God shows me what to do, gives me courage and confidence and that it may be accomplished despite myself.

    Thank you.

  8. thereseb says:

    FoR my sister. Following a previous request here, she has been told her cancer is operable (so many thanks for prayers then) and she goes under the knife on Monday. Please pray for her, and her three adult children in the UK and USA who lost their father earlier this year to cancer, especially that they should regain their faith to help them through.

  9. tgarcia2 says:

    That I may be able to pass/salvage this semester and continue to next semester..and that all student who are in their final semester do well.

  10. joeclark77 says:

    Prayers for all of the intentions above. In contrast my petition doesn’t seem nearly as urgent, but I do have a couple of important job interviews in the coming week – and several more applications out that may turn into interviews – and I’d appreciate your prayers that the Lord will lead me to the job that will best allow me to serve Him and provide for my family.

  11. MattnSue says:

    On the passing of the mother of my pastor, Father L K, may the Lord Welcome Mrs K to his kingdom swiftly, and grant comfort and peace to Father and his family.

  12. aviva meriam says:

    In thanksgiving for the healing given to J.A.: his 4th surgery was a success and he will begin the next phase of his medical treatment. (and Thank you for your prayers on his behalf)
    Furthermore, in Thanksgiving for all priests and religious.

    For Myrna Z-Q… she died (unexpectedly) 3 weeks ago… and for her family. For A.E.M: who died after a brief lifetime of illness 2 weeks ago and for his family

    For J.B: that his new practice succeed.
    For myself I have three urgent petitions regarding myself and my career.

  13. e.e. says:

    Please continue to pray for us as we attempt to adopt a sibling group. Please pray that God would remove the bureaucratic obstacles and set these lonely children into our family.

    Please also pray for the B. family, whose adult daughter died this week.

  14. poohbear says:

    Please pray for two local families that I only know of through news reports. Both families lost a little boy last week, one 3 year old who died last Friday and the other who lost a 5 year old on Thursday. I don’t know anything about either family, but their sad news had greatly touched me.

  15. xsosdid says:

    For all intentions here I will pray and offer sacrifices.

    @ Johnno, re that particular bad habit. Have you analyzed the actions and things that wear down your resistance? It seems that in my life I can avoid simple, small things easily enough that will keep me from straying down the wrong path. It is much easier, I find, if I look at every day as a battle waged against the things I know I can control, and keep doing the little things well, then I don’t find myself facing those momentous passions. Keep yourself safe and make the struggle easier for yourself, though that may involve you changing things up in your routine. Anyway, my friend, we are all faced with the same battles – win some, lose some, always learn from your losses. Take it to confession, put on the full armour of God everyday.
    I will keep you in my prayers.

  16. aragonjohn7 says:

    For some intentions.


  17. Sandy says:

    The situation with my mother alone on the other coast (we’re all out here) is getting really bad. She is lucid enough to refuse to move from her home and not cooperate with me about anything. I am also still begging God for a rejuvenated, healed heart for my sweet husband. God bless and help you all.

  18. Philangelus says:

    Please pray for a woman named Laura, that she can find an obstetrican who will work with her in her situation.

    Also for me, for an unspecified intention. *sigh*

  19. The Sicilian Woman says:

    For the repose of the soul of T., who died after an excruciating three months of infections and hospitalization after knee replacement surgery; and for his wife, children, grandchildren, and all those who loved them, for their healing.

    For F., who is suffering from debilitating medical conditions, depression, financial struggles and other personal issues, including the life-threatening illnesses of her son; and for her son, A., who is suffering from long-term heart and hormone problems, with no certain cures in sight.

    For my godson, that I will be able to lead him and his fiancee back into the Church and towards a grace-filled, sacramental marriage.

    For me, for a just, fair and peaceful resolution to a family problem that is bad, and about to get much worse.

    I will add to my Rosary all intentions posted and yet to be posted here. Thank you all for any prayers said on behalf of my intentions.

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us.

  20. priests wife says:

    For my brother in law’s only sibling who has stage 4 throat cancer

    For the same brother in law (father of 8) who has been jobless for 9 months

    For my husband’s many ministries and protection from the evil one

  21. jmgarciajr says:

    Will offer up prayers and sacrifice for all the above.
    I beg prayers for my friends T & D whose dad died VERY unexpectedly (and their mom, who has been disconsolate).
    My brother-in-law’s family, whose 3rd son died after a long struggle with substance abuse.
    My son’s friend J. who, at age 15, was a victim of suicide.
    And, last and least, for the success of a new entrepreneurial venture of mine that by that success the Lord may be glorified.


  22. Stumbler but trying says:

    I will pray for all of the intentions listed plus yours, Fr. Z. I will ask that the mercy of the Lord be experienced by all according to his will when I pray my rosary.
    I have two nieces and four nephews whom I love very much. I ask for prayers so that they may return to the Catholic faith. My godson, N, no longer believes in God so please pray for him and thank you for doing so.
    I also ask for healing prayers for my mother who is in chronic pain from arthritis.
    I thank you for your faith and your prayers. I know the Lord and his precious mother will help us all.
    God bless.

  23. Angie Mcs says:

    For my adult daughter, who has lost her way in life. That she may find something that will give her some hope in the future and come out of her depression She has drifted from the Church and finds comfort and joy in nothing, and has turned within herself. I am worried about her future and what she may do to herself in especially bad moments. This was once my happy little girl and it hurts so much to see her like this.

    Please keep her in your prayers. I will certainly keep all of your intentions in mine and am sincerely sorry for your pain. Thank You.

  24. wanda says:

    Will pray for everyone’s intentions and Fr. Z’s as well.

  25. Bea says:

    Prayers for all of the above, Prayed as I read them.

    I and a friend had a project years back and we seemed to be stalled,
    With prayer and patience, I eventually got an illumination, went to our pastor and laid it in Our Lady’s Hands, It has flourished beyond our dreams for the good of our parish.
    Trust in God, prayer and patience. God’s Will be done in His Own Time.

  26. eiggam says:

    I have found some of the reflections offered on behalf of other people’s difficulties to be helpful. I ask that God make his presence known to each of those who have posted, including Fr. Z.

    And now I present my humble intentions to you as I face the 2nd job loss in 2012, as I received notice on Monday that my employment contract has ended.

    God Bless you all as we prepare to rejoice on the 3rd Sunday of advent.

  27. Torpedo1 says:

    Will pray for everyone’s intentions listed. Please pray for my parents. My father has lost his faith and I am left struggling to hold up a mother who is adicted to alcohol. They are divorcing after 39 years of marriage. Pray for my beloved, who starts school in January, that his education is fruitful and allows him to gain employment. Pray for him and me, that we may be able to marry soon so that we can gain grace from God and support from each other. Of course I pray for all priests and religious, but especially those who have fallen away. They need our prayers most of all. Lastly, pray for me, please. I struggle so much with this anxiety and most days, it is so hard to pray when all I want to do is sleep after work. Help me to depend on Christ more, help me to lean on him in these sad times. Again, I’ll pray for you all and may God have mercy on each one of you and your families.

  28. xsosdid says:

    Offered up my friday fast for all these intentions.
    Torpedo1, when I have had spells where the anxiety is endless, I wish now that I had realized that the only thing of true value that we have and can offer to the Lord is our weakness. When we offer our weakness back to Him as a sacrifice then we are truly Christlike. It seems to me that you are already doing just that, so let others, like myself, say the prayers for you. Simply carry your cross, as you already are, the best you can, and realize that you are probably as close to the Lord as this life allows. Maybe just knowing that you are like Him will give you some comfort?
    I hope that makes sense and that I don’t sound preachy. I really am not such a great person as to teach anyone. I just felt a kindred soul in your words and wanted to reach out to you.
    God bless, and sending prayers!!

  29. amsjj1002 says:

    This blog’s intention list is remembered every day during Divine Mercy Chaplet.

    Please pray for two friends to return to the Faith and for a struggling family member with marriage and job difficulties.

  30. StWinefride says:

    Of your charity please pray for the soul of a dear friend’s father who died last night. He suffered for many years and was a good, faithful Catholic.

    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

    I will keep all the above intentions in my prayers too. God Bless to all.

  31. Jerry03 says:

    Please say a prayer for a dear friend of mine who found out 5 weeks ago that she is very ill. Please pray for her family as well. She is 33 and healthy and it was a huge shock when she was told that she is sick. She has had a growth that it turns out has gone undetected for several months, and is malignant. Please pray for her to have strength, for her health, and for her family. Please pray for everyone who has been upended and thrown into confusion. Thank you

  32. Mary Jane says:

    URGENT – need prayers please! A coworker is dying from cancer, and we have been trying to get him to see a priest – so far he has not been interested. He is on the verge of slipping into a coma, and the doctors say he has days – at most a week – left. Father says without some sign he is willing to see a priest all we can do is put a scapular on him and pray. We need a miracle of grace.

  33. An American Mother says:

    Mary Jane,
    Prayers also for everyone’s intentions on the list.

  34. Mary Jane says:

    AAM – thank you!

  35. VexillaRegis says:

    In a half an hour it will be Christmas eve here in Europe. Thank you for your prayers for our young pastor, Fr. M. He is very nice and happy now and is such a good priest. You must have really good connections with The Highest ;-) – I can’t believe the change he has went through since I first asked for your prayers in July! Pray that he stays this way, and that he and all priests, especially Fr. Z., have a Blessed and Merry Christmas. I will pray for you all!

    Merry Christmas! We are going to see our King!

  36. Katylamb says:

    I would like to ask prayers for myself. I feel like I’ve lost my faith although I still continue to go to Mass and the sacraments and say my prayers. I have grown very cynical and angry and sad about the world and feel I cannot connect to God anymore. Sometimes I feel afraid. I need prayers please. I have prayed for everyone on this list as I read their requests, and prayed for Father’s intentions too and I hope God hears me but it feels like I’m just going through the motions. Thank you.

  37. CatholicCoffee says:

    Prayers for all the intentions on here; and especially Fr. Z’s intentions and for you, Katylamb. Please keep going to the Sacraments and the Lord will get you through this. May I please also add an intention of mine to this list? Please pray for someone whose heart’s desire of over 20 (!) years has been to become a nun …

  38. Inigo says:

    My 93 year old grandmother passed away this morning. Please pray for her!

  39. jameeka says:

    I am praying for all of the intentions above. God is with us. May we all understand this and experience His Divine Love.

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