More perversion of something that was good.

I am not making this up.

From Breitbart:


As millions of moms consider digging into pocketbooks for Girl Scout cookies this year, they may be interested to know about the hiring of Krista Kokjohn-Poehler in the Girl Scouts executive office in New York City.
Kokjohn-Poehler is an out lesbian married to a woman named Ashley Kokjohn. And, given her sexual preference, it may strike some as odd that her job title is “Girl Experience Officer.”


“Girl Experience Officer”…

What could go wrong?

If their cozying up to Planned Parenthood wasn’t enough to convince you skeptics not to have anything to do with this group, will this be enough?

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  1. Sonshine135 says:

    And this world continues its death spiral towards Sodom and Gomorrah

  2. StJude says:

    The slippery slope to hell continues on pace

  3. Theodore says:

    I sent the Brownie that came to my door packing after lecturing her and her Dad about the GSA’s involvement with PP. Dad had no idea but said he would reassess his kids participation. They were LDS so my talk should reverberate in that community.

  4. Gratias says:

    Just to think dear Mrs Gratias dedicated many years to work as Girl Scout leader. Hard work, done with love. Now wasted through the infiltration of sexual perversions. See you all in the catacombs.

  5. Nicholas Shaler says:


    I am sure they were very thankful. The LDS people I know sure would appreciate finding that out if they had a daughter in Girl Scouts.


  6. SKAY says:

    As aggravated as I am with some of the RINO Republicans — it is pretty clear who Planned Parenthood knows is its best bet to continue it’s evil business and influence on young
    girls through organizations like the Girl Scouts.
    They want to keep the taxpayer money and power to kill innocent life the Democrats are giving them.

  7. Kerry says:

    Does the title come with a special uniform? A distinctive insignia? New merit badges? Salutes?

  8. “Girl Experience Officer”???

    One can only wonder what particular sort of “girl experiences” she will be promoting.

  9. wmeyer says:

    Hedonism and hubris are rampant. Demonic activity is all around us. Before this ends, it may make Sodom and Gomorrah look small.

  10. Del says:

    Cute little Catholic Girl Scouts were selling cookies after Mass.

    I carved one of the mommies aside and explained that I was supporting the boycott, so no cookies. I gave her $10 for the local troop, and asked her to please keep that money separate from the cookie fund and make sure it stayed with the local girls.

    GS Mommy was grateful. They have to sell $100 worth of cookies to get $10 for home girls. Too much of the money goes to WAGGGS and GSUSA, where the bad stuff is happening.

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  12. PNeri says:

    though there are doubtless many “pro-life” Mormons. You might be surprised to know that the LDS church is officially pro-choice.

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