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Two examples of music for liturgy. You decide.

A reader sent me a video which I want to pass along. Alas, the music was recorded in a concert during a music festival rather in during a Mass or singing of the hours.  This is an Alma Redemptoris Mater for … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Limit on number of statues permitted in church? Wherein Fr. Z rants.

From a reader: Is there a limit to number of statues permitted in a church or chapel? Yes! The first law that governs the number of statues in a church is the law of physics whereby it is evident that … Read More

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READERS: Help a new parish priest choose a good hymnal!

From a priest: Can you suggest some good hymnals? I just became pastor and we are in great need of change. Let’s help this guy. Readers! Have at. First: For the Extraordinary Form – HERE

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7 Sept – Day of Prayer & Fasting: What Did The Pope Really Say? Fr. Z offers suggestions.

From a reader: The Holy Father has declared that next Saturday, September 7th, will be a day of prayer and fast for peace, for the whole Church. Do you think that, particularly as far as fast is concerned, that means … Read More

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Now that Labor Day has arrived, that turning point of the summer,…

… how’s your coffee supply? Did you know that Mystic Monk Coffee’s monthly pick is… The Sumatran coffees are among my favorites.  Free shipping on orders over $45. And they have Tea. So, how has your Labor Day weekend been … Read More

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