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Antietam and our future

Today is the 151st anniversary of the Battle of Antietam. We may have to have a civil war in the Church, but may God preserve our nation from another bloody civil war, for any reason, internal or sparked by external … Read More

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Who ordered that military installations should be “gun free zones”?

My heart goes out to those poor people who were killed and injured at the Navy Yard and to their families.  Some questions have to be asked. I was sent this link to PJ Media, which has an interesting bit … Read More

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Scalia on wymymprysts. Make popcorn!

There was another fake women’s ordination the other day.  Elizabeth Scalia has excellent comments. Context: A granny from  Long Island went through a fake ordination.  She babbled to someone in the the press, who lapped it up with gusto. This … Read More

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Pope Francis: “the Lord has a special love for widows” (Fr. Z calls for an Order of Widows!)

While I think that we should be getting either all of Pope Francis’ little fervorini from his daily Mass or none of them (rather than snippets), today’s seems worthy of more note.  Some samples from the site of Vatican Radio. … Read More

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Your Good News

I need some good news. What is your good news?  Anything wonderful happen recently in your lives?  A note about good things (and especially how grace is at work) in your lives are welcome.