We are on one side of the threshold we shall soon cross.

Today in our Roman Rite it is the last day of the liturgical year.

We are on one side of the threshold.  We cross over soon.

Of Advent, the holy bishop of Milan St. Charles Borromeo (+1584) said:

“Like a devoted mother, keenly concerned for our salvation, the Church uses the rites of this season, its hymns, songs and other utterances of the Holy Spirit to teach us a lesson.  She shows us how to receive this great gift of God with thankfulness and how to be enriched by its possession.  She teaches us that our hearts should be as prepared now for the coming of Christ our Lord as if he were still to come into the world.”

Remember: He is still going to come into the world.

Make straight his path.

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  1. Supertradmum says:

    Crossing the threshold catches some unaware, which is a good reason for this reminder and the post on confession. Two people I know died quickly. One, a woman who experienced a brain hemorrhage died without gaining consciousness on the way to the hospital. She was ready.

    Another, a man who was told he has three months to live with cancer, died in three weeks. His caregivers could not find a priest to come and give the last rites. I pray he was ready.

    Being ready seems to be to be a priority. Thank you, Father, for this post.

  2. Priam1184 says:

    Veni Domine Iesu!

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