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What Francis says… what liberals hear…

Pope Francis says something like: “We need a deeper theology of women.” What liberals hear: “The Pope is going to name women cardinals!” That Francis might create females cardinals is patently absurd. The cartoon, by the way, is from this … Read More

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New NYC Mayor pledges to expand abortion, wipe out crisis pregnancy centers

From Breitbart: NYC MAYOR-ELECT DE BLASIO PROMISES TO WIPE OUT CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS The city in which 41 percent of pregnancies end in abortion has elected a new mayor who is pledging to partner with Planned Parenthood and other abortion … Read More

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“Missale Romanum cum lectionibus” now available online

A watershed. The busy bees at Corpus Christi Watershed – apart from providing the great music resources for the older, traditional form of the Roman Rite – has now provided for your free download the whole of the 4 volume Missale … Read More

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