Fortune Cookie Alert: Seminarian Edition

I am having lunch with seminarians. Each summer all the diocesan men get together with the bishop for quite a stretch.

Today, Chinese for lunch.


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  1. Supertradmum says:

    My mother, who is still going strong at 85, was frequently pregnant and ill during the Thanksgiving holidays. To this day, she hates the smell of turkey, but, bless her, she made the dinner for 50 odd years, anyway. Smells can bring back both pleasant and unpleasant memories. The certain aroma of Punt e Mes reminds me forever of great sunny days spent in the Piazza Navona thirty years ago. I am not sure about Chinese cooking smells…

  2. Del says:

    Hi Fr. Z!

    Did my son mind his manners and eat all of his vegetables?

    [Seriously? I’m not telling anything!]

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