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Prayer before connecting to the internet – UPDATE! – New language

A long time ago now, I wrote a prayer for people to use before they got online and used the internet. Originally in Latin, it has been translated into many languages (sometimes more than once). My page with all the … Read More

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Images of a recent Mass of Benedict XVI

On YouTube someone posted a filmette of still photos of Benedict XVI saying Mass on 1 September with some of his old students.  You might remember that for many years he would meet with some former (hah… current!) pupils for … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! BUY BARILLA PASTA! Guido Barilla defended traditional family. “Gays” boycott.

When it comes to ordinary pasta asciutta I prefer De Cecco to Barilla. That said, I’ll be buying more Barilla for a while. I was sent a link from The Guardian: Pasta firm Barilla boycotted over ‘classic family’ remarks Chairman Guido Barilla … Read More

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Must read post about Pope Francis and the “phoney war” being waged over him

Over at The Sensible Bond there is a must read post.  Here is a sample with my emphases: The phoney war in the Church: five linguistic thoughts on THAT interview Like speed, language is also war. It’s the stuff of propaganda. … Read More

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Of comments on religious persecution and of John Allen’s new book.

The Fishwrap‘s solitary boast, the nearly ubiquitous John L. Allen, Jr., has good text on (inter alia) the persecution of Christians – a topic on which he is über-credible.  He includes comments made by Card. Turkson.  This deserves your attention: … Read More

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St. Vincent de Paul – “full with the priestly spirit”

Today is the feast of the great St. Vincent de Paul.  Here is his entry in the Roman Martyrology: Memoria sancti Vincentii de Paul, qui, spiritu sacerdotali plenus, Parisiis in Gallia pauperibus addictus, in facie qualiscumque dolentis vultum agnoscebat Domini … Read More

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