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QUAERITUR: Babies at Mass revisited. “What should we do?”

From a readerette: When my husband asked me what I would like for Christmas this year, I said, “I would like for our family to attend a Latin Mass.” (I think that will be my response when he asks what … Read More

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Thanksgiving and You

I am grateful for all of you who frequent this blog. Tomorrow, US Thanksgiving Day, I will say Mass for the intention of my benefactors (donors, wishlist senders, etc), for whom I am doubly grateful. Just wanted you to know. … Read More

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Will Comet ISON survive tomorrow’s brush with the Sun? UPDATE to the UPDATE!

From Astronomy Pic of the Day, which I check every day.  Click for a visit. Will Comet ISON survive tomorrow’s close encounter with the Sun? Approaching to within a solar diameter of the Sun’s surface, the fate of one of the most unusual … Read More

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Francis has succeeded in doing what no Pope has ever done: divide the ‘c’atholic Left

Read reactions and analysis of Evangelii gaudium and you will quickly see that the catholic Left’s take on the Apostolic Exhortation inexorably veers into “Isn’t it great that the Pope hates traditionalists? He’s one of us!” Heh heh.  Not so much. … Read More

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To ADVENTCAzT or not…

I am making up my mind about doing the brief daily podcasts for Advent this year. If so, … My mind is flat today, but I don’t think that this would be a good starting point.


Evangelii gaudium 138: Sermons should be brief. How brief is “brief”? POLL

Are we now too impatient to receive even good preaching?  Should we, therefore, dumb preaching down? Those who are familiar with the Fathers of the Church know all too well that their sermons were often pretty long, well over an hour.  Think … Read More

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Evangelii gaudium: Translation issues, problems

I am detecting rumblings that the English translation of the Pope’s new (first) Apostolic Exhortation is not so hot and that it may be, in some key places misleading. There are always going to be differences in opinion about how … Read More

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POLL: Obama closes the US Embassy to the Holy See

As you have probably heard, The First Gay President, who also brought you the “AFFORDABLE” Care Act’s HHS mandate, is going to close the embassy of these USA to the Holy See. I didn’t really care much about this story … Read More

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