Help Pres. Obama NOW!

Rem acu tetigerunt.

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  1. Traductora says:

    Too funny – sending it to the few conservatives I know, and considering sending it to my rock-solid union member son. The unions are still glued like limpets to Obama.

  2. EXCHIEF says:

    I think the unions’ blind loyalty to the “wun” is no longer assured. The got turned down for an Obamacare exemption and are not happy. I pray that a union uprising causes Obamacare to NOT be implemented since it is both a health care and economy wrecker.

  3. Tradster says:

    The left is simply putting a little daylight between them and Obama so they can redirect their blind adoration towards Clinton for 2016.

  4. Animadversor says:

    Rem acu tetigerunt? Immo malleo potius immani comminuerunt, egregie ac reverende domine. [Nolite sagittas erga me indoctas mittere, amici comitesque, quod egregie prod egregi scripserim; auctores verum et fontes consulite.

  5. sejoga says:

    I started losing interest about halfway through… but the “Michelle Obama’s arms in sleeveless fatigues” joke convinced me to watch to the end… and I’m glad I did, because the Koch Industries thing was priceless.

    Also, I’m henceforth going to use “Because Obama” as my “reason” for anything that I want to justify but have no logical support for.

  6. Animadversor says:


  7. Muv says:

    Do they take sterling?

  8. Eric says:

    The picture of the Immaculate Heart over the “college freshman’s” right shoulder was no accident.

    Also, isn’t second city out of Chicago? Either there’s been a shift or they’ll lose their garbage collection, internet access, phone service and have intermittent power outages for the next few months.

  9. MacBride says:

    @Eric…I noticed the Immaculate Heart as well…..very interesting video. Did you catch the part about the “stay at home mom with a full time job”

  10. jflare says:

    Sad to say, for a few moments, I actually wondered if this bit had been produced and placed on the airwaves in serious. It..sounded soo MUCH like how Obama’s supporters..seem to me to think and act.
    They intended funny, but I had a tough time laughing at much of anything. Especially these past few weeks with his dithering about Syria, I find our President to be more pathetic than anything else.
    I will admit though, the line about Michelle Obama in combat fatigues–or whatever it was–did make me smile a tiny bit.

  11. Vecchio di Londra says:

    ‘You’ll probably end up in a refugee camp – but it’ll have free wi-fi!’
    Brilliant satire. I thought it caught the airheaded tone of Obamamania very well.
    ‘Because Obama’ – isn’t that exactly the sort of Orwellian slogan he’d be using for a third election campaign.

  12. AnnAsher says:

    @segoja “I’m henceforth going to use “Because Obama” as my “reason” for anything that I want to justify but have no logical support for.”
    Indeed! Because…Obama.

  13. inexcels says:

    I think the actual funniest thing about it was how effectively it conveyed the vapid stupidity of most Kickstarter videos. Obamamania mockery was a close second.

  14. James Joseph says:

    Regarding the Immaculate Heart of Mary picture and the young woman.

    I never have seen the two combined before: a young woman and holy Mary side by side.

    Can I marry her?

  15. StJude says:

    funny video

  16. A.D. says:

    This was great, from that sweet, gentle young lady’s “America is dead-ass broke….” to the Stay-at-Home Mom with the Full-Time Job, “I support WW III – and IV – and any moon war the President may want to start”, to the end where the last two just couldn’t repeat “the slogan”. Funny! Thanks!

  17. Angie Mcs says:

    Eric, you are correct, Second City is from Chicago, but they are known for their irreverence and exploring controversial issues. If they were to get any flak ( no pun intended) from O’s friend, Mayor Rahm, we’d probably hear about it, perhaps in another video like this. It isn’t easy to intimidate that bastion of Chicago theater, despite the possible reactions which you mentioned. Actually, I believe Mr and Mrs O stopped in for a show during a recent visit to Chicago.

    I thought the video was amusing and clever but wish they’d have kept the Immaculate Heart out of it. I don’t know if it was just an easy cheap shot at the Church, but it ruined the piece for me: just more of the same old “last acceptable prejudice”. If anyone can tell me I’ve missed the point, which is quite possible, please let me know.

    I posted here recently that Ed Asner spoke out against those in the entertainment industry who were previously so vocal in their support of Obama, that they should now speak up against his military plans. Their silence is self- serving. ( Hollywood- surely not!) Second City isn’t Barbra Streisand, Oprah or George Clooney, but it’s a big enough name to be encouraging that theater people can have minds of their own and aren’t afraid of expressing their views, even if they step on some very powerful toes. Kudos to them!

  18. Bob B. says:

    Why does it always seem that those who haven’t been to war, want to start one?

  19. Patra says:

    LOL funny! A ‘must send’ to all my conservative friends and family. Gotta love the line from ‘Tom’, …”A scholar on social policy, and a barista.” Was that a subtle/symbolic reference to welfare and food stamps?

  20. Mike Morrow says:

    “World War III on social media…just think of all the hilarious skits we can make of cats reacting to their owner’s home being obliterated!

    I love it!

  21. WMBriggs says:

    Organic grass-fed bombs. Refugee camps with wi-fi. Scholar on social politic and a barrista.

    I’m donating today and doing my part to hasten the Apocalypse. Why? Because Obama.

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