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Dogma is still non-negotiable even through Francis is now Pope

Ed Peters (continue to pray for the complete recovery of his son Thom) has an interesting post at his place. You can check the full text and the whole context over there, but let’s focus on the guts of the … Read More

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NARAL screwed up big time over Pope Francis’ TBI, but they still “win”.

People are sending me a link which they found on Pewsitter. The ultra-radical pro-big-business abortion group NARAL committed a massive blunder in posting to their Facebook page a “thank you” card to Pope Francis for his comments in TBI™ (aka … Read More

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The fruits of my shouting at you and harassing.

This is the sort of note I live for: I hadn’t been to Confession in seven months because I had an uncomfortable experience with the priest afterward the last time and was nervous about going back. However, your endless repetition of GO TO … Read More

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You may weep.

A reader sent me a link to a photo-story on HuffPo. This is so sad.  You may actually weep with sorrow, anger, frustration. The photo-story is of abandoned churches. Even in their disheveled ruin they are still more beautiful than … Read More

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Nancy “The Theologian” Pelosi on Pope Francis

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), abortion-absolutist and these USA’s prime candidate for the proper application of can. 915, has opined on Pope Francis! I am sure you are with child to learn of her wisdom. You may remember Nancy from her … Read More

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Loose cannon (now former) priest has been excommunicated

“Pope Francis is just, like, he’s just the most wonderfullest Pope, like, EHvur!” So, the liberals gush, completely ignoring what Francis is about. And so we turn out attention down-under, where a loose cannon of a priest ran amok for … Read More

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Liberal over-reaction to The Big Interview

From the Catholic League a reaction to liberal over-reaction to TBI™ (aka The Big Interview). Pope “Hates Dogma” September 23, 2013 Bill Donohue discusses the way the left is responding to Pope Francis: If ever there were any doubt that the … Read More

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Your Good News

Do you have any good news in your lives?  Let us know what it is.