Another state bans abortion in Obamacare plans

How are you doing with the “AFFORDABLE” Care Act?

There is a good development. From Politico:

Michigan joins states banning abortion in Obamacare plans

Michigan became the 24th state to ban most abortions in its exchange plans when the state legislature passed a bill Wednesday afternoon by sizable margins.
The action follows an an unusual citizens’ petition drive that allows state lawmakers to resurrect a bill the governor had vetoed and vote it into law without his signature. The ban goes into effect 90 days from Friday.

Federal law prohibits taxpayer-financed abortion, and that was addressed in the compromise that paved the way for final passage of President Barack Obama’s health law. But the Affordable Care Act also allows states to ban abortion coverage in the exchanges — even if the state isn’t running its own exchange — and most of the GOP-led states have done so.
(Also on POLITICO: Full health care policy coverage)
Twenty-one states have laws banning exchange plans from covering abortion in most cases. Two other states already had restrictions in place that applied to all private health plans, which now include those offered on the exchange. The abortion funding controversy arises in the exchanges because many people will get federal subsidies to buy the health plans.


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And here again are those polls I offered a while back.

As you choose your answer, remember the Nuns on the Bus, the CHA and Sr. Keehan, and the USCCB, all of whom lobbied for the “AFFORDABLE” Care Act and the HHS Mandate.

Have you had your health insurance cancelled by your insurance company or employers since the "AFFORDABLE" Care Act kicked in?

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And then…

When will your health insurance be cancelled?

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  1. de_cupertino says:

    You don’t have any poll options for those of us working for large corporations (whose health coverage undoubtedly already covered baby-killing; don’t know, didn’t check.)

    We are largely insulated from all this mess, as cadillac health insurance is one of the carrots dangled to attract talent; I doubt they’ll discontinue group health insurance any time soon.

  2. Terentia says:

    I’m pretty sure my employer provided insurance will be cancelled when the current union contact ends.

  3. ghladum says:

    Worst part about the Act so far is that my dad (63 years) was forced into working only 20 hrs a week for his employer because working more than that will get a small company sued by the gov’t for not offering health insurance. He’s getting completely screwed over.

  4. Netmilsmom says:

    Father, you haven’t given us an option for “Probably when the employer mandate kicks in”
    Our costs have already gone up. I’m sure we’ll be kicked out of employer subsidized healthcare when it happens.

  5. Magash says:

    Just saw the head of the Chamber of Commerce infer that it is likely that employers will start pushing people off corporate insurance and onto ObamaCare as soon as they think they can get awy with it. I see it as likely. All it will take is one or two big multi-nationals to throw their employees to the dogs and then all of the smaller ones will follow. It will result in a huge windfall for them, no more supporting healthcare costs. Company fines, as individual fines, are much less than the actual cost of health insurance. Many smaller companies will move to the sub-contracting fiction that places like IBM have used for years. All programmers are subcontractors responsible for their own taxes and health insurance, so they don’t even have to pay the ObamaCare lack of coverage “tax”.
    ObamaCare was suppose to ensure universal coverage by covering the 50 million uninsured. By the end of Obama’s last term I expect to see that number double.

  6. biberin says:

    The Michigan law is being hailed as “rape insurance.” A woman would have to opt in and pay for her own abortion coverage, and since abortion is not-coverable with tax money even in case of rape, people are billing it as the government (conservatives) forcing women to pay extra in anticipation of being raped, so that they will have the option of abortion.

    Once people consider abortion morally acceptable and even a good thing, an awful lot of stuff that would otherwise be logical, just flies out the window.

  7. lana says:

    de_cupertino,the 2010 government numbers estimated that 45% of companies will drop grandfathered coverage.(ie. they already knew you wouldnt be able to keep the coverage you like).

    What scares me is that, to get subsidies, you have to get on the Govt exchange and give them all your info, ssn, salary, etc. And then MAYBE you will get a subsidy. The security on that web site is so atrocious there are senators calling for it to be taken down immediately until properly done.

    This is starting to get very scary.

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