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Military chaplains harassed, mocked for quoting Scripture during chaplain training

From Citizen Link: Military Chaplains Sue Over Harassment, Attack on Christian Faith by Bethany Monk Those who serve our country often greet reveilles before the sunrise. They don the uniform. They represent our country, and they continue to make sacrifice … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Glass chalice…. really? This is still a problem?

From a  reader: Hello Father, I noticed one of the priests at my parish always seems to use a glass chalice for the Eucharist. Seems clear from more than a few previous posts I see here at WDTPRS that a … Read More

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“I hate this game.”

Does anyone doubt that an increasingly large number of increasingly dumb, increasingly unsocialized, increasingly over-prescribed victims of the decades on war-on-boys (male and female victims) who play violent video games for hours every day may be a looming social problem? … Read More

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A reminder that Pres. Obama has attacked the 1st Amendment… and YOU

I have been watching in a distracted way the live stream of the annual USCCB blah blah and occasionally checking the liberal reactions: rather like tossing a bad of treats into a dog park. In any event, someone sent me … Read More

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No priest is safe

From The Catholic League: No Priest is Safe November 11, 2013 Bill Donohue comments on our anti-priest culture: Two stories in the news today make it clear that no Catholic priest is safe. Anyone can accuse a priest of molestation, … Read More

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