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Your Ash Wednesday Sermon notes and ASH POLL – Did you get your #ASHTAG?

Today is NOT a holy day of obligation. That said, many people try to go to Mass on Ash Wednesday.  Many, however, cannot. Therefore, let us know about your good experiences of Holy Mass and the good points in the sermon, … Read More

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YOUR TRIDUUM SERMON NOTES and a POLL about Holy Thursday Washing of Feet

Were there any really GOOD points you heard in sermons at any of the Rites for the Sacred Triduum?  Please share them with us.  Sometimes there are real gems and people don’t always have strong preaching when they are. Meanwhile, … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes: 1st Passion Sunday (5th of Lent) – and a POLL

Too many people today are without good, strong preaching, to the detriment of all. Share the good stuff. Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at the Masses for the 1st Passion Sunday (N.O. 5th of Lent)? … Read More

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Priest suspended for rapping during Mass. POLLS!

It has been said that rap does for music, what B&D does for romance. That said, there is a story at Daily Nation that a priest was suspended for rapping the during sacred liturgical worship. Father Paul Ogalo of St. … Read More

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Priest shortage = self-inflicted wound

My old pastor, the late Msgr. Schuler used to make mordent remarks about the suicidal vocations efforts of the Archdiocese. “They’re like people during a famine who wring their hands and discuss how they are all going to starve to … Read More

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Holy Communion at mega Mass in Manila – POLLS

This is how Holy Communion was distributed during the mega-Mass in Manila in 2015 Here is a poll. Anyone can vote, but you have to be a registered participant to comment.

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The popular pontificate of Pope Francis: two views

Auctores scinduntur… authors are divided on the pontificate of Pope Francis. He is, undeniably, popular.  However, we read in The Week, based on Pew, that despite Francis’ marvelous showing in the polls, as high as 83% favorable, the view many … Read More

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Another state bans abortion in Obamacare plans

How are you doing with the “AFFORDABLE” Care Act? There is a good development. From Politico: Michigan joins states banning abortion in Obamacare plans Michigan became the 24th state to ban most abortions in its exchange plans when the state … Read More

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Summus pipiabit Pontifex!

FOLLOW UP: 3 December: His account is up and running: @Pontifex   Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! On Monday we will find out what the Pope’s new Twitter handle is. There will be a press conference in Rome on … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! POLL ALERT! Should priests be able to change the words of Mass when they want to?

Do you remember this story from a couple days back?  HERE. Review: A priest was changing the words of Mass. He was corrected on more than one occasion by the bishop.  The priest, having refused to change, offered his resignation … Read More

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Curious development with that WaPo POLL about altar girls!

Remember that recent Washington Post poll about altar girls? The poll shifted after I posted about it. An reader alerted me to the fact that something rather odd has occurred. You decide. Here is how things stood and how they … Read More

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First Tonsure, Minor Orders, Eye Infections and a WDTPRS POLL

The minor orders were suppressed in the Latin Church in 1972. Who knows if, down the line, through some gravitational pull exerted through the slowly increasing use of the Extraordinary Form and a greater focus on continuity with our tradition, … Read More

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