Blog problems and the blog’s future (and ads)

Lately, because of high traffic, there have been problems keeping the blog running properly.  The server hasn’t been able to handle the load.  Also, there is something wrong in how the blog is set up, but I don’t have the skill to deal with diagnose and deal it.  I have found that “help” offered in the past is evanescent.

What I will be facing, I think, is a more sophisticated server set up. I am told that we need a couple servers and a load manager.  This is something money can solve, but I don’t know if I can handle that, with everything else I have going.  In January I had a huge hit to my income when, without warning or explanation, simply terminated my affiliate program.  There is, however, an old Italian adage that when a door in the house slams shut, a widow pops open elsewhere.  Things will work out.  [UPDATE: This did work out.  I sorted things out with amazon and the affiliate program is running again.]

During my recent trip to Rome Zuhlsdorf’s Law kicked in exactly when Holy Church was looking for a new Pope.  I am going to have to pay to have a new server structure set up, I think, to handle the load that has come with new traffic.

I am now open to taking ads, to help keep this going.  Let’s say explicitly Catholic ads.  May other ads in some other way later. Even with the problems of the last couple days, I project some three-quarters of a million page views this month. Think about that if you have something you want made visible.  I promise the ads will involve as little neon as possible.  I am happy to say that Wyoming Catholic College has come on board.  Go look at their spiffy summer programs! [UPDATE: The Cardinal Newman Society is also on board and reporting that traffic is coming.  Nice!  Also Wyoming Catholic College is on the side bar.  I am very happy to have them.  Check their ad, especially about their summer programs.]

I have to get out the hedge-trimmers and do some pruning and replanting.

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