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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

Finally, I still have a pressing personal petition.

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  1. For the Ukraine. I understand that Russia has sent troops in.

  2. capchoirgirl says:

    For my job situation–still pressing, still stressful–and for my health, which has taken a fast downward turn and will require lots of testing and doctor visit time, which, in turn, will make my job more stressful, because my boss has a hard time “believing” that anyone can have a chronic illness like I do. Sigh.

  3. Bob B. says:

    For my grandson’s recovery from being hit by a car yesterday.

  4. StJude says:

    For Ray and Kent who both died recently. For a personal intention. I am praying for all.

  5. Jack Hughes says:

    For a Personal Intention

    For a Good Lent

    Finally for the conversion of a friend of mine who I’ve mentioned here before, he is gay but NOT hostile to the Church, he told me the other day that our conversations on science and philosophy have repeatedly forced him to rethink his beliefs (although not a believer yet he has admitted that he sees no contradiction between faith and reason), I introduced him to the Four Loves the last time we sat down and he seemed very receptive; he also understands what the Church ACTUALLY teaches about those with SSA and respects us for it.

  6. LeeF says:

    For prayer requests from a large number of people like this, I think a great way to pray for same is with a Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

  7. McCall1981 says:

    For my friend Richard who recently passed away, and for some personal struggles I am facing.

  8. Moro says:

    For a sick friend, a friend entering seminary, a sick priest, for my job situation, and an application that I must get done

  9. VARoman says:

    For recovery. For my job situation. For the presence of the Holy Spirit as I teach CCF to 15 4th graders.

  10. Ad Orientem says:

    My step-father Harold is near death after a long battle with dementia. Prayers are much appreciated.

  11. Cath says:

    For my sister who is bi-polar. For my brother-in-law and several friends fighting cancer. For my own strength to get through personal difficulties. For my pastor to continue the good fight in bringing the Faith to others.

    My prayers for all those here and their requests.

  12. Palladio says:

    For my father-in-law, who, unconscious with congestive heart failure, is not being fed by the hospital, and is marked as dnr. He is a righteous man, and not Catholic. Please pray that he is receiving the proper care, and that he recover. Please pray for his daughter, my wife, that she find solace in our faith, and find a way to see clearly what should be done.

  13. Magpie says:

    Please pray for me that my colitis heals up with a short course of steroids. I don’t want to take them longer than 7 days!

  14. friarpark says:

    Please pray for the father of a priest in the Green Bay Diocese. He had a stroke the other day. He is strong into the Esto Vir organization in that Diocese and was getting ready to help with their Men’s conference this weekend.

  15. iPadre says:

    A special intention I’m praying for through the intercession of a saint I do not wish to name. Also praying for a few people that I can’t identify in case someone is reading this.

    I will carry all of your intentions to my Holy Hour tonight from 10:30 pm until Midnight (EST).

  16. RafqasRoad says:

    If you could please kindly pray for,

    My husband’s lifelong best friend of 58 years and counting – yes, you read correctly – BM and his wife LM, that LM in particular is released from enslavement to the revolutionary mentality of the 60’s and 70’s dystopian dream that has aided in her increasing crash into a bitter, melancholic spirit even in the time that I have known her to the point where she rebels against all that is Godly and good, frequently erupting into anger about much of God’s good within Holy Scripture and Holy Mother Church. My husband and I are seeing them this evening. Pray that it is a night without incident and goes smoothly, and that I am given the grace to shine Christ’s love, justice and truth to her (may I decrease that Christ Jesus may increase). Pray that the Holy Spirit can release her from said chains of rebellion in lead her to faith in Christ Jesus through Holy Mother Church.

    Please also pray for my husband LE; he has not participated in Catholic Christianity nearing on 50 years now (I was just coming out of SDA’ism when we married civilly – never dreamt I would become a Catholic Christian – such is awkward-making canonically though my husband upholds my faith practice and has spoken not one ill word against it).

    I will uphold Fr. Z. and everyone here in my prayer intentions.

    Pray that we can have an AO or TLM Mass regularly in our parish; we are a typical non urban NO RC parish in regional Australia with four priests for six spread-out parish churches and many older members who love the new mass etc. We are blessed to have exposition every Friday and every first Saturday, and well attended regular confession timeslots where Fr. stays in the booth until all are heard. Our lovely church is 150 years old; how wonderful it would be if the Mass of All ages could be offered at the altar as was the norm not the exception for 110 of the 150 years of our Parish. Even a reverent AO would be an excellent alternative or intermediate step as we’ve lots of brits in our region.

    I thank all who praied for me re my post-graduate study decisions; I have opted out and will be graduating with my B.Theol on 4th April this year (pray everything goes smoothly and that we receive our tickets etc). Pray also please that God uses me completely according to His will and not mine.

    God’s love and blessings to every one of you.
    Fr. Z., STM, Torpedo 1 and Lux, you’ve been remembered before the exposed blessed sacrament of Our Lord during Adoration this morning (Chicken, though you slipped my mind, you’ve been prayed for thusly previously and I’ll remember you in my further Rosary prayers this afternoon, along with everyone else here.

    Know you are remembered, not so that I can look good, far from it, but know many of us have your backs, whether we comment here or not.

  17. For the conversion of sinners, especially family and friends; for the Souls in Purgatory, especially those of our family and friends. For three special intentions of mine.

  18. aegsemje says:

    For our mortgage to be approved.

  19. Supertradmum says:

    That I can get back to Europe before war breaks out….

  20. DavidJ says:

    For negotiation around a new job offer, that if it’s the path I should go down, that it works out and that if I’m not supposed to go there, that it won’t. Also, for the intentions that I’ve been asked to pray for by family and friends.

    I’ll remember you all in my prayers!

  21. Lin says:

    For the conversion and salvation of family and friends both living and dead. For an increase in vocations. For all who read and/or post on this blog.

  22. Nan says:

    For Pope Benedict as he continues to pray for the Church. For Pope Francis, our gift from Benedict. For the poor souls in purgatory.

  23. Liz says:

    I am praying for you all. I ask for a special intention.

  24. Lucy C says:

    For three of our parishioners; Monica, Susan and Bill. They each have health concerns.

  25. AMTFisher says:

    For me, and two other guys D and J. Working with the vocation director for our Diocese, and as I get closer to getting in (just have the Psych Eval, a background check, and the interview with the bishop to go) I am of course going through about every sort of fear/anxiety/negative feeling I could feel about this time (not sure of what D and J are feeling, but I can assume something similar). For R, that I can let her go. For my dad, that he could come back into the Church, and feel more comfortable with my desire. Kyrie eleison.

  26. Menagerie says:

    For H, who may have a brain tumor, for Grant who has terminal cancer. For two special intentions.

  27. Mike says:

    For the hungry, the sick and all in physical need.
    For all who post intentions on this blog.
    For all who are faithful to Christ and to His Church, especially those who have supported my return to Her and who safeguard Her Truths, Her Traditions and Her Holy Liturgy.
    For my salvation and that of all sinners.
    That I may have a fruitful session of spiritual direction this morning.
    That my recent breakthrough in prayer may lead to a firmer dependence on Our Lord when in temptation.
    For all who serve and who are touched by the Courage Apostolate.

  28. Matthew Gaul says:

    For Susan, in her fifties, diagnosed with a brain tumor that has a bad prognosis.

  29. FXR2 says:

    Please pray for my son who injured his eye.

  30. Sandy says:

    Really need the Lord’s intervention. My mother’s dementia-Alzheimer’s gets worse and I have to get her out of her house. We are on opposite coasts and I’m the only close relative. She’s very uncooperative. I spent all day yesterday dealing with the latest scam she got herself into. Thank God the lady at the bank called me! I’m begging the Lord to show me what to do, and it will be against her will.
    Blessings to all of you in your needs and to Father Z.

  31. Sandy says:

    Obviously meant “against my mother’s will”.

  32. Eonwe says:

    That I am good husband (getting married in July) and that I make it through medical school.

  33. Palladio says:

    Thanks to I-Padre: your Holy Hour prayers coincided, by the minute, with the death of my father-in-law last night. He died in his sleep, unafraid, in no pain. Your prayers are our greatest consolation, since he was not Catholic and most of us could not be with him in his last days, given the distance. R. I. P.: C. G. B. Thank you, Fr. Z, for having such a thread.

  34. The Sicilian Woman says:

    I brought all of your intentions with me to Adoration last night. Pax vobiscum.

  35. Eugene says:

    For the intentions of all those who have posted.
    For Fr. Z. Intention
    For my son in law who is off work and dealing with anxiety that he may return to work and have a successful job evaluation.
    That my daughter carry safely to term her second child and that she may obtain permanent employment.
    For the return to the sacraments of my wife and children.

    For my mother who is battling cancers.
    Prayers and love to all who have posted.

  36. Rachel K says:

    Please pray for my dear husband who left me and our four young children this week to live alone. He appears to be having some sort of breakdown. Please pray for him to find strength in God’s grace and to find hope and trust in Him. Thank you.

  37. Liz says:

    Prayers for all–so many heavy things, but especially, Rachel K., I cannot imagine what you are going through. I am praying for your young children, for you and for your husband. Hang in there. God be with you.

  38. Rachel K says:

    Thank you so much Liz. I really appreciate your kind words and prayers. I keep thinking of the description of the devil as prowling around like a roaring lion, ready to devour us. We are a Catholic family, trying to be faithful and somehow we are being very much pursued. My youngest is not quite three and has Down Syndrome, he is a real live-wire! I am finding it hard to pace myself as he is especially needy, and the other three have their needs too of course. I have no family living anywhere near. Please could you pray for some practical help in some form. Many thanks. God Bless you.

  39. Liz says:

    Oh, Rachel K., God bless you! I will pray for you at mass and in our rosary today, especially for some sort of practical help. Try not to worry (I know that’s easy to say!)…God will provide, somehow. I always think that when God sends a Down Syndrome Child to a family that He is sending a sign of extra blessings and grace. I’m sure it’s hard though!

  40. JabbaPapa says:

    Please pray for ___, laicised priest of the Cardinal Diocese of Westminster, England, formerly of the clergy of the Diocese of Manchester, and his wife and family, to Saints Michael, Joseph, and Mary for particular protection from the Holy Spirit against the satanic assaults of those seeking to lay assault to his Defense of the Catholic Faith in matters of Holy Matrimony against those who seek to destroy it, and particularly against the Heretics of ACTA. Please ask the Holy Virgin to provide an especial protection for his wife against the evils that they will seek to direct against her husband, and may God Bless their Marriage and protect it against all evil.

  41. StWinefride says:

    Praying for all the intentions posted here, readers’ intentions, Fr Z’s and remembering past/future ones too. I had another candle lit in Lourdes via the website.

    Our Lady, Comforter of the Afflicted, pray for us!

    Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our most compassionate Mother, we present ourselves in thy sight in all humility, and with full confidence we implore thee for thy maternal patronage.

    Thou hast been proclaimed by Holy Church the Comforter of the Afflicted, and to thee constant recourse is had by the sorrowful in their afflictions, the sick in their maladies, the dying in their agony, the poor in their straitened circumstances, those who stand in all manner of need in both public and private calamities; and from thee they all receive consolation and strength.

    Our dearest Mother, turn upon us also, wretched sinners that we are, thy merciful eyes, and graciously accept our humble and confident prayers. Aid us in all our spiritual and temporal necessities, deliver us from all evil and especially from sin, which is the greatest evil, and from all danger of falling into it; obtain for us from thy Son Jesus every blessing of which thou seest we stand in need both in soul and body, and especially the greatest blessing of all, which is Divine grace. Comfort our spirits, troubled and afflicted in the midst of the many dangers that threaten us, and the countless miseries and misfortunes that beset us on every side. This we ask through that immense joy which filled thy pure soul in the glorious Resurrection of thy Divine Son.
    Obtain tranquillity for Holy Church, help and comfort for her visible Head, the Sovereign Pontiff, peace for Christian princes, refreshment in their pains for the Holy Souls in Purgatory; for sinners, the forgiveness of their sins, and for the just, perseverance in well-doing. Receive us all, our most tender Mother, under thy loving and mighty protection, that we may be enabled to live virtuously, die holily and attain to everlasting happiness in Heaven. Amen.

  42. Gregg the Obscure says:

    For the D family: the father does sensitive work for the US military and is set to go overseas in the next few days and one of their children is paralyzed due to a congenital illness.

  43. StWinefride says:

    Of your charity, please pray for the repose of the soul of my beloved Father-in-law, R.V., who died late last night. He was 87, a non-practising Anglican who married a Catholic but never converted – he said that he didn’t believe in God but he let slip a couple of times that perhaps he did. Interesting that she should die on the eve of Ash Wednesday.

    Please God, I beg you, have mercy on him.

    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him, may he rest in peace. Amen.

  44. jameeka says:

    In your kindness, please pray for my 79 year old mother who just fell and broke her hip and shoulder, and needs surgery in the morning. Thank you, and I am praying for all your intentions.

  45. templariidvm says:

    Please pray for the seminarians and religious at St Lawrence Seminary, in Wisconsin. A fire destroyed one of the older buildings on campus, this week. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Money is always tight there, so this is a setback for sure. Thanks be to God that no one was injured.

  46. Bill F says:

    Please pray for me, for courage and peace of mind. My naturally pessimistic disposition has been winning out lately as I look at the mess our world and our Church are in. I’m filled with great sadness, and even the hope of Heaven has been unable to blunt it. I have four children, gifts from God all, who need me to be strong and courageous for them, and I just don’t know how.

  47. Supertradmum says:

    Thanks for past prayers. I have another eye op next week and do not respond to drugs well. Also, I have had horrible asthma attacks this past nine weeks. Need prayers. Also, I do not have a permanent job or permanent place to live-sleeping on various sofas and temp places. And, the immigration issue has boiled down to money, of course.

    Many prayers, please and I pray for those on this blog post.

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