NYC mayoral candidate would give morning-after pill to 11-yr-olds without parental involvement

From Life Site:

NYC mayor candidate: Middle schools should give 11-year-olds morning after pill

NEW YORK CITY, August 21, 2013 ( – Christine Quinn, a Democratic candidate for mayor of New York City, [I’m looking at that name and indulging in some profiling…. “catholic”? ] has said she would be open to having middle schools distribute the morning after pill to girls as young as 11 without parental notification.

Quinn made the announcement on Tuesday while receiving the endorsement of Planned Parenthood. [That’s right, let’s keep big-business-abortion happy!]

The city council speaker admitted the idea “can make some people uncomfortable” [and it can probably make some children raped and pregnant as well, but… hey!… when the habit of contraception fails, there’s always Planned Parenthood!] according to the New York Post, but providing abortifacients to preteens in public schools is “a really important option we need to make accessible.”

“If the data shows us that that is what would be most helpful, that is what we’ll do,” she said. [for big-business-abortion?]

Thanks to a ruling from New York Judge Edward Korman, Plan B is available to all girls of reproductive age without a prescription. However, Quinn would have taxpayers foot the bill.  [I think she should at least offer to pay for it herself, if she believes in it so strongly.  Wait… why can’t big-business-abortion pay for it?]

Under state law, schools do not need to obtain parental consent to dispense the drugs.

Contraception is already available in a number of high school “health centers,” located mostly in poor and minority neighborhoods.

New York City schools distributed 12,721 doses of the morning after pill to students last year, according to documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The schools administered another 2,117 shots of the long-acting contraceptive Depo-Provera. Students also received hormone injections, or were implanted with the Nuva Ring or IUDs, in addition to receiving 10,462 packets of birth control. [What could possibly go wrong?]

The 40 school “health centers” have now increased to more than 50.

Quinn and two of her Democratic challengers, Controller John Liu and former City Councilman Sal Albanese, would further extend the morning after pill distribution. [So… the Party of Death members: “Free (tax payer paid) stuff for ALL!”]

Republican John Catsimatidis said he would require parental consent before distributing such drugs. [So… the GOP guy: “Wait, maybe parents should be involved.”  But… who pays for it again?  Tax payers?]

The New York Daily News reports that Joe Lhota, another GOP hopeful, said furnishing emergency contraception to 11-year-olds was “ridiculous.” [Do I hear an “Amen!”?]


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  1. acardnal says:

    This makes sense. With homosexual “marriage” and civil unions deemed acceptable, American society now moves closer to legalizing pedophilia.

  2. Bosco says:

    Your profiling is spot on Father Z. Gay catholic and product of a catholic education (Holy Child High School).

  3. Suburbanbanshee says:

    And when the eleven-year-old dies of massive hemorrhaging, that’s just one more benefit of Mommy Government!

  4. The Astronomer says:

    She’s a ‘married’ lesbian… with a great chance of winning the NYC mayoral election.

  5. benedetta says:

    Strangely enough, adherents to her lifestyle are often huge supporters of Planned Parenthood. I really question how someone of her background and life choices can presume to know what is best for children, or for that matter, presume to invalidate the appropriate and healthy role of parents. Very weird how they push sex on minors as if it is a good and healthy thing for an 11 year old girl from the city. Particularly when every public health study suggests otherwise.

  6. wanda says:


  7. Cafea Fruor says:

    I’m doing a little profiling myself. I think she either failed logic or never studied it, for I just can’t see how someone who’s actually familiar with that subject could logically conclude that someone who’s too young to get her ears pierced or go on a field trip without permission (or smoke, or drink, or work…) is at the same time old enough to take the morning-after pill.

    Or better yet, by what logic can these Democrats conclude that a person can stay on her parents’ insurance until she’s 26, because until then he apparently is too young or immature enough to support her own health care, and yet at the tender age of 11, she’s old enough to make the mature decision to procure for herself a chemical abortion for free without consulting her parents. Or by what logic can one conclude that an 11-year-old girl has to have her parents’ permission practically engraved in stone to be able to take anything from a mild medicine, like Advil, or a life-saving medicine, like an epi-pen or asthma inhaler, and yet taking the morning-after-pill, which hugely upsets her hormonal balance, without even notifying her parents, let along actually getting their permission, is just hunky dory?

    Aristotle must be rolling over in his grave.

  8. Kathleen10 says:

    Hey these insane politicians are just giving the people what they want. If parents were worth a penny they would be storming the school Superintendents office protesting, but, the parents are a bunch of sheeple, too busy with other things to care. “I’m sure my kid won’t need it. My kid isn’t having sex” or that other wonderful rationale, “You have to be realistic. Kids are going to experiment.”.
    New York City is nuts. I don’t know how they can stand Bloomberg at all. Then Weiner? Oh God. And here comes this wingnut. She’ll probably win.

  9. DisturbedMary says:

    Quinn is a hard bristly prickly petulant miserable unlikeable woman who’s sympathies are exclusively with the LGBT crowd. How dare she talk about the morning after pill for an eleven year old girl? I’ll tell you how. Think eleven year old minority girl and heterosexual sex.

  10. Angie Mcs says:

    An 11 year old girl who is having sexual intercourse is either a victim of rape or is so lost that she has no idea of childhood anymore. And of course she is either dealing with a criminal or with a young boy who also has no idea of the joy of growing up without this burden on him.

    The morning after pill has its risks. Who will guide her through this process? Will anyone take responsibility for possible dire consequences? Moreover, as a politician, whose votes is Quinn going after: parents who don’t care, pedophiles and rapists? She is appealing to the lowest in our society, those who espouse child neglect, whether it be those just growing in the womb, all throughout childhood, until as adults they are morally empty, lacking all conscience and incapable of nurturing a family. KATHLEEN 10, I thought the same thing you did about parents. Unfortunately, these parents aren’t just found in NYC. We have them here in Chicago, and they are surely everywhere. We have to talk to our children nowadays about subjects that they shouldn’t have to be burdened with, and it’s an evil, sad thing. I hope Quinn is sent packing. But you’re right: Bloomberg has a loud mouth and his money speaks volumes.

  11. Woody79 says:

    How about the next move is to drop the age of consent to eleven years. For both boys and girls. Now who’s happy about this move? And they want me to believe they’re normal? I wouldn’t step foot in NYC.

  12. Cantor says:

    What’s frightening to me is that the school nurse, a mandatory reporting official for child protection purposes, is the one who provides the meds to the 11-year-old without notifying anybody.

    Seems that in New York, the older partner must be at least 16 to trigger a crime if the younger is 11. But in this case the nurse would be caught in a quandary – if the perp was 16+ but the only knowledge the nurse holds is a request for the medication, she can’t speak up.

  13. pannw says:

    How long, Lord? If it was worse in Sodom, I don’t know how Lot stood it. Truly… God have mercy on the children.

  14. catholicmidwest says:

    On top of everything else these hormone-based contraceptive drugs are Class I Carcinogens and that should concern everyone, no matter what their other views are. This stuff is deadly in every way.

  15. Clinton says:

    Cafea Fruor touched on an interesting point earlier– most schools I know require written
    parental consent before the school nurse can administer so much as an aspirin. My under-
    standing is that one reason school districts are so restrictive is to protect kids from being given medications that would otherwise be contraindicated by allergies or pre-existing
    conditions. Written parental consent acts to confirm that suchandsuch med is indeed OK
    for little Jane to take.

    There are many, many reasons why candidate Quinn’s idea is terrible, but two that should
    be apparent to anyone, regardless of their stance on abortion, are that (#1) it is deliberately
    removing a safeguard that protects a child from being administered a med if she has a
    condition that contraindicates. (#2) If little Jane is given this medication without the school
    determining beforehand that she doesn’t have any health problems that would preclude
    administering the drug, and little Jane suffers adverse effects from taking that medication,
    then little Jane’s parents could lawyer up and sue all parties involved until there was
    nothing left but a smoking crater.

    Surely even abortion-loving Democrats can see that for these reasons alone this is a terrible
    idea from candidate Quinn.

  16. Johnno says:

    Planned Parenthood has been covering up crimes of rape and abuse and prostitution of children for years.

    Homosexual activist organizations have also been covering up child abuse which is often a cause of homosexual orientations. The new line of thinking is that it’s only abuse if you ‘feel’ it was. But if you don’t ‘feel’ it was, then it doesn’t matter how often you were raped, because ‘rape’ is now redefined to include whether or not you ‘felt’ like you were raped, and considering one of the many traumas victims go through is to deny what happened to them, then chances are good, there will be no convictions of criminals who will continue to do as they please, while victims are told to celebrate their experience at a parade right up to the time they committ suicide because reality isn’t quite lining up with their implied ‘feelings.’ But nobody will see this for what it is, no, the ones at fault for all the homosexual suicides must be those hateful bigoted Christians who want to keep people from being happy…

    Pedophilia is coming folks! Look forward to the parades! Look forward to be being imprisoned, fined or having your children taken away from you because you are too ‘hateful’ to allow your precious little girl to ‘love’ that 40 year old man/woman in a relationship protected by the law. Maybe if you’re on your best behavior the government might let you attend their state sponsored ‘marriage’! Soon everyone will have a right to intercourse with your children! Except, of course Catholic priests for some reason that secular society could never quite figure out…

  17. Sonshine135 says:

    We cannot have formal prayer in school, but a child as young as 11 could abort their baby. That’s about par for liberal logic these days.
    …..and Jesus wept.

  18. AA Cunningham says:

    No doubt the chancery in New York will be issuing a press release reminding us all that Christine Quinn is a “Catholic in good standing”.

  19. Palladio says:

    Thanks for this.
    Point me to the vomitorium: NY pols really gross me out.

  20. backtothefuture says:

    Can’t wait till she has to attend mass for some reason in nyc, and see if cardinal Dolan allows her to receive communion. He allowed Biden, I don’t see why not. Just like the bishops in Ireland.

  21. Alaina says:

    I was extremely upset in May when I read the article below. It was about the FDA’s approval of the morning after pill being sold to 15 year-old minors in pharmacy stores.
    Now this woman wants to approve the pill for 11 year-olds? Will they be able to buy the pill with a pack of gum when they go to the store as well?

    Wasn’t Planned Parenthood established to provided counseling to women when they needed to explore their options? The option of choice is too frequently to murder an unborn child. A parent can be held legally accountable if their minor destroys another person’s property, but they shouldn’t have legal rights to know about their children murdering grandchildren. Who will counsel these minors at the drugstore? People say that “many parents won’t understand” etc. Most would probably be very upset upon first hearing the news that their baby is having a baby. Are children never to face their parents when they are upset and disappointed? To take responsibility for their actions and admit not having good judgement? Instead, the government gives them permission to be selfish, hide, and lie (and murder), without considering long-term consequences, all under the guise of exercising a right and fixing a problem. Things that a minor may be inclined to do in many circumstances if they don’t have parental moral guidance. Are there bad parents? Yes. But how many more minors are there who haven’t matured enough and experienced enough in life to have the strength to make a difficult, moral decision without giving into panic and embarrassment? How about discussing the embarrassment of not waiting to be mature enough to be discriminate and committed to a sexual partner. Oops. That conversation is not permitted because it contains an undertone of morality. Promiscuity is OK because no one necessarily sees it. Pregnancy is very visible, and comes with the price of accountability and responsibility.

    The other cause that Planned Parenthood claims is the reason for their existence is Women’s Health and Rights. Are 11 to 15 year-olds thinking about long-term health effects of abortion or drugs? The possibility of having difficulty conceiving or carrying a child when it’s “convenient”, or developing cancer from drugs that alter reproductive hormones? Why aren’t there more efforts to study the reasons for the increase in female reproductive cancers in relation to birth control? Does a minor care about that? Or will the present fear they have of a huge, life-altering responsibility and embarrassment appear more threatening? Are full-grown women given all of the risks? Isn’t that a right? I know for a fact that contraceptive drugs are pushed to married, established females, even when a there is a high risk of cancer. We are in a society where health is political. Where an unplanned pregnancy is viewed as being worse than cancer.

    In the quest to keep the money-making machine of Planned Parenthood going, society is given the option of supporting the murdering procedures and drugs, or financially supporting the children born from rampant promiscuity. The arguments for instances of rape and abuse are given, but I have to think that the government really doesn’t care about those issues since the consequences for the innocent unborn child are much worse than those of the evil monsters that rape and abuse. Planned Parenthood undermines parenthood. It is offensive and disrespectful to me as a Catholic, a woman, and a mother.

  22. wanda,

    And then thrown into the sea?

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  23. backtothefuture says:

    Wasn’t Planned Parenthood established to provided counseling to women when they needed to explore their options? Alaina, you must not be familiar with who margaret sanger was.

  24. Bob B. says:

    She’s the NYC city council speaker and hasn’t run into Cardinal Dolan yet? Better yet, the cardinal has no idea who she is or her gay wife? Oh, please…
    A quote from last year should put things in perspective, when Ms. Quinn stated, “Why should I leave the church? It’s my church. They’re the ones who have the wrong perspective. I’m not going to leave. If I leave, it’s as if they won. I’m going to go into any church any time I want to, whenever I want to. It’s my church. And no one’s ever asked me to and no one ever will.” Typical type of remark, isn’t it?
    Now her comment on 11 year old girls being able to obtain the morning after pill…shouldn’t this be more enough for the cardinal to impose Canon 915 (of course there’s Cardinal Wuerl with the “catholics” down the road in D.C., too…).

  25. Ben Kenobi says:

    ?On the first Feminian Sandstones; They promised the Fuller Life
    ?(Which starts by us loving our neighbour and not by loving his wife)
    ?Until our women had no children and the men lost faith and breath,
    ?Said the Gods of the Copybook Headings “The Wage of Sin is Death.”

  26. Athanasius says:

    This is why you need to support Randy Credico for mayor of New York and the 1% Wall Street Sales tax on financial transactions above $2 million. Apart from that he comes with 0% abortion advocacy, which is better than any of the other fools running.

  27. colleen10001 says:

    When you talk about an 11, 12 year old it is a matter of a Child molestation CRIME, not about “Rights to have m.a.pills given sexually active teens in shool”.
    If an 11, 12 year old is pregnant they were coerced or attacked. A VERYserious crime occurred-that’s what matters and has to be dealt with immediately.
    To put in perspective…. a child molester would love this idea….. The 11, 12 year old child gets pill….. (doesn’t share who molester is) , returns to where ever child lives and is molested again and again……… works great for the molester.

  28. Alaina says:

    @ backtothefuture

    I am very familiar with who Margaret Sanger was. I think I just need to be more clear about my tone in the written word. :)

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