VIDEO: Wymyn burn Francis in effigy in Argentina. Make popcorn.

I was sent a video by a reader of some loony wymny in Argentina burning Pope Francis in effigy.  I don’t know what this group is about, but I can guess.  It probably defies the Church’s teaching on contraception or on abortion (feminist sacraments, both).  Francis is clearly upholding the Church’s teaching.  They hate him.  They do what liberals always do: they channel their inner Lord of the Flies, blow the conch, and go savage.

Liberals in Argentina have known him longer than the rest of the world.  As I have been saying, liberals (in the anglophone world) will eventually turn on him.

Make some popcorn and enjoy!  This is eventually what the Fishwrappers will want to do.

NB: Don’t watch this if you have delicate sensibilities.  Some of these dopes lose their clothing.

Description with the YouTube video: “Quema de la Imagen del Papa Francisco I por grupo de manifestantes mujeres frente a la Catedral de la Ciudad de San Juan, Argentina.”  I don’t know when this happened, but it was posted on Monday, 25 November.  One can assume that it took place on Sunday night.  Why would they delay in posting it?

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  1. My thoughts as outlined in my blog are that it is directly linked to his strong words on the rights of the unborn. The unfaithful in Argentina have known him longer than we have and know that he has personally called for pro-abortion politicians to refrain from receiving communion and referred to laws legalising this evil as, “the death penalty for the unborn.”

    One day the rest of the world will wake up and see that we can only answer in the affirmative to the oft posed question, “Is the Pope a Catholic?”

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    This is one good reason why things like “polls” on established practices is a bad idea. Once you gin up people’s expectations, you see this kind of reaction when the answer turns out to be “no”. These are grown-up temper tantrums.

  3. frjim4321 says:

    Bad behavior like this is unproductive. It does not move the dialogue forward. It is a waste of time and energy. It is not to be commended in the least.

  4. incredulous says:

    Pagan witches worshiping Satan…

  5. Johnno says:

    And what is supposed to be the end result of ‘dialogue’?
    – That both sides come to an ‘understanding’?

    Well I would think that both sides have already dialogued enough and come to the explicit understanding that neither one will change to suit the other. Thus the dialogue has concluded.

    So now all that’s left is the burning. They will try to burn us now. We will have to be content that they shall surely burn later while hoping that we’ve burnt enough for the both of us to avoid the latter as much as possible.

  6. Tamquam says:

    incredulous has the right of it. Looks like they’re working themselves up to a corybantic frenzy. All that is now needed is some pan pipes for a full on bacchanalia.

  7. Mojoron says:

    Looks like a lot of fun when I was in my heathen mode. Thank God for the Lord!

  8. Clinton says:

    I don’t think this is an isolated event. Last year at this time, a pro-abortion/ LBGT mob
    attacked the Buenos Aires cathedral. They were kept out only because Catholics linked
    arms to block the entrances. The mob pelted them with eggs and… other things, spat on
    them, threw paint on them, and otherwise put their ‘love of tolerance’ on display. The
    Catholics defending the cathedral displayed tremendous courage and fortitude during
    the attack, reciting the rosary while the mob assaulted them.

    There are youtube videos– try searching for “Catolicos defendem catedral de Posadas”–
    but I warn you, it’s hard to watch.

    Last year’s attack took place whilst Pope Francis was still Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos
    Aires. He is perfectly aware of what these people are like.

  9. TNCath says:

    Here we go! Let the games begin! What a mess.

  10. Hans says:

    The Argentine in the department I’m in recently described Francis as ‘far more conservative then most in Argentina.’

  11. Thomas S says:

    frjim4321 says:
    26 November 2013 at 8:17 pm
    Bad behavior like this is unproductive. It does not move the dialogue forward. It is a waste of time and energy. It is not to be commended in the least.

    Meaning you agree with their cause, you just find their methods unhelpful to the cause.


  12. idelsan says:

    Dialogue? Nobody would suggest that if they knew what those women are singing. Better left unstraslated.

  13. Rachel K says:

    Circle dancing, fire, naked breasts, strange wailing noises, it all adds up.

  14. Lori Pieper says:

    At the end there, it sounds like they are chanting “Be-ne-det-to, Be-ne-det-to.” ?????

    Seems like maybe their hearts aren’t really in it. Like those Muslims guys a few years ago who burned Benedict in effigy, and the effigy was dressed in shirt and trousers. . . Details, people, details!

  15. FrJim,
    Behaviour like this is unproductive as you say although perhaps not as pernicious as those who vote for pro-abortion politicians and priests who fail to stand up for human life.

  16. Phil_NL says:

    Hans: to be blunt: that says little. Argentinia seems to have a substantial dose of lefties of various stripes.

    As for the mess (that TNcath referenced), the left’s internecine warfare is, if possible, often more bloody and brutal than their campagains against the right. The mess will be even bigger because a big chunk of the global left thought Francis to be one of them (and perhaps, on some non-doctrinal points like economics, he might be).

  17. Ignatius says:

    Dear Fr. Z and all,

    These are images from the “XXVIII ENCUENTRO NACIONAL DE MUJERES”. It is an event that is carried on year by year by groups of lesbians, pro-abort and pro-drug legalization women in diferent capitals of the provinces -or other main cities- of Argentina. These groups are directly or indirectly funded by the current Kirchner administration and its allies.

    All these “encuentros” are the same: carefully orchestrated “workshops” in which the right to abort is “discussed” (ie, put forward as a “right” that should be guaranteed and publicly funded), homosexual “marriage” is defended (they have got it by now), etc. etc. Groups of catholic women try to debate in those workshops to no avail: they have been insulted, pelted with eggs, acused of “fundamentalism” and of “disrupting” the workshops, etc. etc.

    The main “attractions” of these events are lesbian “kiss-a-thons” in the streets, marches of bare breatesd women and, the climax, an attack to the cathedral with paint, excrements, eggs, etc. Year by year, the bishops of the affected cities do and say nothing. They allege that this would be counter productive and irritative; even Card. Bergoglio took this position. Provincial governments, of course, do nothing either.

    As it is always the same, groups of catholics auto organize and form a human chain before the cathedrals, men on the front, women on the back, all reciting the rosary. The “women” of the “encuentros” viciously attack them with paint, rocks, eggs, etc. etc.. The video of the incidents in Posadas, from last year or the year before that are a good illustration of what happens. I urge all of you to see them. Ironically, post facto, the bishop of Posadas criticised the defenders of the cathedral… The press, in turn, minimizes the incidents and always portrays them as clashes between “fundamentalist ultra-catholics” (whatever that means) and marching “groups of women”…

    In this particular video, they praise the “paco” (which is the informal way of addressing the “Franciscos” in Spanish but they are referring to a terrible low cost drug made of residues of cocaine which is destroying our society) and say “death to the Pope”… (“Viva el paco, muerte al Papa”). The video is very clear in this respect.

    These women hate everthing related to the Church. It is only natural that they hate the Pope, even if as archbishop of Buenos Aires he was conciliatory and non confrontative with them.

    Please pray for the Church in Argentina.

    Best regards to all.

  18. Can anyone doubt that there’s a strong link between abortion and the diabolic?

  19. Filumene says:

    Regardless if these are crazy, pagan witches, the video should not have been posted. The article and description of events would suffice to give the reader a clear picture of events. There really is NO need to see these hell bound women degrading themselves, it goes against custody of the eyes. Reality tv or not.

  20. Charlotte Allen says:

    The Wicker Man

    Accurate prophecy from 40 years ago

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