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Reminder about Mystic Monk Coffee K-CUPS

I was sitting with a priest friend yesterday, even as he was looking at my blog on his laptop.  He asked me if there is Mystic Monk coffee in K-cups. YES!  OF COURSE! Refresh your coffee and tea supply now!

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“The first-fruits of the faith in the northern regions of America”

Lest we forget this day (Sept. 26) our precious Catholic heritage. Deus, qui primítias fídei in amplíssimis Boreális Americæ regiónibus sanctórum Martyrum tuórum Joánnis, Isaáci eorúmque Sociórum prædictióne et sánguine consecrásti: concéde propítius: ut, eórum intercessióne, flórida christianórum seges ubíque … Read More

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Reading Francis Through Benedict: a workshop on misunderstanding Francis

We now have in Francis the most wonderfulest and fluffliest Pope ehvur.  Liberals are crowing that the bestest Pope of all is against rules.  He’s chill about abortion and women’s ordination and, like, stuff.  No other Pope has ever kissed … Read More

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Exploding the canard of a dichotomy between liturgical solemnity and ministry to the poor

Some years ago, when in my church in Italy I regularly had sung Novus Ordo Masses in Latin, with Gregorian chant and polyphony by Palestrina and Giovanelli, I was accused by liberal priests that I was not allowing the poor … Read More

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