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Pope Francis’ comments on homosexuality in the Big Interview

In the Big Interview (my first thoughts HERE), Pope Francis spoke on a range of issues, including homosexuality. The MSM and catholic left and the squishy center is running with Francis’s jump-out quotes (traddies could maybe call them “scare quotes”). … Read More

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First thoughts about the Francis Interview

Pope Francis, formerly a Jesuit, gave a series of interviews to the Jesuits.  The interviews have been edited together, with parenthetical commentary and descriptions of the setting and so forth, and translated by lay people and Jesuits for publication in … Read More

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Archbp. Broglio (Military Services) statement on chaplains and same-sex unions

Conversations I have had lead me to conclude that Pres. Obama is waging a war against Catholic military chaplains. The Archbishop for the Military Services in these USA has issued directives about Catholic chaplains and same-sex unions. Read the whole … Read More

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Have you read Tolkien’s books? What can they teach?

Reading The Hobbit was a pivotal moment in my young life. I saw at the blog The Art of Manliness a great post about this influential book. Here is are the bullet points.  You can read the rest there. The Hobbit has … Read More

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