My View For Awhile: Heading South Edition

It isn’t gray to travel when not feeling 100% but, ceteris paribus, I’m in pretty good shape.

Small aircraft today, which always leads to that cramped feeling.


It is a melancholy day when on FourSquare you become “mayor” of your local airport.


Leg 2.

We were endlessly harassed to volunteer to give up our seats. They were over-booked by 7! How does that even happen? I almost took the deal but then remembered the dump of a hotel they put me in last time I did this in Atlanta. And you never know what disaster they will concoct tomorrow morning, in innocence thinly feigned.


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  1. mschu528 says:

    Heading south for a proper Lenten alligator dinner, I presume.

  2. I won’t rule out that alligator may be involved.

  3. mike cliffson says:

    Re Hon schoolboy : What would/does/can an American make of all the indochina war scenes ? all the portraits of different Americans ring true to a Brit – and its not as if he’s exactly gentle with the vast majority of his British characters, maybe jerry , maybe smiley, few few others – but other than being offended , how believable do you find them?
    The old missionary to china’s story is a vignette in itself, I’ve often wondered if it was verbatim.

    [On the other hand, it is possible to overanalyze the characters and miss revealing in the language and the storytelling.]

  4. incredulous says:

    Just because you snow belters wouldn’t know the difference between a moose and an alligator doesn’t give you cart blanc to make fun of regional cuisine…

  5. Incredulous though you may be, don’t disbelieve my lack of smiling right now at that last remark.

  6. Supertradmum says:

    Sorry about your troubles. Hope you are healthy. I hate traveling with a passion and only see it as a huge chore. People do not believe that of me, but I am a homebody. God bless your trip(s).

  7. HobokenZephyr says:

    Are you on Delta? In the South, if somebody tells you to go to hell you have to connect through Atlanta.

  8. Gerard Plourde says:

    Prayers and best wishes for a safe trip.

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