PSA: About Fr. Byers of Holy Souls Hermitage

This is a public service announcement.

People are writing to me for news of Fr. Byers, author of the blog Holy Souls Hermitage.

Father, with permission of his superiors, is – as I understand – living as a hermit.  He prays especially for priests, for which I am grateful.

Recently Father’s blog “went dark”, in that now a sign-in page appears rather than the main page of his blog.

People are writing panicky notes to me asking what is going on with him.

I don’t know.

But, hey! The guy is a hermit, right?  He was building his own dwelling, right?  He is dedicated to a life of prayer and penance, right?  Maybe he is busy doing what he does, right?  Maybe he is being more hermit-like right now, right?

Maybe we should be patient and let Father have some space, right?

In the meantime, your Earth’s yellow Sun does not conferred psychic powers on me.  I cannot tell you what is going on.

On a personal note: I understand why people are concerned.  Were for some reason my blog were to go dark or I suddenly and inexplicably stopped posting, I hope someone would  worry about, and pray for, me and even ask around.  Priests, even when in contact with lots of people, are often amazingly alone.

So, say a prayer each day for Fr. Byers and be patient.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

The combox is closed.

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