Deacon Sandy rides again!

Remember the 60’s throw-back deacon in Milwaukee?  Deacon Sandy?  Refresh your memory HERE.

Because it’s Lent, and because this guy shouldn’t get a pass, here is a recent video of him in action, reading the Gospel and “preaching”.

I am going to keep the combox closed, for reasons that will be obvious as soon as you start to watch.

He even takes a nasty, supremely tacky swipe at Pope Benedict after 9:45.

Happily, it appears that there are very few people in church for this … thing he did.


Over at CMR, Pat Archbold posted a response he received from Deacon Sandy.  I am not kidding:

After we posted last night a link to Deacon Sandy’s homily of last week in which he disgracefully insulted and put forth for ridicule Pope Benedict, Deacon Sandy tried to remove the video.

He wrote to me this morning and made the following claim about the picture:

“I ask you to understand that I did not in fact know that the image used was Pope Benedict. (I am still not sure it is – I am curious – how do you know it is?) I got the picture from an image library as a result of searching for “fine vestments”. I chose the image because it was cropped and did not reveal who was in the vestments shown.”



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