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  1. StJude says:

    St Anthony helped find something that meant a lot to me.

  2. Philippa Martyr says:

    Yes indeed.

    I was created by a God who thought of me and realised He couldn’t manage another moment without me. And He did it out of nothing, essentially.

    Also I went to confession and Mass this morning. This is a good thing.

    Plus I think my cold has turned a corner. Yay!

  3. Elizium23 says:

    Three seminarians came to our Saturday evening Mass and sang sacred polyphony in Latin for the Offertory and Communion. As a choir member, I could not have been more pleased to sit them out and pray with them.

    I lavished positive feedback onto the three and also onto our pastor, who faced an uphill battle last year when he replaced Gather Comprehensive with The Lumen Christi Missal.

  4. Lisa Graas says:

    I am very sick, but…..my parish is praying for me. That was very good news to me.

  5. BLB Oregon says:

    Our boys slept in nearly every chance they got since school let out, but lately they’ve decided to get themselves up and come to daily Mass. They’ve been the altar servers for the last ten daily Masses or so. Father and the regulars at daily Mass have appreciated it very much. There is no trouble getting them to go to Mass when there actually is an obligation; it’s just nice that they also want to go when they know they’d be allowed to stay at home if they wanted to.

  6. tripudians says:

    I went to confession on Saturday, sang and/or played organ for 4 masses on Sunday (including 1 EF Missa cantata) and sang an early morning EF Missa cantata today…
    Life is good…

  7. VexillaRegis says:

    A dear friend is coming to see me tomorrow. She is pregnant and due in December. The good news is that the baby is healthy – her CUB-results showed high risk for trisomies, but the amnioscentesis was normal. Thank you all who have prayed for her and her Little One! Sadly I think she (reluctantly) would have had an abortion if the child was sick.

  8. VexillaRegis says:

    You must have been in Heaven all weekend then!

    Vexilla, a colleague

  9. Martlet says:

    Lisa – You are in my prayers too. Let us know how you are doing.

    Good news is that the sun is shining on another beautiful day in Rheinland-Pfalz. On Sunday, we discovered a Mass in English, in the church of St. Quintin, in Mainz, and I am grateful to the good German priest who agreed to offer this Sunday Mass 21 years ago, originally for flight crews landing in Frankfurt and now for everyone who wants to go.

  10. incredulous says:

    I was able to attend a Low Mass at the Ave Maria Oratory on Sunday. It was a deeply touching mass. Also, it is very uplifting to find an extremely strong Catholic presence and attendance all over south Florida. In just a few mile radius, we have St. Bonaventure, St. Mark, St. Edward, St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Katharine Drexel, St. Gregory, St. David, Schott Communities , etc. All are wonderful and vibrant with many many ministries. I pray that many souls are being saved.

  11. greasemonkey says:

    Another priest came forward and celebrated mass in the EF for the first time this weekend…. Diocese of Albany!

  12. eben says:

    I’m setting off to “retirement”; our final move is August 20th. My plan is to embark upon a life of Prayer, Bible study, Meditation, Service to my new home Parish and a study of Apologetics; any recommendations for sound reference sources would be greatly appreciated.

    And today is the Feast of the Transfiguration, one of my all time favorites. From Commentary of the Navarre Bible: “Listen to Him!”: everything God wishes to say to mankind He has said
    through Christ, now that the fullness of time has come (cf. Hebrews 1:1).
    Therefore,” St. John of the Cross explains, “if any now should question God or
    desire a vision or revelation, not only would he be acting foolishly but he would
    be committing an offense against God, by not fixing his gaze on Christ with no
    desire for any new thing. For God could reply to him in this way: `If I have spo-
    ken all things to you in My Word, which is My Son, and I have no greater word,
    what answer can I give you now, or what can I reveal to you that is greater than
    this? Fix your eyes on Him alone, for in Him I have spoken and revealed to you
    all things, and in Him you will find even more than what you ask for and desire
    […]. Hear Him, for I have no more faith to reveal, nor have I any more things to
    declare’” (”Ascent of Mount Carmel”, Book 2, Chapter 22, 5).

  13. I heard from 3 different people in one week (two are protestant) that I should enter the Seminary again. After speaking with my spiritual director, he felt this was God telling me his will for my life. I then spoke to my Pastor who also said the same thing to me. So here we go again!

  14. guans says:

    On EWTN saw the most uplifting talk by Fr Spitzer on the 4 levels of happiness.

  15. mominmagnolia says:

    On the Feast of the Assumption, the Houston diocese will have a new parish! The FSSP Regina Caeli Parish. http://www.reginacaeliparish.org/

  16. Bosco says:

    Ireland will be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Irish Bishops on 15 August at the Shrine of Knock.


  17. mamajen says:

    My baby is sleeping through the night!

  18. Benedict says:

    On August 8 these 18 men will be clothed with the habit of St. Dominic in Cincinnati.

    On August 10 these 9 friars will make their solemn profession of vows “usque ad mortem” in Washington DC.

    On August 15 these 8 friars will make their simple profession of vows in Cincinnati.

    Please pray for them!

  19. RafkasRoad says:

    Now a third time trying this!!

    I am upset; typed a huge comment and got a ‘this page cannot be connected’ error and delayed showing of this page after posting the original comment that has seemingly wiped the slate!!!!!!

    As I am NOT typing it again,

    had excellent if not challenging weekend of worship
    First Fri with feast of Our Lady of the Angels; confessiona and Eucharist
    challenging issues but good confession on sunday, excellent sermon and so forth at my local Maronite parish
    Attended very close by Roman Rite parish with morning mass not at crack of dawn; it is a rare luxury for me to be able to start my weekday with mass attendance followed by rosary and praying at the church’s patron saint shrine and its shrine for Our Lady
    Then divine Mercy and Adoration at uni chapel this afternoon with the wonderful Fr. A.
    Blessing by him of my benedict rosary with the proper Benedict sacramental prayer and ensuring it was duely ‘watered’
    for me, Adoration is the visseral equivalent of kneeling before a supernova and living type of experience!!

    a question, are prayers prayed for family and loved ones with terminal illnesses for healing/grace for happy and provided for passing, plus prayers for other family who are dawkinsesque atheist and quite above the need for Christ, salvation, ‘sily notions’ of Christ, life, death, judgement, heaven and hell etc thanks to educated, sophisticated, ethically ‘liberal’ etc with all the trimmings attitudes more effective than CDM, Rosary or other prayer varieties?

    Oh, and I received a leter from the Maronite Archbishop of Aus thanking me for my leter of congratulations and donation along with a blessed rosary and holy card with all our Saints on it enclosed with said letter, are rosaries blessed by bishops more ‘powerful’?

    One more thing, Fr. A. at uni encouraged me to start adoration at the little Catholic Church 150m from the home my husband and I will be moving into in the Shoal haven later this year, even if it is just me alone…even if it is simply me who sets everything up for Adoration if the priest cannot be there (with his prior permission, knowledge and everything intact to do this licitely of course. Plus Fr. A. encouraged me to consider other things as well, but chiefly Adoration, then rosaries etc can follow. the little Shoal Haven church is served by the young and newly ordained Fr. D. Please pray that when I finally move that he is recepting and supportive of this, and that the little church then grows to have masses in the week *even if it is only one to start with), rosary, bible study, Divine Mercy hour etc.

    And pray for Fr. A.’s ministry both at the uni chapel on Tue and Thu, plus his very tough inner city parish with many broken souls who come in off the streets (people who are living rough), with many deep-seated problems, plus many from the hospital next door in various states of need. He speaks the plain gtruth but in love that liberates, uplifts, restores but does not crush, but states what Christ did – ‘Go, and sin no more’.

    Pray for Fr. A., and Fr. D., and that God raises up more holy young men on fire for Christ and His Church as these two amazing servants of God both are.


    Maronite Soul (Aussie Maronite).

  20. priests wife says:

    our townhome got a solid offer after 4 days on the market and is in escrow! Now, we need to find a home to buy…or we won’t actually sell the townhome (contingent…or something like that)….if you can spare a prayer for a crowded homeschooling family of 6….

  21. Tim says:

    Two of our sons and I were fortunate to attend the Community of St John Boys’ Camp in Princeville IL last week. Camping in tents, Mass / Adoration / Divine Office / teachings and lots of sports competition between teams to boot with the brothers every day. Wonderful uplifting experience for all.

  22. iowapapist says:

    My daughter and I made an 80 mile pilgrimage to St. Anthony’s in Des Moines to attend a TLM. Good news in and of itself. However, the really good news is that the Mass was offered (beautifully) by a young priest who was ordained less than two months ago! Do I hear “brick by brick”?

  23. APX says:

    My dad called me to remind me that I needed to go to church because it was First Friday/Saturday. My dad doesn’t really go to church anymore and usually calls to get mad at me for being openly Catholic after someone rats me out for being Catholic in public.

  24. Cathy says:

    Got an update on co-worker Tom G. whom I asked for prayers. The doctors still don’t know what happened to make him so sick – told those concerned to talk to God, they couldn’t figure it out, but they consider his recovery miraculous. They have given him an 80% chance of recovering fully enough to return to work. Thank God, for his recovery!
    Lisa Graas, prayers!
    Please readers, I have an urgent request for a former associate pastor at my parish, if you would take a moment to offer a prayer to St. Michael for him, he is quite on the Cross with Christ at this time, it would be greatly appreciated!

  25. wanda says:

    On Aug. 1st my husband and I celebrated 43 years of marriage, all by the grace of God. We await the entrance into the world of our first grandbaby in December! Thank you, Lord.

  26. It strongly appears that my employment contract will be renewed at the end of next month for at least one additional year. Deo gratias!
    Keith Töpfer

  27. teomatteo says:

    I just returned from a fun three days at an amusement park and they offered mass on Sunday morning. Our Lady of the Roller Coaster. Very nice homely from the newly ordained priest.

  28. HeatherPA says:

    Just found out we are expecting baby #6- our youngest is 8 1/2 months old and thriving. We are very blessed by Our Lord and very grateful. Our oldest son starts his senior year of high school this year and has chosen Christendom College. We pray he gets in and we figure out the money.

  29. Quanah says:

    First day of classes in two days. I can’t wait to meet my new students.

  30. I’m blessed to be attending the Catholic Writers Conference and Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show this week. It’s a great opportunity for me to learn and make contacts with Catholic publishers for internship hunting.
    We will have all-day adoration and daily Mass. It’s nice to be in a Catholic environment where when I say Christendom College, people don’t go “Huh???”

    HeatherPA – congratulations! Christendom is wonderful. I hope everything works out well for you and your son!

  31. Kathleen10 says:

    Lisa, I hope you feel better soon Dear.
    For all, your good news is uplifting! :)
    For me, my news is bittersweet. My sister just found out yesterday that her cancer has spread, and is now in her lungs. We are very disappointed.
    At work today in a dementia unit, first five minutes there, I walked into the dining room. One tries to be perpetually upbeat as residents certainly don’t need any burdens, but one of the residents asked how I was and I said frankly I was a bit sad, my sister was not feeling well. She said “well what can you do you have to leave it up to God”. A moment later I looked down the table to the right and one of the patients was carrying a book on the Eucharist. Then spontaneously one of the italian residents started singing “Oh Maria”. He sang that three times.
    I don’t know. It was certainly unusual and I found it kind of reassuring.
    If anyone would, prayers for my sister Linda please.

  32. Polycarpio says:

    Today is the Feast of the Transfiguration. In my native country, El Salvador, this is the patronal feast. “El Salvador” means “The Savior,” and the country’s name is in reference to the ‘Divine Savior’–i.e., Christ, as presented in the Gospel stories of the Transfiguration. This year, the Archdiocese of San Salvador is celebrating its 100th year as an archdiocese and is having a jubilee year for the occasion–all, centered around the patronal feast today. The Church inagurated a new image of “El Divino Salvador” that will be put in front of the Cathedral. Additionally, the archdiocese is celebrating its second Eucharistic Congress in connection with its jubilee year. Even though I do not live in El Salvador, I feel very much connected to the Patron on this Feast of the Transfiguration.

  33. Scarltherr says:

    My parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary surrounded by their children and most of their grandchildren. And none of their children have ever been divorced!!! We had a family trivia game that was truly hilarious, had a Mass and family rosary, with our nephew who will be ordained next year, and a neice going of to Colorado for 2 years of mission work with FOCUS. Prayers, fun and exceptional food. Who could ask for more?

  34. Scarltherr says:

    oops, forgot to mention my parents had 12 children and 38 grandchildren!

  35. Andkaras says:

    Our first EF Mass. Attended with two youngest children. It happened about an hour from where we were vacationing “somewhere in the north”. Beautiful old church which was actually built by my children s ancestors. There were lots of greeting smiles as we entered. Many young men in black suits praying in the last pew,later to don cassocks ,and serve at alter. A worthy choir, few, but enough to be very effective at what they were about. All the more beautiful sounding because they were located in the loft,which made the voices sound as if they came from out of the very ceiling. I had taught my children the Latin “essentials” although the melody (I don’t know the correct term) was not the one I used to teach them. When the mass began ,The Priest ,whom I am informed is well loved by the parishioners, emerged from the confessional (why of course). Looks like he is a convert himself,and does the mass in both forms. The homily was about the gospel and the immaculate heart of Mary,also the importance of dressing modestly and the fathers responsibility to see that his daughters do so. The only time I sensed trepidation from the children was about the alter rail at communion . “Just follow those in front ” I whispered. We were also caught off guard by the standing, kneeling ,and sitting during the creed. The church was filled with children of all ages. Most seemed to be participating heartily. And that beautiful silence after communion…A splendid experience . The Ancestors are smiling. I bet some of you ,who have been praying for this are smiling too.

  36. Sonshine135 says:

    My back has been hurting for over a year. I started chiropractic care last week for a curve in my spine. My Brothers and their families in the Knights of Columbus are praying for me, and I am starting to experience some relief. God is good!

  37. PomeroyonthePalouse says:

    Good News: My 19-year-old daughter flew all the way from Eastern Washington to Washington D.c., attended an almost week-long conference (The NPM with the red fish), and flew home. All safely done, D.G. Sunday, she’s the organist for Mass. Sad news is that Monday, she’s off for her soph/jr year at college and we will only see her about once a month. ;{

    p.s. From her location in the Basilica, she thought that the red fish in the procession was some kind of a symbol of the Holy Ghost.

  38. Lucas Whittaker says:

    My doctors have convinced me to utilize fairly new technology to manage my chronic pain and they assure me that the testing and procedure will be behind me within the next two months. This gives me a lot of hope. It is ironic for me to lean on technology since I currently live a fairly low-tech life (viz. no cell phone or home electronics (i.e.: TV) beyond the old computer). My wife and I are excited about this new prospect.

  39. yatzer says:

    The pain in my back seems to be beginning to recede enough that I can resume most normal activities.

  40. kmtierney says:

    One of the people who made “radical traditionalist” and “radtrad” common usage asked Catholics to stop using the terms. That’s got to be good for something.

  41. kmtierney says:

    Oh, and I’ll be a father in February. I suppose that is good news as well.

  42. PCali says:

    I’m going to be a Godfather, and an uncle again.

  43. AV8R61 says:

    My lovely wife is a brand new, official U.S. citizen.

  44. On Sunday I was able to receive a special blessing from a visiting Dominican priest. Through his blessing, God filled me with so much peace, grace, and renewed strength. God is so good! :D

  45. joan ellen says:

    On Sunday 080413, Fr. said that “The Bible does not give us the Church. The Church gave us the Bible.” I love those words.

    This morning 080613 for the Feast of the Transfiguration, Fr. (another parish) told us to leave the church and “Radiate” because of so much darkness. That word tied my mind to the “Radiance” at the Transfiguration and so was so integrating to my soul.

    The good news requests and the comments that follow are so hopeful. The requests for prayers remind us of our own needs and the needs of our family, friends, neighbors, associates, and others. Thank you Fr.

  46. RobW says:

    My daughter, who is a lapsed Catholic, went to Mass with me last week.

  47. lsclerkin says:

    I’m renewing my St. Max Kolbe consecration to Our Lady and i am astounded at the graces and gifts She is giving me. “Coincidences”, consolations, new appreciation and insights into de Montfort’s writings…oh and an “invitation” to the Aug. 15 Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help here in Wis. where i will renew the consecration i made 5 years ago at Marytown. Bishop Ricken and Cardinal George will say Holy Mass. :)
    So whadya think of that ?

  48. MaryRoseM says:

    My good news is that our new priest has gotten rid of almost all of the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for the Novus Ordo Masses! I usually attend the TLM, but we do have a beautiful communion rail and the previous pastor (much beloved and sorely missed), would give me Communion on my tongue as I knelt at the rail to receive it during a N.O. Mass. A few other parishioners would do that, too.

    But now we have a much younger priest and he only has one EMHC go to the choir loft to give Communion. He is now requiring that all parishioners kneel and receive Communion on the tongue.

    I cannot express how much joy and hope this brings to my heart!

  49. I have good news about the TM in my archdiocese (San Francisco), but since the last comment I posted was deleted without explanation shortly after it had been posted, I’ll keep the news to myself.

  50. Margaret says:

    The Baby (hereinafter, Decimus Nonnatus) was baptized over the weekend.

    The dishwasher was just repaired (essential equipment in a family with ten children.)

    And the miracle: a friend, mother of a large family in her mid-40s and a breast cancer survivor, had a tumor removed from an internal organ last week, raising fears of recurrence and metastasis. Thanks be to God, it was benign.

  51. Matt R says:

    I am officially an Eagle Scout as of tonight!

  52. Ben Kenobi says:

    My Aunt who is Anglican went to mass with me two weeks in a row. :)

  53. Konrad says:

    Yesterday I had the oportunity to attend Holy Mass in the extraordinary form of the Dominican Rite. It was held by the Community of St. Vincent Ferrer for a group of young people from France touring Bavaria: http://www.chapitresaintgatien.fr/
    I’m still in awe for their chant – it was like in heaven!

  54. Gregg the Obscure says:

    A resolution to a very nasty workplace ethical dilemma appears to be close at hand!

  55. unavoceman says:

    Bad News: Just got a check for $100.00 from my health insurance plan. It’s a rebate under the Affordable Health Care Act.

    Good News!!! Just forwarded that $100.00 to pro-life Lila Rose at Live Action – with a note indicating that it is from our president.

    I know this doesn’t make me a saint. But it does have the effect of several hot showers. Maybe we can start a trend here. Father Z?

  56. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Much good news.

    My godson was born at 34 w 6 d by C-section, but appears to be doing well. Baptism is scheduled for early September.

    My parish began the public celebration of Vespers, once a month, in July.

    I finished writing a 4-voice (SATB) setting of Circumduxit eam, the Communion antiphon for St. Therese of Lisieux.

    Camp begins today.

    Annual Mass for St. Philomena, usually a high Mass, will be solemn high this year.

    Several others I can only describe as “special good news”

  57. Scott W. says:

    After a particularly dreadful Friday Mass at Scout camp where the hippie Franciscan priest more or less told the congregation that that Mass counted for meeting Sunday obligation if you wanted it to, we went to the local Catholic Church that Sunday and I saw one of the best OF Masses I’ve ever seen–no liturgical shenanigans, only male altar boys/servers, sanctus bells, etc. (Ok, the music was bad, but that is near-universal.).

  58. Nancy D. says:

    I have this feeling, and I am hoping that it is true, that sometime in the near future our Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart.

  59. Art says:

    Happily at work. A relative, a lapsed catholic, went to church with me last weekend. Please pray for all fallen away to return to the faith.

  60. americangirl says:

    My family and I just got back from Pilgrimage to all the Canadian Shrines, Notre Dame, Saint Joseph’s Oratory, Our Lady of the Cape, St Ann’s, Our Lady of the World, Our Lady of Victory, Our Lady of Quebec and a host of other Churches on the Isle of D’ Orleans in Quebec we ended our trip at the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal in Germantown Pa. God blessed us beyond our imagination on this Pilgrimage. We had great weather, good food and the people of Quebec were so very kind and helpful! Oh such beautiful Churches left untouched and preserved. What a great heritage we hold as Catholics. Many of these shrines have newer Churches built after Vatican II but you always find the pilgrims in the Churches which have maintained our traditions. So many people who visit these Churches are so respectful and in awe of the architecture and beauty. You think those in power would take note. Please bring back our beautiful Churches and get rid of the Flying saucer type houses of worship!

  61. coeyannie says:

    I attended the TLM Mass Sunday and this morning at the new FSSP parish (All Saints) in Minneapolis, MN. It made me so happy, my heart sang all day. What a miracle this is. Next step, join the parish. The bad news is my husband is a Basilica of St. Mary goer and he is stuck on amber. We are in a house divided when it comes to churches.

  62. Lin says:

    Dear Kathleen10, Prays for your sister, Linda.

  63. NobisQuoQue says:

    This was an inspiring story about a mysterious priest anointing a woman trapped in her car after a car accident: http://www.connecttristates.com/news/story.aspx?id=930741#.UgMhIMu9KSM

  64. Lisa says:

    Our fourth child, Anna Virginia, was born on August 6th!

  65. mamajen says:

    My husband needs to sell his old car, and of course we couldn’t find the title anywhere. We had been searching and searching. I begged St. Anthony, and I found it today! It was in a box labeled for our son’s room (we moved last fall), along with a bunch of random paperwork. I looked in there only out of desperation. This is the second time that we lost something really important and after praying to St. Anthony it turned up in an unexpected place. He saved us time, money and headaches.

    Thank you, St. Anthony!

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