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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand.  We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

Finally, I still have a pressing personal petition.

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  1. Elizabeth D says:

    Please pray for Bishop Paprocki who will will pray exorcism prayers during the signing of the hell-aligned same sex “marriage” law in IL. Some nominally Catholic supporters of the thing are expected to be present. Please pray that they, other same sex “marriage” supporters not physically present, and and in particular Sister D. may be disposed to be actually freed of any and all influence, obsession, infestation or possession by evil spirits.

  2. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for my pregnant friends J, A and H, that everything goes well and that their babies (all due any day) are healthy.

    Please also pray for me. A new and very serious health problem has developed lately.

    Thank you!

  3. katerosemar says:

    Continued prayer requests for my immediate family:
    health/medical [chronic conditions + 2 surgeries scheduled for next month]
    a household move [the logistics of which are quite daunting]
    financial [as ever]

    And my own work…getting it done, doing it well, following through without faltering…all that good stuff.
    St. Joseph, pray for us.

  4. Paulo says:

    Please pray for my father WDS who is in ICU in septic shock. He was never a practicing catholic, so a recovery to health might help remedy this. Jesus, mercy.

    Please also pray for my mother-in-law CW who is to receive results from a biopsy; we hope these are negative.

    Thank you all!

  5. I will add the above intention, and yours, Fr. Z., to my rosary.
    Please pray that the Lord may continue to bless my discernment to religious life (Dominican Sisters) and that He may allow me to know His will. Thank you.

  6. FloridaJoan says:

    All requests remembered in my daily rosary.

    pax et bonum

  7. i can’t use the persons name but pls pray this very young boy. He has a tumor and this is the latest i have heard. The friend who shared is praying to Bishop Sheen with me. I would ask everyone to also do so. It would take a miracle with the prognosis just rec’d.
    Withholding name:

    At this point only a miracle is going to help ____. Massachusetts General will not take him. MD Anderson in Houston will not take him. They don’t even think he’d even survive the transport let alone the two weeks it would take to set up for the proton radiation therapy. They are still talking to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia but it’s expected that they too are going to say no.

    Right now the new plan is to do conventional radiation. That should begin
    on Wed. after they get set up for that.

    Been asking Bishop Sheen and all of saints to pray for___ This is so sad.

  8. RafqasRoad says:

    Please join me in giving thanks for my husband’s physician’s appointment this afternoon; the diagnosis was a treatable bacterial problem rather than that of a far more dangerous condition that is similar in appearance to the condition he presented with. praise be to God and thanks to St. Benedict and St. Peregrin (excuse spelling) for the outcome.

    Please pray for the move we are to make to the
    Shoal Haven that we are to make on 3 December, that it goes smoothly and without incident. Please pray for my post Christian, moral relativist, Atheist family and close family friends including my father N., step mother S., brother S., sister in law K., husband L., his best friend B., and B.’s wife L., along with my family friend L., that they would be brought to Christ jesus, and to Holy mother Church (I am the first Catholic Christian in my family since the reformation).. it will take a superhuman intervention for them to come to know Christ and moreover to come to Holy Mother Church as they revel and rejoice in the spirit of this day; moral relativist, secular humanist and every other ‘ist’ known to mankind. Please pray that our heavenly Father obliterates any and all obstacles I hav placed in their path to come to Him either knowingly or unknowingly, especially due to my pre-Catholic SDA and Evangelical Anglican actions.

    Please pray for Fr. D. F., down in Bomaderry, who serves the Sacred Heart Catholic Church there for one mass per week, plus other churches in the Shoal haven. Pray that he can establish a set time for Adoration each week, public prayer etc., and more regular Masses. It is hard for the rural and non city priests out there, and for those of you who serve regional and rural parishes, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!


    Aussie maronite, soon to be South Coast Catholic.

  9. LaxMom25 says:

    I will pray for all the needs here.

    For friends of ours, who have lost two sons, ages 15 and 20, in the last 8 months (separate circumstances). Their grief is unimaginable. The 20 year-old’s funeral is Friday. Please pray for the repose of both young mens’ souls.

    For my son, who is enduring a difficult time and quietly suffering with a chronic illness. If it is god’s will, I pray for his healing and a cure for the disease.

  10. LaxMom25 says:

    God’s will.

  11. Filumene says:

    Three young women have been manipulated and removed from family and friends by two “religious” men. They have been convinced they will be helping with some end times mission and have, over the course of years, been brainwashed. There travel accommodations and living situations have not been the most appropriate. The ladies are innocent. Some of the most childlike and pure people I have ever met. The men are manipulative and frankly…. scary. Please pray for the recovery of these women, that their eyes will be opened and they find home again.

  12. iPadre says:

    Prayers for E. G. for healing and strength to continue ministry.

  13. chantgirl says:

    Please pray for C, who is dying of stage four pancreatic cancer this week. She’s in her early fifties, has not accepted that she’s dying, and is experiencing panic. (She is Catholic)

    Please pray for V, a newborn who is in the NICU suffering from heart problems.

    Please pray for a safe delivery for me in the next couple of weeks, and a swift Baptism for my little one.

  14. Liz says:

    Oh dear, Paulo, Septic shock is so very serious. I will pray for your father’s soul especially. My dad survived it (and has even thrived) but wow it’s not to be messed with. I’m glad your dad is getting the medical help he needs. Perhaps a priest is a good idea too due to the serious nature of the illness.

    I will continue to pray for all of the needs of those on here and please say a pray for one of my children who has been chronically ill for many months and finally had to leave school.

    God is so very good, and He has a plan for each of us! God bless you all and your families.

  15. OrthodoxChick says:

    Praying for all above.
    Please also continue to keep baby “I” in your prayers. Since October, she has been in a habitual weekly pattern of being taken out of her adoptive home (the only home she’s known since her birth) and transported out-of-state to the family who will become her new family. This is in order to “transition” her between homes. The family who has cared for her since birth and had been assured that they would be able to adopt her is heartbroken and practically beyond consolation.

    boxerpaws1952, Has the family tried St. Jude’s in Memphis yet? And is there a particular prayer for intercession to Bishop Sheen that you would like us all to use?

  16. Mike says:

    For a successful conclusion of my first semester in graduate school. For all suffering from alcoholism and addiction.
    Praying for all of you. Let’s storm Archbishop Sheen on behalf of boxerpaws1952’s friend.

  17. Sissy says:

    I am praying for all intentions here, especially those of Fr. Z. Last spring I requested prayers for the mother of D. as she suffered through her final days of a painful terminal illness. She died soon after that request, leaving her family in great grief. Since then, D. and his wife have lost 2 children to late-term miscarriage. This family is suffering terribly. Please pray for their consolation and peace. Thank you to all here.

  18. DavidJ says:

    I start a new job on Monday. I pray it’s a good fit for me personally and professionally, and that it allows to support my family.

  19. Torpedo1 says:

    Praying for everyone’s requests, especially for you Fr. Z. We couldn’t get along without you and good priests like you need so much prayers. I also want to thank you all for your prayers. I asked for prayers earlier this summer for help for my Fiance who was in chronic pain do to an inflamed nerve in his arm. Fortunately, the physical therapy worked again, thank God, and he is much better. However, his mental state is not that great. Please pray to St. Dymphna for him. Bipolar disorder is hard to live with and the doctors are playing around with his medication to see what works best right now. The wedding is 5 weeks away now and that stress isn’t helping either. He has had to quit school for this semester and is very sad about that. All I can do is be there and pray for him, and I know more prayers would only help, so thank you.

  20. Please pray for my brother, Dale, who is facing heart surgery. He already had 4 bypasses in his 40s and now he will either have stints or another bypass surgery if they conclude that stints won’t work.

    Praying for all the intentions here.

  21. lmo1968 says:

    Please pray for me, that I may find work that is suitable for me and would allow me to avoid becoming homeless. Also, for an upcoming biopsy that it is negative.

  22. Domus1967 says:

    2 1/2 years after my first surgery I have re-ruptured my lumbar disc again. I will find out on Monday whether a second surgery is needed to fix the problem.

    Praying for all intentions here. Thank you Father and all, God bless you.

  23. bgfarmgirl says:

    Please pray for our youngest son who turns 29 today. He hasn’t found his way back to the Church yet and seems to be depressed and without hope in the future. I pray that he comes back to the Church and returns to the university to finish his degree.
    Thank you and prayers for all.

  24. PA mom says:

    Praying for all intentions here.
    For a friend with small children who is very overwhelmed. For a woman struggling with the effects of parental abuse.
    For the return of my parents to the Church.

  25. JMJT says:

    Please pray for a young pregnant mother who thinks she may be having a miscarriage right now.
    We are praying that the baby and mother be healthy.

  26. VexillaRegis says:

    Dear Torpedo, perhaps you would consider postponing or cancelling the wedding – BPD is not easy, especially if it’s not under control. What will happen when you have children? Sorry, but I speak from experience since three of my friends have it. You’re in my prayers.

  27. The Sicilian Woman says:

    So sorry to hear of all the serious illness (oh no, VexillaRegis!), the mental illness, the fallen away, the loss of very young people, the employment needs, and all other struggles. I will add you all and Father Z. to my Rosary. Safe delivery prayers for all those expecting babies!

  28. New Sister says:

    Please pray for the illustrious “Supertradmum” – for her temporal needs right now.

  29. Lin says:

    Prayers offered for all above, for Father Z, and all priests and religious! More vocations and one last chance at conversion for all who will die today!

  30. bookworm says:

    An update re the Bishop Paprocki exorcism:

    It appears that the Bishop did perform the actual Rite of Exorcism, at least in part (I personally wasn’t sure he could do that except in the specific case of a possessed individual, but I guess I was wrong), and in LATIN to boot:

    “I wish to preface my reflections by saying that I am conducting this prayer service and am speaking to you now with great reluctance,” he told the gathering. “I did not seek to enter any controversy, and I don’t relish being part of one. But I have given this matter a great deal of thought and prayer, which has led me to the conviction that God is calling me to speak out and conduct these prayers.”

    “Paprocki was also quick to condemn champions of same-sex marriage, including lawmakers and gay and lesbian couples.

    “Since the legal redefinition of marriage is contrary to God’s plan, those who contract civil same-sex marriage are culpable of serious sin,” he said. “Politicians responsible for enacting civil same-sex marriage legislation are morally complicit as co-operators in facilitating this grave sin.”

    “After his homily, Paprocki read the rite of exorcism in Latin.

    “I exorcize you, every unclean spirit, every power of darkness, every incursion of the infernal enemy,” he began. “Every diabolical legion, cohort and faction, in the name and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Now if only some bishop or even the Pope himself would launch this kind of weapon against the forces promoting abortion….

  31. Louis says:

    Please pray my struggling marriage with all the stress that comes with being a sole provider for a for a family of 6 and wife who thinks she is 24.

    Also pray for my continued sobriety-1year and counting

  32. VexillaRegis says:

    Dear SicilianWoman, thank you! I’m still praying for you and a change for the better of your terrible situation. My new condition isn’t at all fatal, but can develop in to a severe handicap which would mean the end of organ playing for me. Like a surgeon losing his hands or a painter his eyesight. Hopefully we’ll nip it in the bud, but it’s rather complex.

  33. StJude says:

    I will pray for all of you. For a personal intention of mine, please.

  34. aviva meriam says:

    I will pray for all of you.
    Please pray for me: I have a very urgent personal intention.

    Thank you

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