The Feeder Feed: cabinet edition

At the Met there is a marvelous cabinet that belonged to Card. Barbarini who became Urban VIII. Don’t worry about the number of tassels. The varied.


There are some whimsical depictions of birds, including a reversal of fortune! Sometime in manuscripts you will see some scribal joking wherein mice hunt the cat, etc. in imitation of formal hunting parties.


This lovely Madonna and Child by Rosselli (+1507) will warm the heart of all but the prudes out there.


There are medieval treasures from Hildesheim on display including one of the finest bronzes I have ever seen.


There is a little detail in it which I may take as the basis for a sermon.

A glorious tomb/door entrance to Holy Church, no?

And now I will have some coffee in the American wing and enjoy the view.



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  1. pannw says:

    The painting of the Blessed Mother reminds me of the letter of St. Ignatius to Saint John asking him to bring Mary to them. … There are also many of our women here, who are desirous to see Mary [the mother] of Jesus, and wish day by day to run off from us to you, that they may meet with her, and touch those breasts of hers which nourished the Lord Jesus, and may inquire of her respecting some rather secret matters… I love that letter, and the painting is wonderful. I love seeing Our Lord loved and content and chubby as I’m sure He was. Thank you, Mary!

  2. Charles E Flynn says:

    This book is brief, but has spectacular color photographs of medieval masterpieces relatively unknown to Americans, and is a good value:

    Medieval Treasures from Hildesheim (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

  3. Andkaras says:

    I wonder, what does the Fox say, now?

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