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From Right Wing News:

Democratic California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano has written a bill that would require public schools in his state to allow students to choose which bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams match their gender identity. Both the Assembly and state Senate have passed Assembly Bill 1266. It now sits on the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown. If the governor allows the bill to become law, then public school administrators won’t be able to assign transgender third-graders to use a separate bathroom or play on the team of their biological gender — even if their motive is to protect a vulnerable child.

“Separate but equal,” Ammiano’s senior legislative assistant, Wendy Hill, told me, already is against the law. Indeed, the new bill wouldn’t really change anything; it would “just (clarify) what current law already states.”

Ammiano never has been known for his tolerance toward dissenting opinions. When the late KGO talk show host Pete Wilson voiced his discomfort about a child born to be raised by a gay San Francisco supervisor and a lesbian partner in 2006, Ammiano, then a San Francisco supervisor, demanded that Wilson resign. (Wilson had said, “A child is not an experiment.” Ammiano accused Wilson of homophobia and “trying to dehumanize a week-old baby.”)

So it’s no surprise that he’d be pushing for a bill that would sanctify the sensitivity of transgender children while steamrolling the feelings of girls who might not want biological boys in their locker rooms or on their soccer teams. (No worries, Hill told me. Those girls could ask for special accommodations if they didn’t want to share facilities with a biologically male girl.)


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  1. john_6_fan says:

    This is just a stepping stone to legitimizing consensual pedophilia. If children can “consent” to being raised as a gender they are not, then they can also consent to other things.

  2. HeatherPA says:

    And yet, the San Andreas Fault holds… for now.

  3. ray from mn says:

    “Special Accommodations” — And they certainly can’t be port-a-potties. Probably a half million for special, deluxe, portable locker rooms to be moved from sports venue to sports venue so the TG’s won’t feel slighted. Plus drivers and staff, of course.

    Each school district will probably need a couple of dozen, at least.

  4. GypsyMom says:

    Every day we witness how sexual sins bring about the destruction of civilization. Pray tell, what will the schools do when the majority of the girls want “special accommodations” in the locker room from opportunistic boys? Will they build (an expensive) “special accommodation” room? Won’t that just seem like discrimination all over again? And what about lawsuits when–not if–sexual molestation and rapes occur? And the girls…imagine the money to be made in the boys locker rooms!! Maybe the liberals really are for free enterprise! GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!

  5. wmeyer says:

    I was really impressed by the “special accommodations” for participation in sports teams. I wonder whether anyone has done the perms and coms on how many different sorts of teams they will have?
    Because they seem to be saying that out of respect to sensitivities (of course) anyone can opt out of any team on the basis of (not sure quite how to put it, let’s just say confused) sexual orientation….

    Then there are the recent studies which seem to show that in the male of the species, sexual maturity is not achieved before the mid-twenties.

    As a member of a national organization with cadet members, I am happy to say that any sort of sexual behavior in the context of any activity of the organization is grounds for expulsion from the group. These are kids, for crying out loud! Adults acting in loco parentis certainly have responsibilities, and they are not responsibilities to inculcate disordered behaviors.

  6. JPManning says:

    Americans, please spend time reflecting on where your country is going. It would very much help the cause of civilisation if you would kindly disarm your nuclear weapons before you get there!

  7. pfreddys says:

    Being a normal straight male who had particularly raging hormones in high school I would not have hesitated to say: “Yes, yes I identify myself as female and need to use all their facilities.”

  8. Bob B. says:

    Governor Moonbeam will sign it, for he is a Jesuit “educated” “catholic.” He decided that the state wouldn’t defend Prop. 8 (though the majority of people voted for it).
    As for Ammiano, he’s from San Francisco, same as Pelosi. Doesn’t that figure?

  9. James Joseph says:

    We already have that law in Massachusetts…. Part of me wishes I were freshman in highschool again… no need to fill in the blanks on that one… ahem * senior girls * field hockey.

  10. One more reason to leave the cesspool called Kalifornia.

  11. ghp95134 says:

    No worries, Hill told me. Those [normal] girls could ask for special accommodations if they didn’t want to share facilities with a biologically male girl.

    So where is the logic in this statement? Is it not easier to build a “special accomodation” for the [sarcasm] biologically male girl [/sarcasm]? How many “BMGs” exist in one school? OR … is building a “separate but equal” potty for BMGs a violation of their civil rights; but building “separate but equal” potties for normal girls NOT a violation of a normal girl’s civil rights?

    California — The breakfast cereal state: The land of fruits, flakes, and nuts.

    (in the SF Bay Area)

  12. Kathleen10 says:

    California is certifiable. Gone. Over the top. Almost unsalvageable.
    Massachusetts is getting near California’s level of insanity on gay issues. The website MassResistance can tell you exactly what it looks like when a state abandons christianity or natural law altogether and gives up the fight on this topic. The homosexual activists are running with it like you wouldn’t believe, and politicians are falling over themselves to raise the rainbow flag. It’s nauseating. But do take a look at the website and find out what is coming to your state, unless you have safeguards in place and representatives who value traditional marriage. If not, better get them.
    Connecticut fought the “Bathroom Bill”, or I should say, the Family Institute of Connecticut fought the Bathroom Bill. This issue is a big deal to gay activists. They can’t wait to file lawsuits when refused the access to the opposite sex bathroom, or if somebody even balks at it. Lawsuits are the stock in trade.
    I can’t even speak much to the absurdity of this type of legislation, it’s so extreme, dangerous, and we know that children, if not adults, are going to be molested or at least “peeped at” from the adjoining stall. It’s grotesque to have to fight to keep the opposite sex out of the bathroom, just disgusting, and just another cause we must take on if we can. Consider the reality of men in the bathroom when you send your little one in there, let alone, yourself. But if you allow these bills to pass in your state, you will have absolutely NOTHING to say about it when it happens, and let me assure you, gay activists are typically drooling to get this passed.
    If you can’t stomach this issue, at least financially support the people who can, and every state probably has a group that takes on the issue and fights it in the court. They need encouragement and financial support. I believe Connecticut’s FIC was ultimately successful on the bathroom front. There were few victories, but as I recall I think that was one.
    Stupid crazy days we live in. It’s just annoying as heck.

  13. wmeyer says:

    California is certifiable. Gone. Over the top.

    Has been for years. We escaped from there in 2006.

    Never mind a state’s right to secede. I want to know whether we can toss them out!

  14. future_sister says:

    I can tell you when I was younger… probably 8ish years ago, so I was like 11. I used to take figure skating lessons. At one point my lessons were at Connecticut college. I learned the day of my first lesson there to not use the bathroom attached to the locker room… It was smack dab in the middle of the boys and girls locker rooms and connected to both… guy and girls of various ages running around in various stages of clothing *shudder*
    I also know of a student at a high school near the one I attended who is male, but when he was born his mother refused to raise him as a male and insisted he was female. The high school fully accommodated this and supported his “right” to use female restrooms, and wear female uniforms and be on female sports teams. I saw him in a leotard too many times. One of my friends whose mother was the cheer-leading coach was trying to figure out how to adapt the female cheer uniform because he refused to wear the male uniform.
    Basically… what is this world coming to?

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